by Michelle Roza

Do you ever wonder why you’re still single? 

We know you’ve probably been dating for a while now and you may be wondering when your status is ever going to change. 

You may even sometimes wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you’re not in the relationship you want to be in yet. 

The reason you’re not in the relationship of your dreams isn’t because there’s something wrong with you, you’re too old or that that’s no men good enough. 

There are some things that may be keeping you single though (and some of them might surprise you!) 

Not believing it will happen, carrying around emotional baggage and not knowing how to attract the right man for you will keep you single forever unless you learn how to turn all that around. 

Keep reading for the Top 5 Reasons you’re still single and how to create the extraordinary relationship of your dreams! 

  • You don’t believe love can and will happen for you.

If you don’t believe, and I mean, REALLY believe that love will happen for you, it won’t. 

It’s that simple. You must have full, 100% faith in yourself, in something bigger than you and in the truth that the man you want exists. 

How do you know that you really believe? 

Because when disappointment or rejection comes along, you don’t spiral. You recognize that those things are merely fleeting experiences and not a reflection of your worthiness or the potential for love in your life. 

You choose to remain open to the possibility of love, believing that love will manifest itself in a beautiful and unexpected way. You focus on nurturing self-love, personal growth, and creating a life that’s fulfilling and meaningful, believing that as you put forth the effort to continue to date and seek to create the relationship you dream of, that it is already on its way to you.

  • You’re carrying around emotional wounds you haven’t healed from.

If you have emotional wounds you haven’t healed and found freedom from, they’re holding you captive and keeping you from creating true love. 

Whether these wounds were born from childhood, past experiences or other relationships they create barriers and apprehensions when it comes to love. 

How do you know you’re still carrying something around? 

You talk about it. 

When it comes to your mind you push it away.

You feel like you need to “overcome” your past.”

You don’t need to “overcome” anything. You simply need to heal so you can stop carrying the pain around with you.

When you take the time to address and heal these emotional wounds, only then can you truly open yourself to the possibility of a healthy and fulfilling romantic connection – and that’s where the 100% belief comes in. 

This is what’s so powerful about the HeartWork we do with our clients and at our events and masterclasses. We’re able to support women in healing wounds they’ve carried around for years, wounds they’ve maybe already done years of therapy around – in a matter of a weekend.
It’s possible and once you heal you allow yourself to step into a future where love can blossom and thrive.

  • You’re still holding onto an ex, a situationship or a friend-with-benefits.

If you’re still holding onto an ex, you’re continuing to spend time in a “situationship” or wasting your precious time you could be getting to know someone with relationship potential with a “friends-with-benefits” you’re putting yourself on the waiting list for love. 

When you understand that holding onto what no longer serves you is what’s preventing you from fully opening your heart to new possibilities and experiences, you change the course of your future.

With courage and honesty you can navigate the path of letting go, untangling the emotional webs that may have ensnared you, and free yourself to embrace a future where love can flourish without the shadows of the past.

  • You don’t know how to attract a high quality man.

There are things that attract high quality men and there are things that repel them. 

 If you want to create the relationship of your dreams, you get to become – at an authentic level – the Irresistible Woman who will stand out to the High Quality Man you want. 

 You get to embrace what we call your “Irresistible Essence

It’s about recognizing and celebrating your unique qualities, radiating self-confidence, and cultivating a positive mindset. By embracing your authentic self and focusing on personal growth, you can create a magnetic aura that draws in the right man who appreciates and cherishes you

 If you’d like to learn more about how to attract the RIGHT man, click HERE to register for our upcoming “Attract the RIGHT Man Masterclass”!  

  • You emanate masculine energy and don’t know how to lean into your feminine.

The 5th thing that may be keeping you single is emanating more masculine energy than what a high quality man will be attracted to. 

 We all have some masculine energy in us. It’s the energy that makes you successful at work, driven, able to manage people and problem solve and grow your life and business. 

 However, it’s repellant to strong, masculine men who are looking for a feminine woman.  

 Embracing your feminine energy is not about conforming to societal expectations or stereotypes, but rather about discovering and honoring the beautiful aspects of your femininity. 

 To lean into your feminine, allow yourself to explore and embrace qualities such as nurturing, intuition, creativity, and receptivity. Cultivate self-care practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Engage in activities that foster your creativity and tap into your emotional depth. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage and celebrate your feminine essence.

 As you allow yourself the freedom to explore and express your feminine essence authentically, you’ll begin attracting the high quality men you’re looking for. 

 You don’t have to remain single. It’s not simply up to chance or the “right timing” when you’ll create the relationship of your dreams. 

 Most of the women who work with us, meet the man they’re going to marry within 3-9 months? 


 Because they learn how to believe in themselves and have 100% faith in love, they release the emotional baggage and past relationships that are keeping them stuck and learn how to attract a high quality man through their Irresistible Essence and magnetic femininity. 

 If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you to!




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