by Gladys Diaz

You’ve probably heard about the tragedy that took place in Orlando this past weekend.  

I have to share that the moment I heard the news, I broke down and cried.  Not because I knew anyone who was hurt or killed.  That didn’t matter. I cried because it was clear that a certain group of people were targeted and that fear and hate were at the center of the shootings. 

For those of us living in the United States, we’re painfully aware of the recent mass shootings that have been taking place around the country. Almost every single one of them is sparked by anger, hatred of one group or another, and an unwillingness to accept people for who they are.

I’m not going to preach or go into political matters.  

Right now, I’m speaking from one heart that is breaking to another.

More than anything, my mission in life — the whole reason why Michelle and I have made Heart’s Desire our life’s work and purpose — is to bring transformation to this world through LOVE.  

Where there is love, there is peace.  Where there is peace, people are free.  And where there is freedom, there is hope and anything becomes possible!

Yes, we focus primarily on transformation through empowering women to create the relationships of their dreams.  So what does that have to do with these tragic events?  

Because, when there are women who are happy and fulfilled in and of themselves, they are able to attract and nurture happy, loving, and fulfilling relationships.  

From these relationships, many times, happy families are created and unhappy ones are healed and restored.

Where there are happy families and relationships, that love and happiness spreads to their communities.

When communities come together, states and nations are bound by love, peace, and partnership.

And when nations come together in love, peace, and partnership, this world becomes one in which we are all living to our highest potential, where the desire to come together outweighs the need to be right, and where the highest priority becomes augmenting, magnifying, and spreading that love, peace, and hope so that no one is left out or left behind!

So, for us, this vision of what the world can be begins with one woman… one heart… and one relationship at a time.

During this difficult time, my prayer and heart-felt request is that each of us does all everything we can to bring love to this world.  

Let us do what we can to conquer the hate, anger, and fear that is out there with the power we were born with: The power to love!

I’d like to leave you with the message we posted yesterday on our Facebook page:

Post_after Orlando shooting_MLK quote

 May peace be the air you breathe in, and may love be the air you exhale and share with the world.



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