How to Stop Rushing and Start Believing It’s Coming

How to Stop Rushing and Start Believing It’s Coming

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you feeling impatient with dating? 

Are you wondering if it’s ever going to happen for you?

Does it feel like it’s taking sooooooo long, you’re beginning to wonder if you even care anymore?

I remember feeling that way. 

I remember feeling extremely disappointed in the experience I was having with dating. 

I remember after I’d gotten divorced I had this incredible feeling like, “Wow! I finally have a chance to have everything I want now!

It wasn’t too long before I realized it may not be as fun or as easy as I’d thought it would be and I began to want to give up. 

I know the feelings. 

I know the stirring of impatience. 

…wondering if it’s ever going to happen for me.

…the frustration.

…the (what seemed like) endless crying.

… questioning my judgement because I kept picking the wrong men.

…wanting to give up and instead, focus on my kids and my career.

I know how all of that feels which is why it’s become our mission to share what we learned with you. 

Why is it so important to stay patient while dating?

So you can maintain the excitement for it, which will have you attract exactly what you desire.

And so that you don’t go into desperation and are able to stick with the process as you develop the skills.

There are three important things to remember while dating: 

  • Have Faith.

Believe that it’s going to happen for you. It wouldn’t be a desire in your heart, if it wasn’t meant to happen for you. 

Believe that you’ll find the right coach. 

Believe that what is meant for you is coming if you simply stay the course. 

  • Believe in Yourself.

Know that you can turn your patterns around. 

Know that you’ll be able to stay strong and committed through the process. 

Know that you can do it. 

You can create anything your heart desires. Believing that I deserved it is what changed everything for me.

  • Follow Through on the Promises you Make to Yourself.

If you don’t stand for yourself and for what you want, you will grasp for anything you can get. You will go into desperation mode and won’t let it happen naturally. 

Lean into the coaching and training you are in this community to have. If you don’t, you’ll talk yourself out of the miracle that’s waiting for you.

My life became miraculously magical when I did the HeartWork. Everything, not just my love life, began to shift. 

Everything changed when I learned to take my time and BE the kind of woman that could attract the man I wanted. 

There was no rush because I knew it was coming. 

Imagine what it would be like to BE in your life like that? 

To live without rush or desperation because you know it’s already on its way and that, not only do you deserve it, but that you have the skills to create it. 

You deserve to have the type of love you want. You deserve to have your heart’s desire!

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After the event there will be no more thinking it’s never going to happen or that being in the relationship your heart desires is not for you. 

After the event you will know it’s coming for you, believe in yourself and your ability to create it and have the skills to follow through and stay the course! 

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Remember, it wouldn’t be a desire in your heart if it wasn’t meant to happen for you. 

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Stop Dysfunctional Dating Patterns and Create the Love You Want Now

Stop Dysfunctional Dating Patterns and Create the Love You Want Now

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you ready to end your dysfunctional dating patterns?  

You know… those patterns that keep repeating themselves, causing heartache relationship after relationship?

Are you ready to stop tolerating less than the results you want from the relationships you keep attracting? 

Are you ready to feel free, have fun in dating, and create real love?

Are you ready to be in a relationship with someone you feel completely connected to and who’s 100% in love and committed to you? 

If you aren’t experiencing the results you want in your dating life, chances are you have some dysfunctional patterns that you NEED to shift before you can create the relationship of your dreams. 

Not sure if you have a dysfunctional dating pattern?

Here’s a hint: If something happens 3 or more times, it’s a pattern!

Here’s another hint: Dysfunctional patterns always have a fear and a commitment behind them. They always show up because of a need that’s not being met.

Can you relate to continually attracting…

  • relationships that start strong and then the man ends it for another woman?
  • men who aren’t available?
  • men who say they’ll do something, then don’t?
  • attracting long-distance relationships that don’t go anywhere or end up being scams?
  • attracting men who aren’t trustworthy? 

These are just a few. 

What are your patterns?

So, how do you end the dysfunctional cycle these patterns create? 

  1. Identify the fear feeding the pattern. 

What is the fear that’s beneath your pattern? 

What’s the limiting belief underneath the fear?

The fear you have fuels the limiting belief, which then creates the pattern. 

The result you get confirms the fear and belief and continues the pattern.  

It’s a vicious cycle!!

2. Get to the source of where the fear started for you. 

What experience or situation  first created this experience? 

What are you getting out of continuing this pattern? 

How does it strengthen your fears and limiting beliefs?

Once you have uncovered the fear and the source of the fear, then you can break through the pattern so that you no longer carry the energy that keeps attracting it to you. 

When you’ve transformed these fears and limiting beliefs, then you get that you can be 100% in love with YOU, and you come into your irresistible essence! 

You have a deep feeling of worthiness, you know that you are loveable, you’re alluring, authentic, and so much more!

The fact is, low-quality men will not be attracted to you when you’re in your high-vibe Irresistible Essence. 

They simply won’t. 

When you master the process of healing and disappearing the fears and limiting beliefs you have, then, and only then, can you actually transform your experience and create the results you want. 

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This three-day, immersive experience is designed to create a radical shift in your dating life. 

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  • have the confidence and clarity you need to create the results you desire NOW
  • have dismantled and replaced your dysfunctional patterns
  • have unleashed the power to create the extraordinary love your heart desires 

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Once you break these patterns, you’ll stop attracting the wrong kind of men and have these dysfunctional experiences once and for all. 

Imagine how amazing THAT will be!

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The Secret to Going from Disappointed to Delighted in Dating!

The Secret to Going from Disappointed to Delighted in Dating!

by Gladys Diaz 

Guess what?

We have a little secret for you…. ready?!

Dating does not have to be a heavy, horrible or disappointing experience. 

Dating can (and should be) enjoyable, exciting and fun! 

The best part of the secret is that it’s up to you!

Now hear this, if you’re feeling disappointed with dating, you’re not alone which is why we’re sharing some tips on how you can create the experience you want to be having in dating.

First of all, if you’re feeling like dating isn’t being what you wish it would be, take a look at your mindset. 

  • Are you afraid you won’t be attracted to anyone you meet? 
  • Are men not responding the way you wish they would on the apps? 
  • Do you feel like it’s an endless texting game and you never get asked on an actual date? 
  • Do you worry that you won’t say the right thing? 
  • Are you afraid a man won’t be attracted to you? 

What are your thoughts about dating? 

This is so important because if you’re having these types of thoughts and fears, and you’re unaware of them, most likely they are running the show and showing up in your experience. 

Once you’re aware of them, you can do the Heart Work to turn them from beliefs into fleeting thoughts so that you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment but rather delight!

The second secret in loving dating is to let go of expectations. 

Whether you’re disappointed about where you are in life right now versus where you thought you’d be or if your experience with a man isn’t adding up to what you hoped… those disappointments are coming from unmet expectations. 

So, get honest with yourself and then stop making it mean anything. 

You are where you are and what’s happening is what’s happening. You can either be someone who lets life dictate who they’re going to be OR you can be the kind of woman who decides how you’re going to show up no matter what. 

When you let go of expectations and see dating (and life) as an adventure it becomes exciting and fun no matter what happens!

The third secret if you want dating to be fun, is to be prepared. 

In order to be interested and interesting, show up knowing the answers to these questions: 

  • What do I want him to know about me? 
  • What do I want to know about him? 

Being prepared allows you to let go of your worries and anxieties and make sure that the intention of the date (to get to know each other) is met!

And remember: this is not about being strategic, this is about being authentic. 

Which leads us to the final secret….. 

Be yourself!

Being yourself allows your fun side to come out which is what makes you attractive. 

Being yourself allows you to be vulnerable which is what creates a connection. 

Being yourself makes it possible for the man to get to know you. 

Being yourself allows your irresistible essence to come out!   

The real secret to having fun and experiencing joy in dating is to be the love you want to see!

By being honest about your fears and worries, letting go of expectations, showing up prepared and being yourself, you can (and will) experience all of the fun, joy and excitement dating has to offer. 

It really is up to you! 

Want some support in making this your reality? 

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How to Attract the Man You’re Looking For

How to Attract the Man You’re Looking For

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you attracting the type of men you’re looking for?

Do you find yourself saying “I want a man who has this and who has that,” like you’ve got some type of quality assurance checklist?  

Do you feel excited and hopeful after the majority of your dates, or do you feel disappointed most of the time?

If you’re not attracting the kind of men you want and the quality of your dates aren’t meeting your expectations, you’ll eventually feel disappointed, discouraged and no longer excited about dating. 

You may wonder what’s wrong with you and why it’s not working.

Even if you are going on lots of dates, if the type of men you’re looking for aren’t the ones showing up, it’s frustrating. 

Sound familiar? 

If your answer is yes, do you know why you’re not attracting the type of men you want?  

Do you want to know how? 

  1. Be willing to acknowledge and admit that you don’t have all the answers. If you’re stuck in the “I already know that” and “I already did that work,” then you’re never going to get anywhere. Open up to the possibility that there’s something you don’t know yet and that there’s something that’s stopping you.
    Remember too, there are often many layers when it comes to beliefs and fears. Just because you’ve done some personal development work, doesn’t mean there’s not something else there.  Be willing and courageous enough to get your blocks out of the way so you can have the kind of love you want.


  2. Gain awareness about what’s stopping you. Even if you have all the dating skills and are attracting the right men, if you don’t have awareness about your own blind spots, dating leaves you feeling empty and like nothing  works.

    If you feel like you keep attracting the same type of man – and he’s not what you’re looking for – get curious about why. Look into your personal beliefs, patterns and fears, and see what’s connected.

    When I was frustrated because I kept attracting the same type of men with all the same issues I didn’t want, I got curious.

    Through my Heartwork, I realized that the issues the men were presenting were directly related to beliefs I had about myself that I’d formed as a child and throughout my life. When I did the work to shift those beliefs, the men I started attracting and the relationships I began creating changed.


  3. Commit to doing whatever you need to do to have a breakthrough. Let go of hoping, wishing and waiting for things to change and for him to magically appear. We have worked with women that have been alone and waiting for 15, 20, even 35 years before they’ve committed to doing whatever it takes to create a shift.  You don’t have to wait that long.

    Yes, we believe in having faith. And you must have faith coupled with action.


  4. Move forward with committed action! Clarify your online profile. Say yes to lots of dates! Be okay with things looking and feeling differently than you’re used to.

    Your gut responds to your comfort zone, so it’s natural to feel a bit of fear when things start working differently than the patterns you’ve always had. Allow your brain time to reorient and keep moving forward, even if it feels kind of strange.


  5. Allow yourself time to get to know men and see them through the lens of the relationship of your dreams. If you say you want a relationship with a kind, loving, passionate man who doesn’t have kids, and then you meet a man that is kind, loving and passionate who does have kids, that doesn’t mean you’re not attracting the right type of men! It simply means you prefer to date a man who doesn’t have children.Be open to the idea that you may find something great in someone who’s circumstances aren’t exactly what you thought you’d prefer. And if you are clear that it’s not what you want, choose to let it go and know that the right men are out there and the next one is coming.

Here’s the thing, so much is possible when you open yourself up and do the inner work to discover why you’re not attracting the men you want. 

This is why we do the work we do. We help women to see their blind spots and breakthrough them so they can create the relationship of their dreams. 

We know that all the dating skills, tricks, and how-to’s don’t mean anything unless there is clarity on the inside. 

If you’d like someone who knows how to ask the right questions and can help you recognize your personal blind spots so you can start attracting the type of men you want, then we are the coaches for you!

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Helping women to see the thing that holds the key to their freedom is why we do what we do, because when you see it, then you can do something about it. 

Let us support you in connecting the dots so that you can create the relationship of your dreams now

How to Make Your Love Life a Priority

How to Make Your Love Life a Priority

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you making your love life a priority? 

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and, we’re willing to bet that you’ve listed your love life as one of your top priorities for 2021.

That’s great! 

Now, what are you actually doing about it? 

What actions are you taking to make sure that you start creating the love you want now? 

The truth is that if you aren’t seeing the results you want to see in your love life, then your commitment is actually somewhere else. 

Even if you’ve got a vision board created, you’ve set some goals, and your vision statement is written out; if you’re not taking committed action on this goal, it’s not going to happen.

And we get it. When you’re a highly driven woman, you have goals and you’re used to hitting them, it can be frustrating and tiring when you’re not seeing success in your love life. 

So what do you usually do? 

You focus on something else. Something you think you have more control over and feel more confident in. 

Or you pretend that you don’t want to be in a relationship, that it’s not important to you, or that you’re 100% okay being single.

But here’s the thing…

There’s never going to be a better time to get committed to your love life. 

If you’re waiting until that big project is complete, until you finish school, until your kids grow up, until you lose the weight,until you’re 100% healthy and have everything figured out… 

it’s never going to happen. 

One of the saddest things for us to hear from women who say they’ve been waiting 15, 20, 48 years to create the love they want. They never thought they’d be waiting that long, and can’t believe how much time has passed. 

We want you to have the relationship of your dreams NOW! 

We know that creating an extraordinary love and life requires making it a priority! 

So how do you do that? 

How do you make creating the love you want a priority in your already full, busy, and beautiful life?

  • Distinguish what’s most important to you. 

What are the top five priorities in your life? Community? Friends? Family? Work? Home? Yoga? Health? Is your love life one of those top 5? 

  •  Ask yourself why those things matter to you.

Getting clear on why something is important to you, helps motivate you to put the time and energy into creating what you want to see. 

Ask yourself why creating an incredible relationship is important to – and why is that important to you – and why is that important?
Keep going deep with yourself and getting to the heart of what you really want and why you really want it is critical to making sure you realize your goals!

  • Decide what actions you will commit to taking to move the needle forward. 

What actions will you take daily, weekly and monthly to create progress in your love life? Aligning your actions with your priorities is the key to creating what you desire. 

Once you have these things laid out – you should start feeling more aligned with yourself and your goals. You’ll start to see shifts in what you’re creating and what you’re attracting into your life. 

If you’re still having a hard time – get curious about what’s getting in the way?
What’s in the gap between being clear with yourself about what you want?

If you’d like support with getting clear on what you really want, what’s stopping you from having that, and you want guidance in determining the actions that will help you most in creating the relationship of your dreams, then we want to talk to you! 

Book a Love Breakthrough session with one of our coaches. They can’t wait to talk to you and help you start to put your priorities in order and begin creating the life and love your heart desires!.

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Online Dating Profiles to Attract the Right Man

Online Dating Profiles to Attract the Right Man

by Gladys Diaz 

Does this ever happen to you? 

You sit down to relax and watch your favorite television show. During the commercial break, you open up your favorite online dating app and start scrolling or swiping left and right. 

You notice you have an alert at the top saying that you’ve got unread messages, so you look into your inbox and find a dozen messages from men. 

You feel excited, but as you start going through them, you start to feel disappointed, and the disappointment leads to straight up frustration, and these thoughts start swarming through your head…  

Why am I not attracting the kind of men I’m looking for?

How come I keep wasting my time on this app? 

Do I need to change my profile? What would I even change?

Is online dating ever going to work for me?!

Sound familiar?

This is a scenario we know plays out for women all the time, and we know that after months of swiping and going through profiles and messages and nothing coming from it, you can start to get discouraged and frustrated. 

We want you to know that you can have a fun, exciting and successful experience dating online! It’s the number one way people are meeting each other (especially right now, as we continue being at the effect of the pandemic)… and it works!

The truth is, you’re not frustrated with online dating. You’re frustrated with the results you’re getting. 

If you were matching with, talking to and meeting 10 guys a week that were all saying and doing the things that you want to hear and enjoy, would you be frustrated? 

Of course not!

It’s frustrating meeting a whole bunch of guys you don’t want to meet. No one, especially successful and attractive women like you likes wasting her time.

So what if it was different?

We want to share with you how your “How come I keep wasting time on this app?” can change to “I can’t wait to see who I’m going to meet next!

Tip number one is that your profile matters. It’s the first impression a stranger has of you, and it’s what men go off of to make the decision of whether or not they want to get to know you further. 

Research shows that you have 3-6 seconds to capture someone’s attention before they scroll or swipe, so you want to make sure that it immediately captures who you really are. 

You want to make sure that potential men that would be right for you will swipe for you based on what they see, what they read, and how they feel while viewing your profile. 

It’s about making sure that who you’re being and what you’re saying and doing are aligned. 

It’s about knowing what to share (and how much to share) to attract the right men to you. 

It’s about being in the energy and having the skills and knowledge to put together the profile that will give you the experience and results you want!  

So, if you’re ready to shift your experience of online dating, join us Saturday for the Ultimate Attraction Online Dating Profile Workshop! 

We’re going to be teaching you exactly what you need to know to have clarity around what to do before, during and after you create your online dating profile so that you attract the high-quality, commitment-minded, ready-for-love men who will  are ready to partner with you in creating the relationship of your dreams!

We’ll be answering your questions, giving you coaching and having hands-on activities so that you walk away with a profile that starts giving you the results you’ve been waiting for.

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In this hands-on, interactive workshop on how to attract the RIGHT man online, you’ll discover:

  • what to do before you ever type the first word or post the first picture on your profile that will make the difference between whether you attract the right man or not
  • what to put in your profile to make sure you’re attracting a man who is a perfect match for you
  • how to make sure your profile gets noticed by the right guys, not the ones who want to play games or be pen pals
  • and more!

Stop wasting your time attracting the wrong men online and learn how to create a profile that attracts the high quality, commitment-minded man you want to meet, get to know and marry! 

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