Why FAITH Matters in Your Love Life

Why FAITH Matters in Your Love Life

by Gladys Diaz

Today we’re celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the United States, and, aside from relishing having a day to spend with my family, I also wanted to take a few minutes to reflect and remember why this day is so important.

If I had to use just three words to describe Dr. King and his life, the words would be faith, love, and hope.  And, of course, all of these were enveloped in his dream.

As I was looking through some of his inspirational quotes, I came across this one:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

As soon as I read it, I immediately thought back to my family’s vacation to Hawaii in November, and the way I felt when I stood inside the volcano crater and looked up at the tiny staircase that was miles and miles away, at the top of the mountain (see the photo below, and you’ll see the staircase at the upper left-hand corner).  

I remember thinking, “How in the world will I ever make it up there, especially with my fear of heights and the pain in my knee?”

I didn’t know how I’d make it, but I did know one thing:

I was NOT going to allow my fear to stop me from getting to the top of that mountain and witnessing the view from up there!

So, I started climbing.  

And, yes, I was scared.  I got dizzy a few times.  My feet slipped on the rocks. And the pain in my knee became almost unbearable the higher we climbed.  

But I had faith that something beautiful, something I’d never seen or experienced before, was waiting for me at the top of that mountain and on the other side of my fear.  So I climbed!

And, when I got to the top of the mountain, it was so worth it!  I’d climbed my first mountain, the view was absolutely breathtaking, and I was experiencing it all with the three guys I love most in this world!

Honestly, it was MORE than worth it!

So, why am I telling you this?

I know that love and relationships can be scary. There is so much uncertainty because there aren’t any guarantees.  

You don’t know if it’s going to work out with the guy you are seeing.

You’re afraid of having your heart broken again.

It feels safer to stay where you are, even though it’s not where you want to be.

I get it.

However, staying where you are — whether you are single or in a relationship that is stagnant or not working — is the surefire way to NOT get to where you truly desire to be: The place where you feel loved and adored.  That amazing place where you know that you know that you are loved!

Maybe it’s been a long journey for you.

Maybe you feel like the pain is more than you can take.  

Or maybe you’re just tired of trying.

Whatever your “mountain” is, I promise you that if you will have your faith be stronger than your fear, if you are willing to focus on your desire more than your doubt, and if you are courageous enough to take that first step in the direction of your dreams, with the right guidance and support, you WILL get to the place where you are in the relationship your heart desires with the man who is absolutely right for you.

If you’re ready to take that first step and you want to know exactly how to do that, then it’s time for you to have a Love Breakthrough!  Simply use the link below to schedule time for us to talk and together we will take a look at what your personal love goals are, distinguish what has been stopping you from attracting that loving relationship to you, and what your best first step is for getting the happy, loving relationship your heart desires.

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Having the love you want isn’t about learning a bunch of generic tips, tricks or strategies. Your personal love goals are yours to achieve, and knowing the right steps for you to take is critical in order for you to have the love you want!  Take that first step of FAITH, and I’ll be waiting to help guide you to the other side!

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Love Yourself MORE Than You Love Him!

Love Yourself MORE Than You Love Him!

by Gladys Diaz

Is there a man in your life that you’ve been afraid to let go of – either because you won’t break up or leave him, or because you’re still holding onto the memory of him?

Do you know that the very act of not letting go is what is stopping you from welcoming the right man – the one who is ready to love you NOW – from coming into your life?

Don’t believe me?

Just ask my client, Osmara!

If you follow us on Facebook, you saw the picture I posted earlier this week of the 3 new engagement rings 3 of my clients are sporting!

3 Engagment Rings_Facebook

Yes! That’s right! In the past 2 months, 3 beautiful women who once thought that they would never find the right man for them got engaged to the love of their lives! And we couldn’t be happier for them!

You see that beauty on the left? That one belongs to Osmara!

Osmara and I have been friends for a while and I’ve seen her go through both happy and painful times in her love life. After knowing each other for a few years, she began working with me as a client, and I was able to help her through a very difficult relationship and break up.

Well, rather than me telling you her story, here’s the comment she left in the FB post about her journey to love:

We first started working together when I was single in 2012 and ready to find love. Soon after, I manifested a man who would be my boyfriend for a year and a half. In this relationship (and the subsequent ending) I would be broken open and impelled to connect with myself on the deepest of levels.

When we broke up I was still holding on because I thought he was “the one” and I was scared he was “as good as it got.”

Talk about Lack Mentality!

You held my hand during very dark, scary times… And I will never forget that.

I could write a whole blog post on this story and maybe one day I will…

I was so infatuated with this relationship that I didn’t even realize, I actually met my fiance and future husband (I love saying that!) when I was with my ex! He was at a seminar we attended and I would have never guessed he’d be my true ONE then.

So I picked up the pieces of my shattered illusions and licked my wounds and came to love me and stand strong as just me. Single, in my solitude, I learned to come home to myself.Osmara & Ash

Then last September, Ash, my fiance, unexpectedly came into my life. Our first conversation was only
meant to be 45 min and it went on for 
over 4 hours. That was the first of many conversations that went on for hours and hours.

I’ve never felt more at home than w him. It’s not an effort or work, it flows. That’s not to say we don’t have to work on our s**t or that we don’t bump heads because, oh, boy, yes we do!

But the work I did with you, Gladys, helped prep me to be able to accept this love that is everything I’ve been dreaming of. It helped me to see where I was holding on to the old because of fear. And I’m so glad I let go, because right as I did, in a matter of days, mi amor (my love) came right into my reality.

Eternally grateful, humbled, and inspired. xx

Isn’t that amazing?

The man of her dreams was standing right in front of her all along, but she couldn’t see him because she was too afraid to let go of a relationship that was causing her more pain and heartache than she ever needed to feel.

It was only when she had the courage to let go and love herself more than she loved him that she was able to come to the place where she was ready to love and be loved again!

Maybe you can relate to this story…

Maybe you are so afraid to let go of the man who is not right for you, isn’t committing to you, or is not loving you the way you want and deserve to be loved because you are so afraid of being alone.

Maybe you’re afraid that you won’t ever find someone you connect with or love as much as him.

Or maybe you’re afraid that there isn’t anyone out there who can love you the way you dream of being loved.

Whatever your reason for not letting go, you need to realize that, in holding onto him, those clenched hands aren’t able to open up and receive the love that’s already there for you!

I’m not saying it’s “easy” to do. But, with the right support and guidance, you can do the Heart Work release yourself from a painful relationship and open your heart to give and receive the love your heart most desires.

Remember: You can still love him and choose to love yourself enough to let him go.

How to Work Through “Deep-Tissue Issues” in Your Love Life

How to Work Through “Deep-Tissue Issues” in Your Love Life

by Gladys Diaz

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids, and I took the opportunity to pamper myself and get a deep-tissue Swedish massage, courtesy of my wonderful hubby!

As I was lying on the table, enjoying the soft meditation music, the candles, and looking forward to a nice, relaxing massage, all of a sudden, all I could feel was PAIN! And lots of it!

I actually found myself holding my breath a few times because of the pain I could feel under the masseuse’s expert hands!

At one point, I thought I would tell her to stop, and then I noticed something…

I began to notice how my muscles were responding to her touch.

I became aware of how, while I wasn’t stressed out or feeling pain when I first laid down on the table, there were parts of my body that were obviously story pain and stress, based on the “knots” she was finding and deeply massaging.

And, I noticed how she would dig really deep into a muscle, work there for a while, go somewhere else, and then come back to it and work on it some more.

That’s when I thought of you! (Yes, even while getting a massage, you are on my mind! Can’t help it!)

Here’s why:

I started thinking about how, sometimes, we have some “deep-tissue” pain stored in our memories, our hearts, and our bodies that are related to the past.

Maybe it has to do with a relationship that ended painfully.

Maybe you’re in a relationship right now, where you’re feeling some pain.

Or perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your life and you keep wondering, “I’ve prayed, meditated, read all these books, watched videos, attended courses, and worked with different coaches! When am I finally going to break through this?”

I get it! I’ve been there myself! And, here’s the deal:

Sometimes, you just need to go back and dig a little deeper to truly release the pain so that you can move forward with joy, peace, and the love you desire and deserve!

It’s during those times of release that you are able to put the past back in the past where it belongs so that you can move toward the present and future that are waiting for you!

Well, I was so inspired by all of the thoughts and insights I had during that massage, that, when I finished, I went to Facebook and shot a live video (Well, two, actually, because I lost connection during the first one, but I just had to share this with you!)


I know it can be tempting to feel like the “deep-tissue” inner work you’ve done isn’t working, but… what if…?

What if you’re just inches away from your next breakthrough?

What if you can dig a little deeper and finally have the happiness and love you want?

What would that make possible for you?

Check out the video and let me know what opens up for you!

Don’t forget to comment below!  We love hearing from you!


She Discovered the “Magic” to Finding Love! Will You?

She Discovered the “Magic” to Finding Love! Will You?

by Gladys Diaz


If you’re getting to the point in your love life where you are feeling like you want to give up on having the love you want, please take a moment to read this!

I just received the most wonderful email from Cecilia, one of the women in our Ready to Love Again Program and I just had to share it with you!

Like you, there were times that Cecilia  wondered when it would finally be her turn to find true love. After having her marriage of 13 years end, followed by a painful breakup to the man she thought was her “The One,” only to discover that he – like the men she had dated throughout her life – was emotionally unavailable, Cecilia heard that all-to-familiar, nagging voice in her head telling her that there must be something “wrong” with her.

Unwilling to give up on her dream of sharing her life with a loving, supportive, emotionally available man, she reached out to us for a “Ready to Love Again” Session and immediately decided to join our Ready to Love Again Program.

In the program she discovered how she had subconsciously been putting all of her focus on a man providing her with the love, protection, and security she was not creating for herself. In other words, she was looking outside of herself for a man to fill her own feelings of unworthiness. And, inside of the belief that she could not have the kind of love she really wanted, she continued to attract men that proved her right – men who would not love, cherish, and make her a priority in their lives.

Through the transformational work we do in the Ready to Love Again program, Cecila was able to break through and release her Love Barriers – her fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs about love. She was willing to do the inner work so that she could finally have the love that she always desired!

“I was putting all my focus on how that other person was going give me the love, protection and security that I was not giving or creating for myself. It didn’t matter how much I said I wanted True Love. I was keeping myself safe and unconsciously attracting those men that were not available. I was asking someone to bring something to me, that I was not giving myself, due to my own fears.

This program has been life-transforming! The most helpful skill I have learned in this process has been to Love My Self deeply, wholeheartedly and openly.  Both Michele and Gladys supported and encouraged with compassion, care, and lots of guidance and understanding. The reflective exercises all aided in my recognizing, tracking, and truly releasing patterns of Fears and Limiting Beliefs about Love and how they get in the way of having all that I want.”

And the willingness to do her inner work has paid off!

Now, Cecilia is dating an amazing man! 

“Since January, I have been dating a wonderful man who continues to inspire, surprise me, and whom I have laughed with the most in my life! The best part is knowing that I am fully myself with him and I’m having so much fun being Me! It’s been so amazing and a little bit like ‘magic’ to find how much we ‘get each other.’”

I wanted to share Cecilia’s story with you, because, if you are in that same space she was in – where you are beginning to wonder if there is something “wrong with you” that is having you continue repeating the same painful patterns with different men, relationship after relationship, and you’re ready to break those patterns and begin to love and be loved, then you need to know that the doors to the Ready to Love Again program are closing soon.

We only offer this program once a year and it has sold out every year, so we have no reason to think it won’t sell out again!

And we don’t want you to miss  out!

There’s simply no reason for you not to have the love you want.

Let’s figure out what’s standing in your way, get it out of the way, and have you begin attracting the man who is going to love, adore, and make you laugh for the rest of your life!

To learn more about how whether the Ready to Love Again Program is a good fit for you, click here.

You are no different than Cecilia!  You deserve the same kind of love and you can have it if you’re ready to do the inner work to move past your Love Barriers and into the arms of a man who is ready to love you for a lifetime!


We want YOU to be our next success story!
Click here to learn more about whether the Ready to Love Again Program is right for you!
I’m a little confused…

I’m a little confused…

by Gladys Diaz

I was looking at my calendar, and I I’m a little confused…

I’m confused because I didn’t see you on my calendar for your Love Breakthrough Session!

I shot a quick video for you about this that I invite you to watch. In it, I point out another possible Love Barrier that may be standing in your way of having the loving relationship you want!

Watch the video and then take your next steps!


I realize you may not be used to someone really standing for you.
Most people in life will give you agreement as to why you can’t have what you truly want.

I’m just not one of them!

Remember: The only thing standing between you and your dream relationship is the fear that you might not get it.  And the only reason you believe that is because you’ve been gathering evidence for that for so long.  It’s time to begin creating a different result!  Here’s how!

It’s time to take a step in the direction of your dreams!

Click here to schedule your Love Breakthrough Session now!

Breaking Through Fears: What Happened When I Walk on Fire!

Breaking Through Fears: What Happened When I Walk on Fire!

by Gladys Diaz


Last weekend was one of those weekends where you know that life will never be the same again!


You can see the burning coals behind us!

Michelle and I attended Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” event and, on the first evening we had the opportunity to face some of our biggest fears and walk on fire!

It was simultaneously one of the scariest and most exciting moments of my life! And, as it goes with these kinds of moments, some HUGE life lessons were learned, including one I’d like to share with you in the video I shot for you below.


Make sure to watch it. It’s really short and I have two important questions in invite you to ask yourself!

Can’t wait to hear your answers!  Send them to: gladys@heartsdesireintl.com

P.S. Taking the time to answer these two questions can be the first step to your breakthrough!  Make sure to send your answers!

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