Are You Ready To Get Over It And Move On?

Are You Ready To Get Over It And Move On?

by Gladys Diaz 

Is your past keeping you from having the future you desire? 

Are you unable to get over an ex, no matter what you do? 

Are you so afraid of getting your heart broken like you did last time, that you’re stopping yourself from being available? 

Are you scared that you’ll choose the wrong man yet AGAIN and end up brokenhearted and? 

Do you see how these are all fears that are being triggered by something you experienced in the past?  

If you don’t overcome your past, your past will be present in your present and impact your future.  Which is a shame, because your past is not a predictor, it’s an informer

What does that mean? 

It means that, just because you chose an abusive man in the past, doesn’t mean you will do it again. 

It means that just because your last boyfriend cheated on you and the relationship ended in massive heartache for you, doesn’t mean the next man will do this, too. 

Your past experiences don’t determine what you will continue to experience IF you do the HeartWork to replace the fears that created them. 

We all have fears. We are all humans walking around afraid of what someone else might do to us, worrying we may mess up, or that something might go wrong. Fear is part of the human condition. We can’t eliminate it, but we can learn to overpower it. 

The trick is learning how to break through any patterns of fear and anxiety that are stopping you from living the life and creating the future you desire.   

The crazy thing about fear is that the energy of fear is magnetic. When you are living in a space of fear around anything, you are energetically and subconsciously attracting that to you. This means that until you do the work to release the fear, you WILL continue to experience it. 

So how do you release fear? 

You can learn to release fear by going through our “In-the-Moment Fear Exercise. Trust us, making this exercise a practice you do all the time will change your life. 

Moment of Fear Exercise

1. Recognize what got triggered inside of you.

Realize this:  When you experience a fear, it isn’t  you that got t triggered, something inside of you got triggered —  a past experience, a fear, an anxiety that’s been developed over time. When that thing gets triggered, you can do 1 of 2 things. 

You can…  

a) Go into your automatic response of either blowing up or shutting down (it’s called fight or flight.  We’re sure you’ve heard of it.) 


b) STOP and recognize that something has been triggered and then move on to step 2 in the exercise. 

Note: This acknowledgement happens in a split-second, so it does take some practice to gain the awareness to recognize the trigger in the moment.

2. Ask yourself: What just happened?

It’s important that you answer this question with only the facts about what actually happened, with no interpretation or analysis of the event(s) that just took place. It usually can be answered with as few as 3-10 words.  Anything longer is a clue that you making what happened mean something.

3. Ask yourself: What did I make it mean?

What did you decide it meant when that guy you just went out with didn’t call the next day? 

What did you make it mean when you saw your date going to the bathroom with his phone? 

Did you create the idea that because he didn’t call you it means you’re not dateable? 

Did you decide that because your date took his phone into the bathroom it meant he was texting another girl? 

The majority of the time, whatever is upsetting you, robbing you of your peace, and/or causing you fear is not what actually happened.  What’s upsetting you is whatever you made what mean — about him, you, them, it… everything!

4. Ask yourself: Is that what really happened?

Because our brain cannot tell the difference between what is actually happening and what we’re afraid might or might not be happening, this is the life-altering part of this exercise. 

When you take what you made an experience mean and compare it to what actually happened, you start to see reality and the fear disappears.  


Michelle was talking to a client the other day, and walking her through this exercise. A man had asked her what was wrong with her that she is in her 40’s and has never been in a long-term relationship. She made that experience mean that she is a failure in everything in her life, and that it’s never going to work for her. 

As Michelle walked her through this exercise, she did what we all do: find ways to justify what we’ve made it mean. “But I haven’t been in a relationship, so I am a failure!” “My business isn’t working right now, and it never will!. 

Michelle asked her, “Is ‘never’ happening right now?” “Does because it hasn’t’ worked mean it never will?” 

Of course, the answer to these questions is “no,” and once she saw that, she started laughing and her desire to continue the journey in her business and dating was renewed. 

What about you? 

What do you want to experience in your life? What if you took this exercise and put it into action, practicing it over and over until you shifted what you are currently experiencing? 

Overcoming your fears gives you POWER. It gives you absolute power to create anything you desire, in love and beyond. 

Because we desire this for you, PLUS so much more, we have put together an incredible Pre-Black Friday offer that you can grab now! This Love Power Pack includes tickets to our 2020 Love Vision Live Event happening in December, as well as some swag to help you always remember that you are a fierce, feminine, and fabulous and that you have the power to create your love vision NOW.  

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Have this be the last Christmas and New Years you spend alone? Come to this event and you may not even be alone this Christmas! How would that feel? 

Don’t let your fears and your past stop you from creating the future you want, including the loving, passionate, extraordinary relationship your heart desires!

Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins

Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life?

by Gladys Diaz 

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything

Think about that for a minute. 

What small choices have you made today at work that are impacting your love life?

What are the reasons and excuses you use to put things off, not go after what you really want, and things that you tell yourself about your health, career, or finances to make yourself feel better about not having the loving, passionate lifelong relationship you really want?

There’s a “BIG TRAP” that way too many women fall into that actually sabotages them from having the highest levels of love, success and happiness that are available to them.

What’s “The BIG TRAP”?: It’s the “either/or” conversation. 

It sounds something like:

I need to focus on my business/career right now.

I have to put my kids first.

I need to get my finances in order before I start dating.

I need to _____ (lose weight, finish school, start my business… you can fill in your own blank) before I can make my love life a priority.

What you’re really saying is:

I can either be a great mom OR have a thriving career. 

I can either focus on losing weight OR dating. 

I can either focus on school OR on building my relationship. 

The fact is, NONE OF THAT IS TRUE!!

Anytime you are in an “Either/O” conversation, you are in a full-blown scarcity conversation and you’re letting your fears choose for you. 

Whenever you’re thinking that you can’t have everything you desire, you’re actually stopping yourself from making your dreams come true.  You’re not letting your commitment choose for you, heck, you’re not even letting your reality choose for you. You’re allowing your fear run you and your life. 

What if YOU could choose what you want, instead? 

What if you believed that YOU were powerful enough to create and have EVERYTHING you desire right NOW? 

I know you think you’re choosing when you’ve convinced yourself that you’re simply being responsible or honorable, or that it’s what you should do when you’re choosing to put your dreams to the side. 

But, honestly, who’s really telling you that? 

The #1, most important, longest-lasting and most intimate relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. And, just how is that relationship every going to be a loving, fulfilling one if you’re constantly telling yourself that you can’t have what you want? 

Think about it this way:

Do you want to be with a partner that’s constantly telling you what you can and can’t do, that you shouldn’t go for what you really want, that what you want isn’t possible, , that it’s not the right time for you to make your dreams come true, and that you’re being “irresponsible” when you are simply following the desires of your heart 

I don’t think so! 

I doubt it!

So, if you don’t want to be with a partner who’s always telling you that, then it’s time to stop telling yourself that.

You can be responsible AND invest in your love life.

You can be responsible AND follow your dreams.

You can create a permanent state of abundance AND love AND success. 

But you can’t do it alone. 

Why are we such a stand for this, and why can we say this so confidently? Because we are living it!

This isn’t hoping, wishing, “theory” or positive thinking. 

This is OUR LIFE.  And it’s the life of the thousands of women who we help create the lasting loving relationships AND the abundant, successful lives their hearts desires.

It’s sooooo important that you are selective about who you allow to whisper in your ear and tell you what is possible and how to create the life and love you want.

Let someone who’s got the mindset, the leadership, the skills AND the results that you want to be the one whispering (and, sometimes, yelling) in your ear.

Start living your life from a place of COMMITMENT to creating and living the life and love you want right now!

We know this kind of straight-forward truth isn’t for everyone.

Some people who started reading this email having gotten this far.  They either closed the email, hit “reply” to tell us off, or are judging us in some way.

We. Don’t. Care.

Our commitment to women finally getting themselves out of this “Either/Or Trap” and creating the kind of loving relationships they have always dreamed of is BIGGER than our fear that you may be getting triggered because you don’t like what we’re saying.

But, if you’re the kind of woman who is willing to feel uncomfortable and do what it takes to break through whatever it is that has been standing in the way of you having the love you want, then we invite you to book a call with us.

See, the doors to our programs are closing.  After that you’ll have to wait another year – a whole other year of not having the love, romance, passion, and happiness you deserve and say you want. You simply need to know what to stop doing and what to start doing differently so that you can create that relationship with ease and SPEED.

Our programs are by invitation-only.  You can’t find out about them online. 

It’s only by having a conversation with one of our team members that we can decide whether working with us is your next best step.

If it is, we’ll make an invitation and tell you about it. If it’s not, we’ll be honest and make some recommendations we feel will help you get the results you want.

So, if you’re still reading and you want to finally stop wasting time, energy, and hope on relationships that just don’t work, book a call and see if working with us a good fit. Tell your fears to shut up and tell your dreams that they’re worth it. 

Because, remember how we said that how you do one thing is how you do everything?

If you’re not booking a call to see if we can support you with your relationship goals, then notice you are honoring your fears (and how this isn’t the only place in your life where they are running the show). It’s just that simple.

Where do you want to go? What’s getting in the way? Why are you having the same conversations over and over and nothing changes? 

Be resourceful. Pull yourself forward. Honor yourself. Book a call. 

Book a Love Breakthrough Session here 

This is your life. This is your dream. Fight for it!

Lots of love, 

Gladys & Michelle

The Love Twins 

How to Step Out of Fear and Into Your Power!

How to Step Out of Fear and Into Your Power!

by Gladys Diaz

I have a quick question for you:

Have you ever felt helpless?

It’s one of the most vulnerable feelings in the world!

And I have to admit that I do not like feeling that way… at all!

So, it goes without saying that the last couple of weeks – between prepping for, living through, and cleaning up after Hurricane Irma –have been a bit challenging, to say the least.

(Before I go on, I just want to say that, if you or your loved ones were affected by the storm – or any of the storms and natural disasters that have been impacting us lately – know that you are in Michelle’s and my prayers and that we hope you are safe and that you have not experienced too much damage or displacement.)

Going through the storm brought up so many fears and anxieties.


There is something about the feeling of helplessness that comes with not knowing what to expect, what is coming next, whether what you have done to prepare is enough, and what will happen to the people you love and your possessions.

I spent days running around, going from store to store, looking for the most basic things, like water, only to find that the shelves were bare, no one could tell me when a new shipment would arrive, and wondering if what we had at home was enough. It was so scary to see that some of the things I was taking for granted would be there when I got to the store were gone and not knowing whether I would be able to get the things I knew I needed to take care of my family.

Then came the actual storm – the howling wind; the terrifying alarm on our weather radio, letting us know that there was yet another tornado in the area, and the sound of the trees in our backyard cracking and crashing to the ground.

And, all the while, there were the fearful thoughts:

What do I do?
Have I done enough?

How long will this last?
Will we be okay?


What’s interesting is that those feelings of helplessness don’t only come up around nature’s storms.

You feel them during life’s storms, too.

When you’re going through a breakup…

When you keep attracting and experiencing heartache after heartache…

When you see your relationship is falling apart…

Those same feelings of fear, uncertainty, and wondering whether what you have done is enough to prevent further pain and disappointment is enough fill us and can shake us to our core.

So, what can you do during life’s storms to not have fear and anxiety take over and rob you of your peace and happiness?

1. Stay present. I know this one is sometimes easier said than done, but it is the FIRST step in reducing fear and anxiety.  Why?  Because fear is always a “future experience.”  While you may be afraid of repeating something that happened in the past, the fact is that what you fear is that it will happen again, in the future.

What’s more, fear is never “real.” It is only ever an imagined thought

Now, hear me out on this.  Am I saying that what you fear will never happen?


What I am saying is that 99.999% of the time, the thing that you fear and/or are anxious about isn’t something that is actually happening right now, in the present moment.  Instead, your thoughts are about what you are afraid may or may not happen in the future.

The problem with this is that, while you are imagining something that may or may not happen in the future, you are allowing it to rob you of your peace in the present.

So, the only way to interrupt the fearful thought pattern is to remind yourself that here and now, in the present moment, you are safe and the thing that you are thinking of is not actually happening.

This practice is life-changing. 

Left unattended, fearful thoughts will rob you of your peace, of your ability to appreciate and experience what you DO have, and block future happiness – and love – from making its way to you. 

This is why developing a powerful and empowering relationship with your fears is one of the first things we teach our clients when they begin working with us. 

Imagine how incredibly empowering it would be to learn how to distinguish, dismantle, and replace a fear in 60 seconds or less

As I said: Life-Changing!


2. Focus on what you CAN control. During the storm, there were many things I could not control – the force, sound, or direction of the wind; the path the storm was taking, the power going out or coming back on. 

There were, however, many things I WAS able to control: Making sure our home was safe; ensuring we had enough food, water, and ice; being calm and strong for my kids.

Similarly, during life’s storms, there are things you can’t control, such as whether or not someone calls you or asks you out on a second date; how your partner chooses to feel; what your guy wants to say or do.

However, there are many things you can control, such as your thoughts, words, actions and reactions; what you allow to upset or trigger you; the feelings and thoughts you choose to have and how you choose to express them.

When you begin focusing your time, energy, and attention on the things you CAN control, you begin to feel more peaceful, confident, and empowered.  You are not at the mercy of the storm.  Instead, you get to choose how you will navigate through it with dignity, ease, and grace.


3. Ask for and receive help.  This is another one that can be difficult, especially for powerful, successful women.  You’re used to being strong, the one in charge, the one people come to for help and answers to their questions. Asking for help makes you feel vulnerable, because you can make it mean that you’re not strong or capable enough to do things on your own.  You fear that the vulnerability may be interpreted as weakness or incompetence.

However, quite the opposite is true! 

It takes so much courage, authenticity, and inner strength to reach out for help.  It takes even more of these to accept and receive the help.

I can’t tell you how many people I offered to come stay with us so they could have air-conditioning once our power came back, to take the water we had left over when they shared that they were under a boil-water order, and to use our generator when their power was still out.  What I can tell you is that every one of these offers was not accepted at least once!

I heard responses like, “I’m used to toughing things out,” “I’m okay with sacrificing,” “Don’t worry about me. I’ll figure something out” – even after a week of not having power or being able to drink or use the tap water!

And so many powerful women do the same thing during life’s storms! 

You don’t reach out for help or support so that you won’t seem weak.

You believe that struggling and “suffering” through the heartache is somehow “noble” or makes you stronger.

You deny help and support because you feel as if you “should be able to figure this ‘relationship thing’ out on my own.”

And, so, the suffering, pain, and heartache persist – many times for much longer than is necessary – when, instead you could turn the situation around, end the suffering, and begin enjoying the love and happiness much, much sooner, which is what you really want.

There’s no honor or glory in unnecessary martyrdom or sacrificing.

Instead, reach within, acknowledge that you could use some help, a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, the right guidance to help you get to the other side of the storm with the results your heart desires.


Life’s storms will come. You don’t have much choice in that… That part’s not “optional.”

What you can choose is to face the storm with peace of mind and heart, strength, and the commitment to get to the other side of it.

What is optional is whether or not you make the time you spend in the eye of the storm peaceful, short-lived, and empowering.


I know what my choice is! 

Let me know if there is any way I can support you with yours!





Are You Believing These Lies About Love?

by Gladys Diaz

I don’t know if you’re aware of it, because these things are usually going on in the subconscious, as blind spots, but there are things that you are telling yourself that are actually stopping you from having the love you want.

The frustrating part about it is that, because you’re not aware that they are lies, you actually believe them. To you, they are the truth!  And, unfortunately, these are the very thoughts and words that are keeping you stuck in your love life!

I shot a really quick raw-and-real, tough love video, and I hope you’ll give yourself a few minutes to watch it because this could actually transform your life as you know it!

Most people in your life won’t tell you what I’m telling you in this video. In fact, many of them are agreeing with you and helping you to continue believing the lies. So, it’s with an incredible amount of love that I want to share this with you, because I see you bigger than any thought or fear or excuse you may have! To me you are amazing and you deserve everything your heart desires!
Watch the video and tell me what you think!
P.S. You really can get unstuck and it doesn’t have to be hard.  Simply stop believing the lies I talk about in this video and trust me!  We can get to the other side of this together!
Why Successful Women Struggle in Love

Why Successful Women Struggle in Love

by Gladys Diaz


If you are a smart, successful woman who is READY to have success in your love life, then this is the one article you want to read all the way through today, because it is your LUCKY day!

While having a successful relationship has nothing to do with luck, we do believe in Divine Timing and in the power you have to manifest your dreams, and in rewarding bold and courageous actions, so we are about to help you make your dreams come true!

If you are a woman who feels like you have “The Midas Touch” in every area of your life except your love life and you are ready to prove just how committed you are to creating and living in the relationship of your dreams, give us three days and we will show you exactly how to have success in BOTH life and love!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve read books, attended workshops and webinars, bought infoproducts, listened to teleclasses, and even spoken to a few coaches, but you’restill not in the loving, intimate relationship your heart desires, which leaves you feeling frustrated, lonely, and wondering whether or not you’ll ever have the relationship of your dreams.
  • You know there are thought and behavior patterns that keep getting in the way of either attracting the right man or having a relationship work, but you can’t figure out how to stop repeating the same self-sabotaging behaviors, no matter who it is you’re dating or in a relationship with. And this has you wondering if there’s something wrong with you, men, or relationships in general.
  • You know that dating and relationships shouldn’t feel “hard,” but you dread going on yet another unsuccessful date or having another relationship end, and the thought of having your heart broken again has you either holding onto a relationship that isn’t working or avoiding opening your heart to new love.
  • You’re at the point where you are ready and willing to make the changes that will finally give you the successful results you want in your love life and you just want to know how to do it.

If you resonated with any or all of the points above, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Most smart successful women are in a similar place.


Because what most people don’t know is that there is a very unique set of challenges that successful women face when it comes to relationships.

The main reason is because many of the skills that propel us in our careers and businesses actually repel love and intimacy in romantic relationships! But, because they work at work, we mistakenly believe that those same skills and behaviors will work when it comes to love.

Unfortunately, they don’t work, and we are unconsciously self-sabotaging ourselves out of the very happiness we want more than anything else in the world!

Now, I know that you don’t need a man to make you happy. Your happiness is 100% your responsibility.

However, if what your heart truly desires is to be in a loving, intimate, passionate relationship with a man who is absolutely right for you; who’s not threatened, but is inspired, by your success; and who is ready to spend the rest of his life letting you know just how much he loves you, then doesn’t it make sense for you to work toward that goal as diligently – if not even more passionately – as you would any one of your professional or career goals?

As a successful, powerful woman myself, I know what it almost cost me to not know the skills that led to creating a loving, peaceful, passionate relationship. In fact, it almost cost me my marriage!

It wasn’t until I learned what barriers were in the way of me having love and intimacy flow easily and abundantly; how to tap into my Irresistible, Feminine Essence; and how to use effective communication and relationship skills to connect deeply with my man that I was able to turn my relationship around. 

Now, after 18 years together, I can tell you that there is nothing I have accomplished in my career – not any award, achievement, or recognition – that holds a candle to what it feels like when my husband says that the woman I am inspires him to be the best man he can be!

If you want to learn the secrets to creating a successful, happy, loving relationship that stands the test of time with the right man for you, then join us for three days transformational heart-and-life-changing days at The Irresistible Woman LIVE!


The Irresistible Woman LIVE was specifically designed for the successful woman who wants to have success in her love life, too!

The Irresistible Woman LIVE is especially designed for the successful, powerful professional woman like you who wants to experience as much – if not even more – success in her love life and relationships as she does in her career!

If you are tired, frustrated, and feeling hopeless about your ability to have both a successful and fulfilling career and an extraordinary romantic relationship, then you need to be at this event!

As we said , this event is specifically for successful women – women who are used to going above and beyond to get what they want – so it’s going to be a no-holds-barred-tough-love seminar!

In this 3-day event, you will:

  • Take a deep dive into why you are not attracting or experiencing the kind of love that you want in your relationships (and learn how to stop the self-sabotage)
  • Uncover the specific thoughts, actions, and behaviors you are using to block love from coming into your life so that you can begin to experience love, happiness, and abundance in your romantic relationships
  • Identify the skills that propel you in the workplace but completely kill love and intimacy in romantic relationships (and learn the skills that magnify love and romance)
  • Create new thought patterns and behaviors that will allow you to shed the masculine energy you carry around at work so that you can embrace the feminine energy that will make you Simply Irresistible to the right man
  • Design a plan for implementing what you have learned into your life on adaily basis so that you are continuously experiencing more success in your love life!
  • And soooo much more!

If you are seriously committed to having the life and love your heart desires, there is absolutely NO reason for you not to be there!

To make sure you know how committed WE are to helping get the loving relationship you want, we’re making this an irresistible, no-brainer decision for you!

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As a successful woman, you know that a huge part of your success is taking decisive actions that are aligned with the goals you want to accomplish.

That’s why we are only making this special offer for the next seven days. And, once it goes away, we will NOT be making it again.

And, for the first 10 women who register today, we will automatically upgrade you to VIP status!  

That’s right, as a VIP you will receive:

  • Preferred seating all 3 days so that you are up front, don’t have to worry about finding a seat, and can get up close and personal with us!
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The VIP ticket is normally $600,  and you get it for the Super Early Bird Price of a General Admission ticket simply for being one of the first 10 to grab your spot!

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Our events sell out quickly and you WILL miss your opportunity to learn the exact steps you can take to effortlessly begin attracting the loving relationship your desire and deserve at a simply irresistible price!

This is it!  Click and grab your spot now!

Seneca said, Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

We’re giving you the opportunity to create your own luck and learn the skills you need to have the success that you want and deserve in the lasting, loving, and fulfilling relationship your heart truly desires!

This event only happens once a year, this is a one-time offer, and you simply don’t want to miss this amazing, transformational event!

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We can’t wait to meet and spend 3 life-and-love-changing days with you!

Discover the Secret to Having Lasting Love

Discover the Secret to Having Lasting Love

by Gladys Diaz

Today we are are celebrating one of my FAVORITE love stories of all time!

Six years ago today, I stood with tears of joy streaming down my face as I watched my twin sister, Michelle, and Arnie promise to love one another for a lifetime.

As I watched her walking down the aisle with her two sons, I just couldn’t stop the tears, remembering the painful road full of heartache and disappointment that Michelle had walked down before finally attracting Arnie into her life.

Michelle had felt the pain of being in a marriage that had been falling apart for many years, followed by a string of micro- and non-relationships to men who were unavailable, addicts, and who did not treat her with the love and tenderness she so longed for and deserved.

She came very close to giving up on love.

Thankfully, Michelle was willing to do her HeartWork, remove the Love Barriers that were stopping her from attracting the kind of love she truly desired, and she began attracting amazing men, including the one who was promising to love, adore, and make her dreams come true for the rest of her life!

See, in doing her HeartWork, Michelle discovered what had been missing in her life that had led her to stay in an happy marriage for so long, attract, date, and hold onto dead-end relationships with men who were unwilling or unable to love her the way she longed to be loved painful time, and it’s what had her wondering whether there was something wrong with her and if she would ever experience happiness in a loving relationship.

One of my favorite passages in our ebook, 30 Days and 30 Ways to Fall In Love with YOU!, is the part where Michelle shares the secret to her discovering true love:

I decided to take a deeper look into my relationship patterns so that I could begin to uncover what was at the source of the results I was producing.

I discovered that in the 5 years I had been dating, there was something fundamental missing in all of my dating and relationship experiences…ME! I had been trying to be the “perfect woman” to hide who I really was, because I was terrified that if a man discovered who I really was, he could never fall in love with me. I had convinced myself that the real me was unlovable.

I began to write down all the things about myself that I felt were unlovable…it was a long list! Then one by one, I began to forgive myself. I realized there was nothing I could do to change the past. All I could do now was learn the lessons and forget the details.

I gave myself permission to let it all go for good. As I let each one go, something beautiful began to happen – I began to fall in love with me! I discovered that the only love that was missing was my own. I was now free to love and to be loved!

See, what Michelle discovered is that what stops you from creating a happy and loving relationship you want is not online dating; it’s not what happened in your past; and it’s not your current partner, your ex, or the guy who didn’t love you back.

The #1 difference between the woman who is not experiencing love and happiness in her relationships and the one who IS comes down to one thing:

The relationship the woman has with herself.

Think about it…

If you do not love, accept, honor, and prioritize yourself, it is impossible for you to attract someone into your life who will love, accept, honor, and make you a priority in his life!

In fact, it’s unfair to expect a man to love you and give to you the soul-level kind of love that you are not giving yourself.

And what happens when you don’t have a deep level of self love is that you continue repeating the same dysfunctional patterns and having the same painful experiences over and over again.  

So, you do things like:

Attracting men who you hope will love and accept you, but don’t.

Turning yourself inside out trying to be the woman you think the man wants you to be, hoping that that’s what will maybe get him to love you.

Losing yourself in the relationship, forgetting about your own needs and desires, and trying to make him the center of your world in the hope that you will finally feel loved.

And the reason this continues to happen again and again is because, on a fundamental level, you do not believe that you are worthy of or able to have the kind of love you truly desire.

So you settle.

You settle for less than what you really want.

You pretend that you’re okay being single and that you don’t want to share your life with a great man.

You convince yourself that what you have is what you want.

And, at the end of yet another heartbreaking dating experience or broken relationship, you’re left feeling lost, empty, lonely, and afraid – wondering if you’ll ever really have the love and happiness your heart desires.

This is why we created The Self-Love Secret Mission.

We know it’s not easy to break through long-lasting limiting beliefs and patterns on your own.

Think about it…

If you knew what to do to change those beliefs and patterns on your own, you would have probably already done it… right?

So we created a fun, transformative and interactive program where we will take you on a 21-day journey to falling in love with YOU!

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The best thing about The Self-Love Secret Mission is that, not only is it FREE – our Valentine’s Day Gift to you –but we are starting tomorrow,February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day – which means you won’t be alone on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be having fun, AND you’re going to experience what it’s like to feel truly loved by the person with whom you’ll have the longest lasting loving relationship of your life: YOU!

So, hurry up!

Join The Self-Love Secret now, and take the first step toward creating the love affair of a lifetime!


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