by Gladys Diaz

Do you keep attracting what you know in your heart you don’t  want – but you can’t seem to break through and create something different?

Is there something that always seems to pull you towards what is less than what you want and you know it?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, let us ask you this…

Do you know your own worth?

So many times we hear from women some form of the following statements:

If I was worth everything I think I want then I wouldn’t be single

If I was worth anything, I wouldn’t be divorced.”

I must not be worth it, because no one has chosen me.”

Have you ever had a similar thought?

 We’re here to tell you today that your worthiness is not tied to any of that.

It’s not tied to your relationship status, how much money you have in the bank, how much you get paid, what others say about you – or anything else!

Self-worth can’t come from anything outside of you. Self-worth starts on the inside and is a decision you make.

You choose to believe it and be it!

The thing about having a worthiness conversation with yourself is that you’re probably not aware it’s the thing that’s holding you back in life and love.

And what’s more, is that if you don’t transform this – you will always be at the mercy of it.

If you don’t know, and we mean really know, that you’re worthy of peace, love, joy, success, abundance and so much more – nothing will ever be enough! 

Even if you have all the things in the world – an amazing relationship, a great career, all the money you could want – it won’t make a difference.

It will all sink out of the bottom of the cup if you don’t believe you deserve it. 

You get to break away from that.

You get to have everything you want (and more) because you know you are worthy of it!

But you have to know how to do it. You have to know how to undo the things that have happened in your past so you can shift what you believe.

And here’s something else. 

 Feeling unworthy isn’t the same as self-doubt.

We all doubt ourselves from time to time – that’s part of being human. The thing about self-doubt is you can have that feeling for a moment, but then you can motivate yourself to do the thing anyways. 

You can wonder if you’ll be good enough for the job, but you can motivate yourself to go to the interview anyways. 

 You can feel unsure about posting your dating profile online, but you can motivate yourself to do it anyway and see what happens.

When it comes to feeling unworthy – you can’t motivate yourself to be different.

You must do the HeartWork to transform your beliefs so you can attract and keep everything you want and deserve!

When you transform this you’ll no longer:

  • tolerate disrespect
  • settle for scraps when you know you could have the entire 5-course meal
  • stay in a relationship that’s not everything you want 
  • be blocked from all that you’re meant to be and have


When you know you’re worthy, just because you are, then you’ll attract and keep everything you want and deserve! You will bring men to you that will see your worth because you see it too.

And no one can take that away. 

 Join us for the Unleash Retreat coming up in just a couple of weeks, June 3rd-5th.

This retreat weekend is a very unique and experiential event, unlike anything else we do.

At the Unleash Retreat you’ll do activities that will have you break open your mind and heart to transform the things that are holding you back.

You will become UNLEASHED so you can stop wishing and reacting and start declaring and creating in your life.

You’ll find your voice and you’ll start using it.

You’ll distinguish the self-sabotaging patterns that you’ve created and break through them so you can become truly free! 

You’ll step out of the shadows once and for all because you’ll know your worth.

You’ll become unleashed!

Grab your ticket for the Unleash Retreat

You deserve this!

We can’t wait to see you there!




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