Release Yourself from the Past and Let New Love In!

Michelle Roza & Gladys Diaz,Dating and Relationship Coaches

Identify and Dismantle the Barriers that are Keeping You Stuck in the Past and Begin to Live the Love of Your Dreams

You want to experience love, happiness, and intimacy, to feel what it’s like to laugh, love and be loved by someone who accepts you and wants nothing more than your happiness.

You’ve dreamed about this type of love all your life, and you want to experience it more than anything else in the world, but you feel stuck in the past, unable to move beyond the pain and heartache of a previous relationship. Everything inside you wants to break free, but you feel like you simply can’t move forward.

The good news is that, not only is the kind of love you dream of possible, but it’s possible for you! The very fact that this dream is even in your heart indicates that it’s not just a fantasy, but your destiny to experience the type of love your heart desires.

As much as you want it, however, it’s going to be impossible for you to attract and receive that type of love into your life if you continue holding on to a past relationship or lover.

There can be nothing more heart-wrenching – or frustrating – than wanting to move forward with your life and feeling completely paralyzed by fear and doubt.

You may even believe that you’re ready to move forward, but feel completely lost as to where to begin, which step to take first, and where to go.

You’ve read books, taken courses, worked with therapists and coaches, and, no matter how much you’ve learned and how much you know what it is you need to do, you simply feel incapable of taking that first step. You know what to do, but you don’t know how to do it.

This can be frustrating and cause you to believe that there’s just no hope of you getting over the past and stepping into a new future.

These feelings of doubt and despair become hidden barriers that trick you into thinking that the love you dream of simply isn’t available to you. They impact the way you see yourself, men, and relationships, and your ability to attract and create a loving, tender relationship where you are able to love and be loved fully and freely.

But what if we told you that those hidden barriers that are blocking you from attracting love into your life can not only be brought to light, but be completely dismantled?

And what if we told you that, once they are out of your way, you can begin to attract a loving relationship that will surpass even your wildest dreams?

See, you actually have the power within you to attract and create the love your heart desires. By changing your thoughts, beliefs, and habits around dating and relationships, you can begin transforming you life from the inside out!

Imagine feeling free to live, laugh, and love again, free from the pain, doubts, and fears of the past!

Can you imagine just how amazing your life will be when you are open to experiencing love again?

You will...

  • Feel empowered, confident, and inspired to transform yourself into the woman you’ve always wanted to be
  • Enjoy the peace that comes with knowing that you are making choices that align with your vision of a loving, happy, and intimate relationship
  • Begin attracting great men into your life whose biggest priority is knowing that you are happy and feel cherished
  • Experience a deep sense of self-love where you embrace the belief that you are love-able: able to love and be loved
  • Feel empowered to create a loving, lasting relationship that overflows with love, respect, trust, and happiness

These are the real-life experiences you will have as you begin the Ready to Love Again process.

Inviting the love you want to experience into your heart and life is going to take courage, vulnerability, and willingness to do the work to move beyond the patterns, fears, and beliefs that have been blocking you from attracting it into your life so that you can step into a completely new future of your own design.

If you’re ready to take this first step and make this commitment, we’re ready to help guide you through the process of transforming yourself and your life from the inside out so that you are ready and able to love again!

We will provide you with the skills and habits you need to be able to:

  • Break free from the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck inside of unhealthy, dead-end, or past relationships
  • Develop new beliefs, habits, and attitudes that leave you feeling empowered and able to create the life and love your heart desires
  • Step into a new future, where you are free from the pain, patterns, and mistakes of the past

Inside of this safe and encouraging space led by committed and experienced coaches with proven results, you will find that you have all of the support you need to make the experience of preparing yourself to love again one that is fun, fulfilling, and empowering

In The Ready to Love Again Group Coaching Program, You Will Learn:

Healing Your Broken Heart Enjoying the sun

  • Why resisting heartache only causes more of it
  • Why you subconsciously choose to hold onto pain, rather than release yourself from it
  • One important practice that will begin to immediately heal your broken heart

Breaking Down the Walls

  • The role that fear plays in keeping you stuck where you are
  • How to identify and dismantle the fears that are blocking you from attracting the love you desire
  • How to overcome and be courageous in the face of fear

Releasing the Ties that Bind You

  • How to identify the dysfunctional patterns that are blocking and repelling love from entering your life
  • How to end the vicious cycle of relationship patterns that don’t work
  • How to create new and empowering patterns that draw love into your life

The Key to True Freedom

  • Moving past the destructive force of anger and resentment
  • Regaining you personal power through the power of forgiveness

Falling In Love with YOU!

  • How creating a mind-shift will cause a heart-shift
  • The daily practices that will lead to fostering more self-love
  • How to BE simply irresistible

Being Ready to Love Again

  • How to make room in your heart and life for new love
  • How to attract the type of love you want into your life
  • How to create and live into the relationship of your dreams

Ready to Love Again Group Coaching Program has been specifically designed to provide ongoing and support, training to women who are ready to let go of the past so that they can welcome new and extraordinary love into their lives.

In this program, you will gain mastery in the skills and practices that empower and enable you to stop self-sabotaging yourself in relationships by continuing to do the things that have lead you to experience heartache, frustration, and hopelessness when it comes to dating and relationships.

Becoming masterful in the skills and practices taught in the Ready to Love Again Group Coaching Program is also going to take working with successful coaches who have not only practiced the principles and skills they teach to break free from the past in their own lives, but who also have used these principles and skills to move beyond their own heartache – Michelle, as a divorced single mother, and Gladys, as a young widow — to create happy, healthy, intimate, and passionate relationships with the men they love!

If you are ready to take the first step on your journey of “becoming,” we’re ready to help guide you through the process of transforming yourself and your life from the inside out so that you are ready and able to love and be loved again!

Ready to Love Again Group Coaching Program

Gladys and Michelle will be co-facilitating the group coaching sessions, guiding you toward mastery of the you through the different exercises in the Ready to Love Again process and helping you to break free from the barriers that have kept you stuck in the past.

Through these sessions you will discover the keys to identifying and dismantling the Hidden Rewards, Imagined Fears, Dysfunctional Patterns, Toxic Emotions, and limiting beliefs that have been held you back in the past so that you can continue to courageously and confidently prepare your heart to give and receive love again.

Monthly Assignments & Discussion Quesitons

At the end of each group coaching session, you will receive an assignment and/or exercise you can use to help you consistently practice the skill or practices presented during the session. These exercises and discussion questions will assist you in developing new thoughts, patterns and habits that will help you transform yourself and your life into one that is ready to begin giving and receiving love again.

Unlimited Support via a Private Group Forum

In this private online community, you will be able to engage with other course participants to celebrate your victories, support and encourage one another, and continue the discussions started during the group coaching sessions.

You will also have the opportunity to receive ongoing coaching and support from Gladys & Michelle via email, so that you always feel like you are receiving the encouragement and guidance you need to make permanent changes to your thoughts, beliefs, and behavior patterns.

    This program is for you if…

  • you are ready to begin creating a new future that is not determined by your past
  • you are committed to transforming your love life into one that excites and fulfills you
  • you are open to implementing the coaching and support you will receive
  • you are unwilling to participate fully in the group coaching sessions

    This program is not for you if…

  • you are more committed to remaining stuck in the past and in familiar but unfulfilling thought and behavior patters that continue producing painful and unhealthy results in your life than you are moving forward and creating a life that is free of the constraints of the past
  • you are not open to receiving coaching and support that will make a profound and lasting difference in your life
  • you are not ready for love and happiness now
  • you are not open to implementing the coaching and support you will receive

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying:

“I have worked with Gladys as a Coach and I can say she is an expert at her craft! She is highly knowledgeable, a great Coach, and comes up with great ideas to solutions to questions, or obstacles that her clients face. I have to say I have seen great results for myself, and I highly recommend hiring her for knowledge and expertise as a Personal Love Coach!” ~ R.M. (Now happily married!)

“Michelle is fun, light, vibrant, helpful, and supportive. She is an amazing presenter. Listening to her was a pleasure. The other coaches around her were also very helpful. Thank you for helping all of us out.” ~ A.P.

“Gladys has a level of insight and clarity that is laser-like. It pinpoints the real issue at hand and she deftly guides the way to the most effective and integrity-based solution. Honestly, if you are lucky enough to work with Gladys or see her in action as a speaker, you will be astounded and get to walk away with new perspectives that effect every area of your life. There is a profound graciousness to her wisdom and truth- it is at the core of her deep understanding. It’s powerful, effective and truly inspiring. ~ T.S.

“I realize now that I’m worthy of an extraordinary relationship because I’m amazing and I deserve it. I didn’t feel that way for the last 25 years.” ~ B.M.

“I wanted to thank you guys because you taught me a lot. These past few years have been amazing in discovering who I am and what I like and what I want in a relationship, and you were a part of this learning process. My future husband is everything and more of what I could have ever imagined. It is so true what you girls say in regards to that all men want to do is make you happy. All my fiancé wants to do is just that! He is everything plus more of what I wrote down for my ideal soul mate…My ideal relationship. We are getting married in April and I can’t wait for this new chapter in my life. Thank you, Michelle, and all the girls in the group.” ~ S.V.

“I received clarity and focus from Gladys’s advice. She keeps me optimistic and reinforces positive beliefs and behaviors. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Gladys is also consistent. It may seem elementary but, in fact, it is quite rare. She quietly goes about giving solid advice and reinforcing key messages to help me reach my goals. That builds up over time and I can see how far I’ve come as a result of Gladys’s coaching. What an amazing woman. So glad to be in her orbit. ~ L.S.

“I see men now as tender, caring, genuine, wanting to please, where before I saw them somewhat as the enemy/predatory – only wanting one thing – and that put me always on the defensive. Now I get to see them for who they really are – good guys…and there are so many good guys out there!”

“The biggest impact for me has been the confidence I feel about dating and about interacting with men that I might like to date. I feel like I have an inner confidence and balance, like I will just somehow magically (just my OWN MAGIC) know what to say, how to act, what to do, no matter what a guy says or does (whereas before I would have been intimidated and been afraid of not knowing what I’d be up against) – and I KNOW now that it will all be FUN, FUN, FUN!!! (instead of angst).”

To learn more about the Ready to Love Again Group Coaching Program, we invite you to click on the button beow. You will have the opportunity to speak with one of us about where you are in your love life and what your relationship goals are. During the call, we will let you know whether we feel this program is a good fit for you.

If it is, we’ll give you the information you need so that you can register into the program.

If it’s not, we will provide you with the next steps that are best for you.

Either way, you will leave the call with clarity about how can begin to heal your heartache, leave the past behind, and get ready to welcome new and extraordinary love into your life!

If you know that you want to do this course, follow your heart and don’t allow the little voice in your head to talk you out of allowing love back into your life!

“I’m not ready. I still have some healing to do.”

The truth is you don’t have to feel 100% ready to begin the process of moving forward. There’s not a single happily married woman who, at one point in her journey didn’t wonder whether she was ready to open her heart to the possibility of love. So, while you may not feel ready, if your heart is telling you that it’s time, step out in faith and know that in the Ready to Love Again program you will begin to feel more confident, open and ready to attract the love you’ve been waiting for!

“I don’t have time.”

You have the same amount of hours in the day as the woman who is living the life and love her dreams. And, really, do you plan to stop doing all of the things you enjoy, quit your job, and just follow your man around when you finally meet him? We hope not! In the Ready to Love Again program, you will see how easy it is to make time to flirt, date, and create a loving relationship when you make your happiness a priority.

“I can’t afford it right now.”

If you are having to choose between participating in this program and having food or shelter, then we’ll be the first one to say that now is not the best time to join this program. Your health and well-being always come first (something else we’ll cover in the program!). However, if you knew that this investment would result in you having the love of your dreams, would you still be hesitating? Consider that the fear is not around not being able to afford the program, it’s that you’re afraid it won’t work for you. And that’s just one of the limiting beliefs we’ll dismantle during our work together in the Ready to Love Again program.

“I can’t let go of my past relationship.”

If you were already in a loving, fulfilling relationship that is everything you dreamed of, you wouldn’t have read this far down into the page. Choosing to stay in a dead-end, unhealthy, or unsatisfying relationship does not honor you and the beauty of who you are. Settling for less than you deserve is blocking out any possibility of you experiencing happiness and peace inside of a healthy, loving relationship. In this program, you will find the courage to let go of anything and anyone that is not aligned with your heart’s deepest desires so that you can begin to create the life and love you truly want and deserve!

For help registering or if you have any questions, write to us at [email protected]