Heart’s Desire International offers coaching services for single women, girlfriends, and wives.  While the principles we teach in our workshops and courses can be implemented right away to begin creating or enhancing a romantic relationship, coaching provides you with individualized support in consistently implementing the practices being learned.  During coaching sessions, you and your coach work together to address individual questions and concerns, set personal goals, work through challenges, and celebrate breakthroughs and results.  Your coach will be there to hold you accountable, encourage you, and help you discover how to create the relationship your heart desires.

Coaching sessions are conducted in 30-minute telephone conversations.  This format provides you with flexibility regarding scheduling, as well as privacy.  The information shared during the sessions will be kept confidential.

If you prefer to receive the support and encouragement of a group of women who are living similar experiences, you may request to be part of a small-group coaching session.  These sessions consist of 4-5 participants and, while less individualized in nature than the 1-on-1 coaching sessions, they provide you with an opportunity to share with and learn from the experiences of other women.  You might even consider joining a coaching group with a personal friend so that you can support one another in practicing the skills learned and discussed during coaching sessions.

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