by Gladys Diaz 

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Things are going really well in a relationship – you’re having fun and things are feeling easy and flowy… 

… but somewhere in the back of your mind there’s a little voice that’s saying, “Is this too good to be true?” 

If that ever happens to you – listen up. 

You have a fear or a limiting belief that when things are good, eventually they’re going to fall apart or go wrong. 

Sound familiar? 

We see this all the time with our clients  – and we’ve experienced it many times ourselves! 

You’re just about have your breakthrough – and you’ll self-sabotage. 

Or things are going better than ever, in your job, your relationship, financially – and then you start to doubt yourself and it all falls apart.

Here’s the thing… 

 If you find yourself in what we like to call “the swirl”, you know that feeling of uncertainty, confusion or like you don’t know what to do, there’s one thing that’s happening under all of it. 

 You’re having a worthiness conversation. 

 You’re wondering…

“Can I really have this?”

“Can I trust myself to be able to create this?”

“Can I actually handle all of this goodness?!”

 That’s all it is! 

 So how do you pull yourself out of “the swirl”?

 Ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. What am I afraid of? 
  2. What scares me about that? 
  3. What scares me most about that
  4. Make a choice

 You see, our brains sometimes think they’re keeping us “safe” by keeping us in the swirl. By keeping you stuck in a place that feels familiar, you save yourself from the unknown. 

However, you also keep yourself from having and experiencing all that’s meant for you on the other side of those fears and limiting beliefs! 

Staying stuck in fear is a choice. 

Making a step in faith is also a choice. 

And they take about the same amount of energy, either way!  

The important thing to remember is that staying stuck leads to feeling disempowered, and taking a step in faith leads you to feeling empowered

 You get to choose. 

 Every single moment of every single day is an opportunity to have a breakthrough and transform an area of your life. 

 That’s why we’re so excited to be offering you our final challenge of 2021!! 

 Join us for the BE-YOU-tifully YOU Challenge, starting next Monday, November 29th! 

 The love you deserve is waiting for YOU!

Over seven days, we’ll share with you the same steps that we’ve used to help hundreds of women across the globe attract and create Extraordinary Love using the same skills we used to create the deeply loving, lasting marriages we’ve always wanted with our husbands!

In just seven days, your love life can be transformed into the happy, fulfilling experience your heart desires!

Join us for the BE–YOU-tifully YOU 7-Day Challenge!​

When you step out of your comfort zone and decide to trust yourself, you become empowered.

When you see yourself for the incredible, successful, lovable woman that you are – you know that you can handle all of the goodness! 

And that’s what we want for you. 

I’m ready for all of the goodness! 

See you soon! 

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