by Gladys Diaz 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since the Irresistible Woman LIVE event began, and we’re still feeling the high!

Were you there with us? 

If you were, are you still feeling it?
What were your biggest takeaways? 

If you weren’t, please whitelist our email address so that you’ll know when to join us next time (Yes! There’s something new on the horizon, and you want to make sure you find out about it!!) 

Here’s what ladies are saying about the event:

“So so much, so many nuggets and so much valuable information. I got freed up and my backpack of boulders came off!”

“The energy was so powerful!”

“The mirror exercise was transforming.” 

“I’m still on a high from the fantabulous event!”

“My whole life was hard from everything, and now it doesn’t have to be that way. My whole life can be easy!! These things were huge for me, and will change my life forever.”

We seriously had such a blast with the incredible, successful, powerful women who showed up to be with us live!

We had women there from all over the world! Women from Jamaica and Israel and Australia, just to name a few, showed up to uplevel the experience they’re having in their love life so that it can match the success they have in the rest of their lives.

So many women have fears around being alone, fears about commitment, feel like they’re not able to trust. 

Other women feel like they aren’t able to communicate well with their partners, that all discussions end up as arguments or that they simply want to feel more excited about their long-term relationship. 

Can you relate? 

We dove deep into these topics, and so many more! 

Women really got to see that there’s a gap between the woman they want to be and the experience they want to have in a loving relationship and the woman they’re currently showing up as in relationships.  And that knowledge is power

The ladies who attended the event really got that they can have everything they desire!

We supported women in seeing the power of context and how, as they move their Love Barriers out of the way, they can clearly see the Irresistible Woman that’s already inside of them!

Women said:

“I became aware that I was focusing on what I didn’t want, instead of the experience I do want.”

“…all of your uplifting words – setting boundaries, being worthy and being strong enough to know I’m not going to settle for a toxic relationship and how to be graceful about it. To know I am a gift.” 

“I feel more confident and like I have hope again!”

Oh, how we want that for every single woman, including you, NAME.

This was such an incredible event and such an honor to stand with the women who attended. 

We pulled it off despite the challenges, and that’s what happens when you stay committed to your vision, you have the skills to work through the challenging times, and that gives you the confidence to know that you CAN create everything that you desire. 

We have another invitation for you. 

Whether you were with us at the event or not, we want to open up our Coaching Corner to you. This is your opportunity to ask for what you want, to show up for yourself and take a step towards hope and confidence. Have the courage to schedule an appointment with a coach and then show up powerfully to let them guide you.  

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If you don’t take the first step now, then no one can take the next step with you. You are strong and confident and courageous and irresistible!  

Let’s make your dreams come true together!



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