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Having a lifelong loving, intimate, passionate, and peaceful relationship IS possible. What most people do not realize is that, contrary to what we read in fairy tales and romance novels, happy long-lasting, relationships and marriage simply don’t “just happen.”  Even with couples who meet and everything just seems to “click” from the beginning, there is something that a lot of people don’t know or acknowledge. These couples are not leaving anything to chance. They’re not just “hoping” things will work out, nor are they lying down passively, allowing life and love to simply take their course. No. Every single one of the women in these types of relationships makes a daily, conscious decision to bring love, passion, respect, and commitment to her relationship.  These women recognize that even having the best of intentions and strongest level of commitment is no guarantee that their relationship will stand the test of time, so they practice some key principles daily that help ensure that they get to live in the relationships they deserve and desire!

Heart’s Desire International offers a variety of learning experiences for women who are interested in creating more love, happiness, peace, intimacy and fun in their relationships and who want to keep the love alive year after year. 

Services include:

  • Virtual Training Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Multi-day Workshops 
  • Seminars
  • Online Courses
  • One-on-One Private Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Retreats
  • VIP Days
  • Live Events

Whether you just entered into a committed relationship, you’ve been in one for a while, or you are a bride-to-be, these workshops are designed for YOU!

Come and discover how to:

  • Set the foundation for a lifelong relationship
  • Communicate in a way that expresses what you want and feel in a way that has him “hear you” (without resorting to complaining or “nagging”)
  • Avoid the common mistakes that married women make which cost them intimacy
  • Give him what he wants more than anything (And it’s not what you’re thinking!)
  • Keep the passion, intimacy, and fun alive in your relationship year after year

We invite you to discover how to create a loving and passionate relationship and marriage before your wedding day and how to keep the love alive for a lifetime

We promise that after having participated in our seminars, events, and/or courses, and empowered with the principles and skills you will learn, your experience of being in a loving and committed relationship will never be the same!

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