How to Create More Intimacy With Your Man

How to Create More Intimacy With Your Man

by Gladys Diaz 

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  1. How much connection and intimacy do you feel in your relationship?
  2. How effective is your communication? 

Did you know that communication and intimacy are 100% linked in a relationship?

Communication is key! You can have all the love in the world, and if you don’t know how to communicate effectively, then the relationship simply will not work. 

98% of the coaching we do is around communication. 

Why? Because it’s one of the most important aspects of any relationship (and it begins when you’re dating!). 

99% of divorces and break-ups happen because root issues in a relationship never get resolved because the couple doesn’t know how to communicate clearly, effectively, and in a way that BOTH partners feel heard and understood. 

Let me paint the picture for you of how this happens. I’m sure you’re going to be able to relate.

Do you ever have the experience when you’re talking to your partner that you’re not even sure  whether you’re having the same conversation? 

I remember before Ric and I learned the tools we teach now — sometimes it would feel like we were so far from being on the same page that it was like we weren’t even in the same room!

We were both so committed to being right that we weren’t even listening to each other. 

We would be talking about something completely innocent, like what bread we like to buy, and then I would say something, Ric would say something different, which made me feel like he didn’t hear or understand what I said. 

So, I’d say it again, but  louder this time, and he still wouldn’t understand,  and, before we knew it, we were yelling at each other, saying things we didn’t mean, being disrespectful, and hurting each other. 

And then we wouldn’t talk for two or three days. 

Well, we would talk a little, but it would be what I like to call the “caveman’s grunt.” I would ask Ric a question and he would give me a one-syllable or one-word answer under his breath, to let me know that he didn’t want to talk to me. (Ugh!)

Sound familiar? 

That’s how break-ups and divorce happen. 

Arguments start over silly (or sometimes important) things, the communication breaks down, and soon you’re arguing about something completely unrelated. 

Then the silent treatment begins, and the real problem never gets resolved. 

So,  do you want some real communication tools?

Do you want to stop getting frustrated with your spouse, getting angry and then reacting instead of responding thoughtfully and intentionally? 

Do you want to know what to say so that when your spouse says, “What did you say?” instead of repeating the same words louder, you can respond in a way that will make you feel understood and heard (and loved)? 

Do you want to know how to utilize your intention, tone and body language in your communication to increase love and intimacy? 

These are just a few of the things you’ll learn inside our Black Friday Special, the New Year New Love Bundle! 

Grab the New Year, New Love Bundle Now!

We are passionate about supporting women to communicate effectively because we know personally the painful consequences poor communication can have on a relationship. 

We want you to have all the tools that will have you communicate in a way that has you create the love, connection and intimacy you desire with your partner! . 

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Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins

How to Stop Meeting Mr. Wrong and Meet Mr. Right, Instead!

How to Stop Meeting Mr. Wrong and Meet Mr. Right, Instead!

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you ready to meet the right man? 

The man who’s not only good for you and to you, but also someone who you feel magic with? 

One thing we hear from women consistently is that they find themselves in one of two scenarios… Let’s  see if you can relate. 

  • Scenario One: You keep attracting men into your life who aren’t good for you. They’re the “bad guys” who don’t  show up, only want sex, aren’t  looking for commitment, or ghost you after the first date (if you even make it to a date!).

There’s chemistry and connection, but, obviously, these interactions  aren’t going anywhere.

The problem with this scenario is that these women start to believe that all men are like this, and they lose faith in dating and their ability to attract a different kind of man.

Can you relate? 

What about this one.

  • Scenario Two: You attract good men into your  life – men of integrity and honor. Men who are seeking out the same loving, passionate, committed relationship they are and are ready to create that now.

Sounds great right? 

The problem with scenario two is that you often  don’t feel a connection with these men. There’s no chemistry, and even though you’re glad that   you’re attracting the good  men, you  still can’t seem to attract the right one… The man you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with.

Do you see yourself in either of those scenarios? 

Are you tired of meeting man after man, but never having it  turn into the loving, passionate, committed relationship you really want? 

If so, you want to ask yourself – “Why am I attracting this into my life?”

Get curious. Is it a pattern? 

What are the common denominators? 

How do you get to shift? 

After I got divorced, I was dating lots of men who all had the same problems. They were either addicted to something, in a relationship with another woman, and/or had some kind of drama constantly surrounding them. 

I was getting so frustrated, because I felt like I was dating the same man over and over again in a different body! 

One day I was telling a coach and mentor about my frustration, and, after he listened patiently, he asked me, “What do all of these men have in common?” 

Without even thinking, I responded with, “They’re  all liars cheaters, and they don’t know what they want!” 

He asked, “Okay, what else?” 

After a few more minutes of trying to answer his questions and getting more and more frustrated by the minute, I finally exclaimed, “Just tell me what you’re seeing, because I’m not seeing it!” 

He said, “The only thing these five strangers have in common is you. You are the common denominator.” 

Well, of course that isn’t what I wanted to hear. But once I let it sink in, I knew he was right. I knew that there was that was having me be attracted to and attracting this kind of man  into my life. 

I’d had enough of this. I was ready to make a change.

That’s when I really began my journey of doing the Heartwork and getting underneath this pattern to see what it was that I needed to heal and shift within myself. 

Once I did that, everything shifted. 

We often say that “happy enough is not good enough”! 

We’re committed to extraordinary love. 

The type of love that feels magical and takes your breath away. 

The type of love that has you feeling on top of the world and like you can do anything. 

The type of love that is just that – extraordinary

It starts with attracting the right man. And that starts with you. 

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, November 21st for the Attract  the Right Man Webinar, where we’ll be diving into how to break this painful pattern once and for all! 

In this 3-hour masterclass, you will:

  • Learn what to STOP doing so that you can stop being attracted to and attracting the wrong man into your life
  • Discover what to START doing instead, so that you start attracting the kind of man who wants to create a happy, loving, committed relationship with you
  • Apply the steps and practices that will have you experience dating and relationships differently because you will be attracting and getting to know a completely different kind of man!

Click here to say “YES!” to Attracting the RIGHT Man into Your Life!

Whether you find that you keep attracting and dating “good guys” who are nice enough, but you simply don’t feel a connection with, OR you keep bringing in the same “bad guy” in a different body,  we’re going to show you how to break this pattern and bring in the RIGHT man — the one who will honor you, cherish you, and love you for the rest of your life! 

It’s time for you to attract  the RIGHT  man now!

Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins

Top Three “Red Flags” to Watch For

Top Three “Red Flags” to Watch For

by Gladys Diaz 

If you’re dating, you’ve probably heard the term “red flag.” But do you know what a real “red flag” is? 

Do you know what you should be watching out for while dating? 

Do you know what things make a man “undateable”? 

You may be surprised to hear that there aren’t really that many “red flags.” There are some things that you want to be paying attention to, and that’s what we want to focus on today.

While dating, you want to have an open mind and an open heart while still noticing whether or not a man is “datable.” You want to allow yourself to fall in love with someone while not allowing the chemistry or the attraction to be the driving factor.

So, what are some real “red flags” you want to watch out for?

  1. A man is in another relationship. Whether he’s in the process of breaking up, still married, separated, in the legal process of divorce, they’re working out custody issues, still living together but not in love, or any other reason that keeps them connected to another person, a  man who is in any way, shape, or form still involved with someone else is a bright red flag!. 

Why is this important to pay attention to? 

If someone is willing to date you while they are still in a relationship with someone else, he’s already telling you something about his character. 

We have worked with women who were dating someone who was “leaving” their partner, and then 2 years, 4 years, even 7 years down the road , they are still with that other person. Waiting for him to choose them! 

You don’t want to set yourself up to lose in dating. 

When you hear that someone is in a relationship with someone else and you don’t see that as a red flag, it has to do with your worthiness. 

You deserve someone who can and is willing to  fully commit to you, And, if you catch yourself pushing that thought to the side, making excuses for him, or justifying his situation to yourself and others, then you get to ask what’s going on for you and why you’re not seeing that you deserve more. 

The thought that would come up for me when I was allowing myself to ignore this read flag was “If they have that many options and they want to be with me, then there must be something really special about me.”  

Can you hear the unworthiness in that question?

The thing is that this person couldn’t commit himself fully to you even if he wanted to because he’s still committed to someone else

If he’s willing to be with you while still being with someone else, why would he stay committed to you down the road?

If you’re involved with a man who’s involved with someone else, it’s time to reach out for support so that you can make a choice the empowers you and is aligned with your dream of a happy, loving relationship.

2. A man that has an active addiction. Regardless of what the addiction is, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, gambling, etc, this is a red flag.

Why is this important to look out for?

When someone has an active addiction to something, that thing will always be the priority in his life. That means that you will not be the priority in his life. It’s not that he’s a “bad person,” it’s that he has a problem that takes over his  reasoning. 

You want to make sure that you’re aware and awake and that you’re not blinded by infatuation, desperation, chemistry, or attraction when choosing who to date and fall in love with.

Too many women mistakenly believe that if they love the man enough, wait long enough, or help him enough, he will choose them over his addiction.  It’s a really painful game to play, and one where the woman usually does not win.

Notice your thoughts.Are you pushing something away?
Are you making excuses or justifications about his behavior?
Are you choosing to not notice something that you should be paying attention to? 

Ignoring a problem is never the same thing as resolving it.  If you’re pushing these thoughts away, it’s time to reach out for support.

3. A man that is physically or emotionally abusive. Is the man  you’re with constantly criticizing you, cutting you down or making you the brunt of his jokes? Does he refuse to take responsibility for things and turn everything back around on you?

Does he push, grab, or hit you? Even if he apologizes, cries about it, or promises never to do it again afterwards?

Why is knowing the answers to these questions important? 

If you start to feel less than or criticized, especially in the  early stages of a relationship, this person is simply not right for you. 

Someone who has good intentions is not going to put you down or make you the brunt of his jokes. 

If you’ve mentioned that this is hurtful, and he’s sensed that he can get away with this with you,  and he continues to treat you this way, he’s not trying to actually win your heart.

Pay attention!

If you don’t feel better about yourself when or after you’re with someone, then you shouldn’t be dating him. 

When dating or in a relationship with someone, make sure that chemistry doesn’t overpower your integrity. 

If you see that you are afraid, denying your values, making excuses, hiding things from your family and friends, and ignoring some really clear warning signs, it is time to get support NOW!

This is where the HeartWork comes into play as a way of raising your own level of self-worth. 

When you have  high levels of self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth, you know that you deserve better and you don’t settle for anything less. 

You notice these red flags and you choose to walk away, knowing that you will attract someone who loves, cherishes, honors, and chooses YOU, and that you can have the loving, peaceful, intimate relationship of your dreams with. 

Breaking through the Love Barriers stopping you from having the kind of love you want is one of the most important  journeys of your life, and if you’d like support so that you have the tools to overcome self-doubt, not settle for anything less than the extraordinary love you desire and deserve, we’d love to talk to you. 

We want you to know not just how to attract a man but how to attract the RIGHT man – someone who will be everything you want and deserve and more!

Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

Let us support you in recognizing what’s  missing in your dating and relationship experiences so that you can create the relationship of your dreams now!

Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins

Are You Ready to be Irresistible?

Are You Ready to be Irresistible?

by Gladys Diaz 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since the Irresistible Woman LIVE event began, and we’re still feeling the high!

Were you there with us? 

If you were, are you still feeling it?
What were your biggest takeaways? 

If you weren’t, please whitelist our email address so that you’ll know when to join us next time (Yes! There’s something new on the horizon, and you want to make sure you find out about it!!) 

Here’s what ladies are saying about the event:

“So so much, so many nuggets and so much valuable information. I got freed up and my backpack of boulders came off!”

“The energy was so powerful!”

“The mirror exercise was transforming.” 

“I’m still on a high from the fantabulous event!”

“My whole life was hard from everything, and now it doesn’t have to be that way. My whole life can be easy!! These things were huge for me, and will change my life forever.”

We seriously had such a blast with the incredible, successful, powerful women who showed up to be with us live!

We had women there from all over the world! Women from Jamaica and Israel and Australia, just to name a few, showed up to uplevel the experience they’re having in their love life so that it can match the success they have in the rest of their lives.

So many women have fears around being alone, fears about commitment, feel like they’re not able to trust. 

Other women feel like they aren’t able to communicate well with their partners, that all discussions end up as arguments or that they simply want to feel more excited about their long-term relationship. 

Can you relate? 

We dove deep into these topics, and so many more! 

Women really got to see that there’s a gap between the woman they want to be and the experience they want to have in a loving relationship and the woman they’re currently showing up as in relationships.  And that knowledge is power

The ladies who attended the event really got that they can have everything they desire!

We supported women in seeing the power of context and how, as they move their Love Barriers out of the way, they can clearly see the Irresistible Woman that’s already inside of them!

Women said:

“I became aware that I was focusing on what I didn’t want, instead of the experience I do want.”

“…all of your uplifting words – setting boundaries, being worthy and being strong enough to know I’m not going to settle for a toxic relationship and how to be graceful about it. To know I am a gift.” 

“I feel more confident and like I have hope again!”

Oh, how we want that for every single woman, including you, NAME.

This was such an incredible event and such an honor to stand with the women who attended. 

We pulled it off despite the challenges, and that’s what happens when you stay committed to your vision, you have the skills to work through the challenging times, and that gives you the confidence to know that you CAN create everything that you desire. 

We have another invitation for you. 

Whether you were with us at the event or not, we want to open up our Coaching Corner to you. This is your opportunity to ask for what you want, to show up for yourself and take a step towards hope and confidence. Have the courage to schedule an appointment with a coach and then show up powerfully to let them guide you.  

Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

If you don’t take the first step now, then no one can take the next step with you. You are strong and confident and courageous and irresistible!  

Let’s make your dreams come true together!

Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins

It’s EASY for You to Have the Love of Your Dreams!

It’s EASY for You to Have the Love of Your Dreams!

by Gladys Diaz

 We’re living in a very uncertain world right now, and because of that dating has changed and may look completely different to you.

Have you felt that?

When we’re faced with a lot of uncertainty, it’s common for fear to come up, for us to pull back, to reevaluate our circumstances, and to try to control everything around us. 

This is a normal human response, and is why dating (and many other things in your life) may have felt (and continue to feel) so strange right now.

If you’re feeling hopeless about dating, or anything else in your life, we want you to know that you don’t have to feel that way. You can rise up and create exactly the life you want to create. 

This week on our LoveChat with the Love Twins, we had a conversation with one of our past clients, Denise, who went from hopeless to “I do.” Her story is so powerful we wanted to share it with you!

Denise came to us a couple of years ago when her life was feeling like a struggle!

She was a single mom, working long hours as a hair stylist, and coming home to a house that she’d been sharing with a man who had broken up with her over a year prior! Not the ideal situation, right?!

A year and a half prior to that, she’d been happily dating this man, thought he was the one, and bought a house with him. After just a few short months of living together, he broke up with her completely out the blue and she was devastated

She felt like she’d lost herself, because she’d given herself and her values away. She was in a really dark place and didn’t know who she was anymore.  

After reading an email from us, she responded and poured her heart out to us. We remember those emails so well! 

After a conversation where we listened to her, supported her, and then stood for her to see past her limiting beliefs, she decided to invest in herself and hire us to coach her. 

But here’s the thing she pointed out and that we want to highlight. 

At first she was mad. She didn’t like that we’d pointed out her limiting belief.

We didn’t make her wrong for it, but we helped her to see what she couldn’t see. As she shared this on Tuesday, we both got emotional because the truth is, and what she came to see later was, that we believed in her more than she did.

We stood for her so that she could have the life she wanted. 

And, here’s what happened… 

The very next day after investing in a program she didn’t think she could afford, the house that had been on the market for over a year SOLD! 

The very next day!

A couple of months later, she found her dream home, in the same neighborhood she’d lived in before, and was able to send her daughter to the school she’d dreamed of.

She asked for a raise at work, started working less hours, and just a couple of months later,  she met Dustin, her now-husband! 

All of this happened within just a few months of joining our program! 

Why did these things happen for her? 

Because Denise dismantled the limiting belief that kept her from truly believing that she could have the love and the life she’d always dreamed of.

She got clear on what she wanted, and had become open to receiving it.

She had come to know deeply that she deserved and could create anything that she wanted. 

And then she did! 

When she was reflecting on this she said, “I didn’t realize it was that easy!” 

The beautiful thing is that it is

She got clear on what she wanted and then took committed action to create it. 

It is that easy. 

Denise said, “It may seem counterintuitive to invest in yourself first, but when you do, the ROI is so much bigger!” 

She is living proof that taking a risk on yourself and seeing that you’re worth it matters.

Not only did she create all of that in just the few short months after she started working with us, but every year since, she has grown, her love has grown, and her bank account has, too! 

So what do you want? 

Are you going to stop wasting time and claim what you deserve?

Are you going to choose you

If you’re ready to get clear about what you want and learn the steps to easily create the life and relationship of your dreams, then join us for The Irresistible Woman Live! This 3-day, immersive, , and transformational live virtual event is perfect for the smart, successful woman who wants to stop wasting her time, struggling in love and relationships, and wants to create the love and happiness she’s always wanted  in the relationship of her dreams! 

And to help make it even easier for you to say “YES!” to yourself and your relationship dreams, we’re doing something special (and a little crazy!)!

We celebrated our 50th birthday this week, and, to celebrate it with YOU,  we’re gifting YOU a ticket to the Irresistible Woman LIVE for only $50! (regularly $497!)

So, click on the link below, grab your special Birthday Ticket, and join us  on October 23rd-25th

Click HERE to grab your ticket and start creating the relationship of your dreams NOW!

It really can be that easy! 

We want nothing more than for you to have everything you desire, because, when your dreams come true, ours do too! 

So, what do you say? Are you in?

Grab your special Birthday ticket Now!

Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins

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