Communication in Relationships: The #1 Mistake Women Make and What to Do Instead

Communication in Relationships: The #1 Mistake Women Make and What to Do Instead

by Michelle Roza

Do you understand men?

Or do you find yourself asking:

What the @*!# was he thinking?

Did he really just say that?

Why doesn’t he listen to me?

If you don’t feel seen, heard and understood when you’re communicating with men, and you’re wondering why you feel so disconnected, there’s a reason AND a solution!

We’ll be diving into ALL of this at tomorrow’s Decoding Your Man Masterclass! Click here to sign-up now! 

Oh! By the way…

What we’ll be sharing isn’t only for romantic relationships and dating experiences.

The keys to communicating well with men are critical to know and understand in all of your relationships with men – fathers, brothers, and male colleagues at work.

So – want a sneak peek? 

First… It’s not personal. It’s biological!

Men aren’t just hairier, more muscular versions of women. (Surprise!

There’s a reason why women can multi-task and men need to focus on one thing at a time.

There’s a reason why men jump in, interrupt and try to solve your problem before you’ve even shared what you wanted to say. 

And there’s a reason why you get home from a date where you experienced so much fun and connection and then feel confused when he doesn’t ask you out again.  

It’s not a matter of intelligence or not caring. 

Men’s brains are actually wired differently than ours. 

And the differences in how they think, speak, and act can create major conflict and frustration for you (and him) if you feel like you can’t talk, communicate, or truly connect with each other. 

The good news is that, even with all of these differences, it IS possible to feel completely seen, heard, understood and loved by your man (and for him to feel the same way).

This is why we created the Decoding Your Man Masterclass – which is happening tomorrow, August 26th at 11 am EST!

Our goal is for you to understand how the differences in our biology impact every level of our relationships…

And how you can still feel empowered to have better communication, deeper connection, and real, lasting intimacy with the man you love.

It’s absolutely possible to share what you feel, think, and need in a way that leaves you BOTH feeling seen, heard, understood, and loved!

In this powerful masterclass, you’ll learn the Decoding Your Man Method as well as:

  • The #1 mistake women make when communicating with men, and what to do instead!
  • The differences between the way men’s and women’s brains are wired and how that impacts communication and romance with the opposite sex
  • Keys to avoiding arguments and misunderstandings so that you can create love and partnership in your relationship vs. working against each other
  • The secrets to knowing exactly what to say and do get the love and support you want from your partner
  • How to create a happy, loving, passionate relationship that lasts for a lifetime!
  • And so much more!

Here’s a few more questions we’ll be answering for you tomorrow: 

The reason why he says “I’m busy” when you try to ask him a question while he’s working…

The answer to why he jumps in and interrupts you when you’re simply wanting to be listened to…

And the reason why you have an incredible date but then don’t hear from him again!

We’ll be explaining so many more questions like these tomorrow and you’ll smile each time you hear yourself saying, “Aha! That explains it!”

Get ready to have your mind blown!

There’s a reason why Decoding Your Man is one of our clients’ favorite masterclasses!  

Because the knowledge and skills we’ll teach you tomorrow are the key to communicating with men in a way that he can hear and you can feel heard! 

It’s not just about knowing the facts and understanding why men do what they do. 

It’s also about having the communication skills that sets you both up to win. 

If you want to learn how to feel supported, loved and cared for by the men in your life in a way you haven’t been before… 

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Alone to Adored: How Three Women Created Extraordinary Love and How YOU can TOO! 

Alone to Adored: How Three Women Created Extraordinary Love and How YOU can TOO! 

by Gladys Diaz

Last week on Love Chat with The Love Twins, three successful, inspiring, beautiful women joined us to share a little about their journey to creating Extraordinary Love. 

They shared how their participation in our coaching programs impacted their relationships, career, health, and finances!

All three of them have created the Relationship of their Dreams and between them they’ve: 

  • Created clarity in their careers
  • Bought houses
  • Healed a tumor
  • Received raises and bonuses
  • Created additional friendships
  • Healed relationships with mothers and sisters
  • Are working on starting families and so much more!

If you missed it, you can watch the replay by clicking HERE! 

Jenna had a belief that men couldn’t love. For years she’d continued the pattern of rushing into relationships, becoming invested before she even really knew the man, realized he wasn’t the one and then, heartbroken, spending time getting over and moving on from the toxic relationship.

Jada had a fear of being alone which led her to get physically intimate and attached to men too soon by not communicating her boundaries and then finding out he was married, not who he said he was and that once again, this was not it!  

And Roslyn believed she wasn’t enough, which had her date unavailable men and twist herself into a pretzel to try to become whatever he wanted. This caused unnecessary drama in her life and created a spiral of continually dwindling her self-confidence.

Through the coaching they were open to and the HeartWork they did, they were able to breakthrough their sabotaging patterns and create the love they had always wanted!

They learned how to:

  • Not take things personally
  • Communicate boundaries in relationships
  • Find their voice
  • Live their values
  • Be authentic
  • Share effectively with men
  • Just to name a few!

The awesome thing is that these are all things we’ll be teaching this weekend in the Decoding Your Man Masterclass!     

Jenna, Jada and Roslyn all shared that this particular masterclass was one of the things that made a big difference for them in their journey to extraordinary love.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this masterclass will expand your knowledge AND skills so you can communicate and understand the men in your life – and create the type of relationships you want!

If you want to experience more love, connection and intimacy then click HERE to register for the Decoding Your Man Masterclass happening this Saturday, August 26th!

This masterclass is worth over $500 and this Saturday, you have the opportunity to attend – on us

Don’t miss it!  


Don’t Hit Pause on Love:The Power of Commitment and Momentum in Dating

Don’t Hit Pause on Love:The Power of Commitment and Momentum in Dating

by Gladys Diaz

Have you ever felt frustrated with dating?

We’re going to guess the answer is a resounding yes because if you’re like most of our clients, the process of dating isn’t always easy. 

You probably have a demanding career, a bustling social life and family responsibilities and you may have had the thought that “taking a break” from dating seemed like a tempting respite. 

Perhaps you’ve thought:

“I simply can’t do this anymore.”

“Why is this so hard – this must not be God’s plan for me!”

“I’m not willing to put myself through this again!”

“Maybe I should pause and focus on healing myself first.”

The allure of focusing solely on personal growth and independence can be strong, but is stepping away from the dating scene truly the best course of action? 

There are many reasons why pausing isn’t the answer. 

Continue reading for why you might want to reconsider taking a break from dating and what to do instead to embrace the journey of finding love.

What’s underneath the desire to pause? 

When you really think about it, are you wanting to put a stop to creating the relationship of your dreams? 

No! Of course you want to create the loving, kind companionship with the extraordinary man you dream of! 

The truth, is that you’re wanting to pause the frustration, the pain, the yearning, and the feeling that it may never happen for you or that it’s taking too long.

And if you’re not attracting the type of men and dating experiences you desire…

You don’t have the necessary skills to succeed at dating or you have fears, limiting beliefs and things that need to be healed…

The desire to take a break can be even stronger. 

I remember when I was in the process of dating and it got to the point where I thought, “I can’t do this anymore!” I was so frustrated with not understanding why I was creating so much success in my career, as a mother and in all my other relationships but I couldn’t get a man to want to be with me. 

It wasn’t that I wanted to put away the possibility of being loved. But I did wish I could stop experiencing the pain and heartache that came from not being able to create what I wanted or be loved the way I yearned to be loved. 

We focus our attention on the things we’re good at because we don’t want to experience discomfort. 

The thing is, it’s not in the pause, but in the stretch that we grow!

So what have you been choosing as comfortable when you choose to pause? What is really underneath the desire to take a break? 

If you can connect with what you’re choosing instead, that is where the breakthrough lies! 

Choosing Commitment over Comfort

When you take a pause from dating, you’re choosing comfort over commitment and actually works against you!

Taking a break causes more frustration, more yearning, isn’t healthy for your self-esteem and simply delays you being in the love that you want. 

When you take a pause you’re literally training yourself to:

  • Procrastinate
  • Put off your desires
  • Not rise above your limiting thoughts and behavior
  • Believe the lies
  • And stay stuck! 

When you’re in the pause – what’s growing are your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. The longer you pause, the longer you stay stuck and the more power you give to the very thing you don’t want! 

Taking a break from dating could also inadvertently lead to emotional withdrawal and guardedness. It’s essential to keep an open heart and remain receptive to the possibility of love. By staying in the dating scene, you increase your chances of finding that special someone who resonates with your values and aspirations 

The truth is that you can have everything you want! 

If you want to experience extraordinary results in love, life, spirituality, finances – you can!! 

PLUS – You can heal AND date simultaneously!

Dating provides an opportunity to reassess and refine your expectations. While taking a break might offer temporary relief from romantic disappointments, it could also cement unrealistic ideals. Engaging in relationships allows you to confront your expectations, evolve, and cultivate a more balanced perspective on love and companionship.

As you keep shifting and transforming, you rise into the woman who will create the relationship of your dreams!

Nothing happens until you commit to it! 

When you continue to date while you rise, you stay in the commitment, you witness the changes that occur as you heal, stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, and your results will be a reflection!  

By taking action every single day toward your goal you create momentum. And that momentum is what provides the breakthroughs you need to create the relationship you dream of! 

The Next Step If You’re Committed to Creating Love NOW!

If you’re committed to creating the love of your life this year and you’re ready to become the woman who will keep her heart in the game and stay committed every single day – then you get to join us for this year’s Irresistible Woman LIVE! 

This 3-day event coming up in September is your opportunity to break through what’s in your way when it comes to love and relationships, learn how to unlock your Irresistible Essence and gain the skills to create success in love now. 

You won’t be the same person when you leave this event!

What you’re going to learn, see and experience in that (virtual) room is something you don’t want to miss!  

 Click HERE to claim your ticket the Irresistible Woman LIVE!

The fact is – How quickly you create the relationship of your dreams depends on how quickly you take your foot off the brake and get out of the gap that’s not working.

It’s up to you – and we want to see you there! 

Remember, while taking a break from dating might seem like a tempting escape, it’s important to consider the benefits of staying in the game. 

The journey of finding love is not just about the destination; it’s about the valuable experiences, personal growth, and lessons learned along the way. By embracing the challenges, rejections, and triumphs that come with dating, you position yourself for a more fulfilling and enriched romantic life. 

Rather than stepping away and keeping yourself stuck, consider committing even deeper to the relationship of your dreams and join us the Irresistible Woman LIVE.


Discover the 3 Self-Saboteurs Keeping You from the Right Man!

Discover the 3 Self-Saboteurs Keeping You from the Right Man!

by Gladys Diaz

Are you finding yourself on an endless carousel of disappointing dates? 

Are you attracting the wrong type of men, time and again? 

Perhaps it’s not simply a matter of luck or circumstance, but of unconscious self-sabotage.

Sabotage is doing anything that’s not aligned with what you say you desire.

The reason why it’s unconscious is because you don’t realize you’re doing it! I’m sure you don’t wake up in the morning and think, “I can’t wait to sabotage my day (or love life)!” 

Even so, the truth is – you’re always manifesting something, whether it’s what you want or what you don’t want.

And if you want to be in an extraordinary relationship, and you’re not – something is getting in the way. 

Keep reading to explore three common self-saboteurs that might be hindering you from attracting the right man. Once you’re aware of these, you’ll be better equipped to make positive changes that can drastically improve your dating experiences.

Saboteur #1: Behaviors and Patterns

Since we said that most (if not all) self-sabotaging is unconscious, the easiest way to know if you’re self-sabotaging is to look at the behaviors and patterns that are not aligned with what you say you want. 

Do you tolerate disrespectful behavior?

Do you not set or maintain your values and boundaries?

Do you constantly put others’ needs before your own?

Do you notice you settle for whatever’s showing up?

Do you get angry when a guy doesn’t call you for a 2nd date? 

Do you write someone off before giving yourself a chance to get to know them because they aren’t tall enough, have been divorced or have kids?

Do you shut down and “take a break” from dating (perhaps for longer than really necessary) after a disappointing dating experience?   

These are all examples of behaviors that can sabotage your dating experiences that you may not recognize. 

Knowing what you want to experience inside the relationship of your dreams and BEing the woman who knows she can have it all supports you in transforming these behaviors and patterns that may be getting in the way.

When working to transform your actions it’s important to look for what thoughts are underneath them and driving the behavior.  

Saboteur #2: Limiting Beliefs and Fears

The #1 most significant and common self-saboteur is overlooking the thoughts that are sabotaging you. Your thoughts lead to your behavior which leads to the patterns you’ve developed and the results you create.  

What you attract is an energetic match for what you truly believe.  In other words, you attract what you are, not what you want. 

So, if you’re carrying unresolved issues, harboring negativity, or stuck in unhealthy patterns, you’re likely to attract individuals who mirror these same characteristics.

If you’re afraid you’re going to end up with a man who’s controlling, that’s probably exactly what you’re attracting – controlling men. 

If you think all men are liars and cheaters, what will you attract? Men who don’t follow through with what they say and aren’t ready to commit. 

Invest time in understanding and improving your thought patterns. If you’d like support with distinguishing, dismantling and replacing sabotaging thoughts, schedule a Love Breakthrough Session! 

On this call we’ll support you to discover the thoughts that are leading to the dating experiences you don’t want so you can have a breakthrough and begin to create the results you desire! 

Click HERE to Book your Complimentary Love Breakthrough Session Now! 

By focusing on becoming the best version of you, you’ll naturally become more attractive to those who value and appreciate the qualities you’ve nurtured within yourself.

Saboteur #3: Clinging to What you Know and Not Getting Curious About What’s Not Working

If you want to be in the relationship of your dreams and you’re not – something is getting in the way.

I promise you, these are not the issues:  

  • Where you live 
  • What you do for a living
  • How much you weigh 
  • Your age
  • How much debt you have
  • How many prior relationship you have (or haven’t) been in
  • There’s no good men out there or all the good ones are already taken

Holding onto these sabotaging and circumstantial beliefs can set you up for constant disappointment and make you overlook potentially great matches because they don’t fit your preconceived mold or because you don’t think you’re ready or deserving of love.

If you’re not attracting the type of man you’d like or creating the results you desire in dating and relationships, get curious and ask yourself, “Why am I attracting this?

Attracting the right man is not about getting on the “right” dating apps or wearing the right outfit. It’s about introspection, self-improvement, and maintaining a healthy sense of self-worth. 

If you find yourself constantly attracting the wrong kind of men, perhaps it’s time to step back and examine these areas of your life. 

Avoid these self-sabotaging mistakes, and you’ll create a path to attract a partner who values, respects, and cherishes you, just as you are.

If you’d like support in having a breakthrough, then click HERE to schedule a Love Breakthrough Call with one of our fabulous Love Coaches. 

Take this opportunity for yourself to overcome the thought and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your love life! 

Remember, the journey to finding the right person often starts with being the right person to yourself. It’s time to become the person who attracts the love you deserve.


The Truth Revealed: Why You’re Still Single and How to Change Your Relationship Status

The Truth Revealed: Why You’re Still Single and How to Change Your Relationship Status

by Michelle Roza

Do you ever wonder why you’re still single? 

We know you’ve probably been dating for a while now and you may be wondering when your status is ever going to change. 

You may even sometimes wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you’re not in the relationship you want to be in yet. 

The reason you’re not in the relationship of your dreams isn’t because there’s something wrong with you, you’re too old or that that’s no men good enough. 

There are some things that may be keeping you single though (and some of them might surprise you!) 

Not believing it will happen, carrying around emotional baggage and not knowing how to attract the right man for you will keep you single forever unless you learn how to turn all that around. 

Keep reading for the Top 5 Reasons you’re still single and how to create the extraordinary relationship of your dreams! 

  • You don’t believe love can and will happen for you.

If you don’t believe, and I mean, REALLY believe that love will happen for you, it won’t. 

It’s that simple. You must have full, 100% faith in yourself, in something bigger than you and in the truth that the man you want exists. 

How do you know that you really believe? 

Because when disappointment or rejection comes along, you don’t spiral. You recognize that those things are merely fleeting experiences and not a reflection of your worthiness or the potential for love in your life. 

You choose to remain open to the possibility of love, believing that love will manifest itself in a beautiful and unexpected way. You focus on nurturing self-love, personal growth, and creating a life that’s fulfilling and meaningful, believing that as you put forth the effort to continue to date and seek to create the relationship you dream of, that it is already on its way to you.

  • You’re carrying around emotional wounds you haven’t healed from.

If you have emotional wounds you haven’t healed and found freedom from, they’re holding you captive and keeping you from creating true love. 

Whether these wounds were born from childhood, past experiences or other relationships they create barriers and apprehensions when it comes to love. 

How do you know you’re still carrying something around? 

You talk about it. 

When it comes to your mind you push it away.

You feel like you need to “overcome” your past.”

You don’t need to “overcome” anything. You simply need to heal so you can stop carrying the pain around with you.

When you take the time to address and heal these emotional wounds, only then can you truly open yourself to the possibility of a healthy and fulfilling romantic connection – and that’s where the 100% belief comes in. 

This is what’s so powerful about the HeartWork we do with our clients and at our events and masterclasses. We’re able to support women in healing wounds they’ve carried around for years, wounds they’ve maybe already done years of therapy around – in a matter of a weekend.
It’s possible and once you heal you allow yourself to step into a future where love can blossom and thrive.

  • You’re still holding onto an ex, a situationship or a friend-with-benefits.

If you’re still holding onto an ex, you’re continuing to spend time in a “situationship” or wasting your precious time you could be getting to know someone with relationship potential with a “friends-with-benefits” you’re putting yourself on the waiting list for love. 

When you understand that holding onto what no longer serves you is what’s preventing you from fully opening your heart to new possibilities and experiences, you change the course of your future.

With courage and honesty you can navigate the path of letting go, untangling the emotional webs that may have ensnared you, and free yourself to embrace a future where love can flourish without the shadows of the past.

  • You don’t know how to attract a high quality man.

There are things that attract high quality men and there are things that repel them. 

 If you want to create the relationship of your dreams, you get to become – at an authentic level – the Irresistible Woman who will stand out to the High Quality Man you want. 

 You get to embrace what we call your “Irresistible Essence

It’s about recognizing and celebrating your unique qualities, radiating self-confidence, and cultivating a positive mindset. By embracing your authentic self and focusing on personal growth, you can create a magnetic aura that draws in the right man who appreciates and cherishes you

 If you’d like to learn more about how to attract the RIGHT man, click HERE to register for our upcoming “Attract the RIGHT Man Masterclass”!  

  • You emanate masculine energy and don’t know how to lean into your feminine.

The 5th thing that may be keeping you single is emanating more masculine energy than what a high quality man will be attracted to. 

 We all have some masculine energy in us. It’s the energy that makes you successful at work, driven, able to manage people and problem solve and grow your life and business. 

 However, it’s repellant to strong, masculine men who are looking for a feminine woman.  

 Embracing your feminine energy is not about conforming to societal expectations or stereotypes, but rather about discovering and honoring the beautiful aspects of your femininity. 

 To lean into your feminine, allow yourself to explore and embrace qualities such as nurturing, intuition, creativity, and receptivity. Cultivate self-care practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Engage in activities that foster your creativity and tap into your emotional depth. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage and celebrate your feminine essence.

 As you allow yourself the freedom to explore and express your feminine essence authentically, you’ll begin attracting the high quality men you’re looking for. 

 You don’t have to remain single. It’s not simply up to chance or the “right timing” when you’ll create the relationship of your dreams. 

 Most of the women who work with us, meet the man they’re going to marry within 3-9 months? 


 Because they learn how to believe in themselves and have 100% faith in love, they release the emotional baggage and past relationships that are keeping them stuck and learn how to attract a high quality man through their Irresistible Essence and magnetic femininity. 

 If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you to!


Your Guide to Creating Extraordinary Love in the Next 90 Days

Your Guide to Creating Extraordinary Love in the Next 90 Days

by Michelle Roza

As the radiant warmth of summer envelops us, it’s the perfect time to embark on a journey of extraordinary love and connection. 

Imagine the next 90 days filled with bliss-filled moments, heartfelt conversations, and the potential to create the relationship of your dreams with the man who’s a perfect match for you!  

If that’s what you want – make sure to claim your seat now for the Summer of Love 5-Day Challenge that kicks off next Monday! 

Most of the clients who work with us meet their forever love within 3-9 months of working with us! Every single week we hear of new women in our community that have transformed what was holding them back and created the love they’ve always dreamed of!

Here’s a few examples of what’s possible:

💗 There’s Mari, who after just 3 months of dating, met the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and 2 months later was in a committed relationship! 

💗 Candi, who met her now husband 3 months after beginning her work with us, dated him for another 3 months and soon after that was engaged and then married! 

💗 And Clarissa who met her husband Alex just one week after declaring her love vision, was in a committed relationship just weeks after beginning dating him, was engaged 3 months later and married 2 months after that! 

If it’s possible for them (and so many others!) it’s possible for you too! You really can meet the man you’re going to marry in the next 90 days!  

Keep reading for tips and insights on how to create love in the next 90 days this summer. 

 Get ready to open your heart to possibilities, embrace new experiences along the way and get into action so you can create extraordinary, life-long love.

Get Curious – What Patterns Are Sabotaging Your Success? 

Love is one of the most important things in life. 

The most successful people in the world will tell you how big of an impact their partner in love has influenced their success in every other area.

If you haven’t created the relationship you want yet – look at your results. Step back and think about the last 3 men you attracted/dated. 

What stands out? Do you see any patterns?  

There’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! Doing this exercise supports you to recognize what’s in the way so you can deal with what’s real and start getting different results. 

TIP: This is what we’ll be supporting you with next week during the Summer of Love Challenge! Register HERE. 

Believe You Can Have It – Mindset and Emotional Intelligence 

Do you want to be in a relationship where you’re seen, heard and understood? 

Learning how to manage your emotional state not only is key to successful dating, but also in creating a life-long love. 

I had to learn this the hard way.

I would say I wanted to be in a great relationship, but I was constantly criticizing myself, everyone around me and not showing up as a match for the woman I wanted to be.

And my results showed it. My drama and negativity was a literal magnet for men with unfinished business, addictions and unavailability and I spent 5 years wasting my time in dead-end relationships and heartbreak. 

It was so frustrating until I discovered the HeartWork that we now teach and everything changed. 

🌟 I was finally able to express when I was hurt without hurting other people.
🌟 I could be angry without attacking the person I was angry with. 
🌟 I was able to share what I wanted without being demanding.
🌟 And so much more was transformed inside me! 

Arnie says the #1 reason he was attracted to me is because he saw a lighthearted, free, sassy woman who was always looking for the good and possibilities in every situation. 

Still to this day he calls me his “Possibility Queen!” 

Don’t you want to be with someone who calls you their (insert your greatest strength) Queen?!   

Take Action to Get The Results You Want 

When your energy, patterns and mindset shift you’ll begin to experience abundant results in your love life. 

But you have to take action to make it possible! 

Join us next week for the Summer of Love Challenge where we’ll support you in creating your Extraordinary Love this summer! 

And if a little voice inside your head just said, “Yeah right, that can’t happen!” – that’s why you need to be there! 

That’s the voice that talks you out of everything you would do if you had the steps, knowledge, coaching and training to do it differently. 

And that’s what we’ll be giving you next week! 

Allow yourself to dream big. Don’t allow your fears and doubts to block what you can have.  

Remember, love begins within and radiates outward. By embodying love and believing you can have it, you become a magnet for profound connections and lasting relationships!

Embrace this summer as a transformative journey, and open your heart to the Extraordinary Love that awaits you.

Get ready to create a summer filled with love, connection, and unforgettable moments that will shape the rest of your life.