by Gladys Diaz 

Are you feeling frustrated about your dating profile? 

Do you feel like you’re continually disappointed by the kind (or even lack thereof) of responses online?  

Do you ever feel yourself hesitate when going to open up (insert the online profile of your choice) because you’re afraid of what you’ll find? 

What if you could have a profile that’s brimming with opportunity that you can’t wait to open to see what you’ll find!

The truth is that the majority of people today are finding their partner online. 

So why not create a profile that will make it possible for you too!

The more telling your profile is about the kind of woman you are, the higher chance you have of attracting the relationship and experience of your dreams. 

So what should your profile focus on?

You, of course! Specifically, who you are and the relationship you want to have in a relationship. 

We’ve put together a “Do’s and Don’ts” list for creating an online dating profile that we know will have you attract the type of experience you’re wanting. These recommendations work across the board for all online dating sites. 

When it comes to your online dating profile DO: 

  • Begin with 3 words that describe who you are. 
    • How would your closest friends describe you?
    • What would they say being in a relationship with you is like? 
      • Example: “I’m a happy, intelligent, fun woman! (At least that’s what I’ve been told by my friends. 😉)
  • Create an experience with your profile without trying too hard.
    • Use emojis and playful language to show your personality. 
    • Be authentic.
  • Share some specific things you like to do.
    • If you like to travel, share places you’d like to visit with your future partner. 
    • If you have an adventurous spirit, share some past and future experiences you’ve had and would like to create.
    • If you like to read, share some books that are your favorite. 
  • Express what you would like to experience in a relationship. 
    • In my future marriage, I want to create joy, generosity and love every day of our lives.
    • If you’re looking for marriage – say it! Be bold and be clear about what you want.

When it comes to your online dating profile DON’T: 

  • Only focus on what you like to do
    • This may put off the energy that you don’t know who you are or what you want.
  • Be sarcastic or condescending about men
    • This type of language is like a man repeller! 
  • List specific things you want in a man
    • Example: “I’m looking for a man who’s tall, likes to cook and doesn’t have kids.
  • Tell a man what to do
    • Telling him when you’d like him to text, call or ask you on a date, etc. 

Some of these may sound silly, but we promise you, we’ve seen it all! And with all the work we’ve done with women we simply know that the do’s work and the don’ts well, don’t.

Now when it comes to pictures…


  • Wear Sunglasses
  • Have other people in the picture (even if they’re mostly cut out)
  • Include photos from 5 years ago
  • Show a lot of skin


  • Share pictures of who you are NOW 
    • Be courageous and confident and that energy will come pouring through 
  • Have your first picture be one of you facing forward
  • Smile with teeth showing
    • Smiling says, “I’m happy with my life and I’m available to date!” 
  • Wear red lipstick or a red blouse (studies have shown that men are extremely attracted to red)
  • Share pictures of you doing things you enjoy (ex: kayaking, hiking, yoga)
  • If other things are in the picture (ex: a place that you visited or you and your dog) make sure you’re the focus and what shines through in the photo
  • Look confident and comfortable.

The most important thing is to date in a way that has the experience be fun and exciting for you. The more you’re connected to who you are and what you want and are living your life accordingly, the more you’ll attract men that align! 

Well, there you have it! Everything you need to know to create a rocking online dating profile!
Later this year we’ll be doing our Online Dating Profile Workshop where we go even deeper and give personal feedback on your site and how to update it, but for now… 

Now go and take action! Don’t just read this or save it to your computer for later reference… go update your dating profile now!

Be in action creating what you want to have in your life and it will come to you!



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