by Gladys Diaz


This weekend was one of those non-stop, every-minute-planned, busy-but-”good busy” weekends!

Usually, I hate this kind of weekend, because I love just being able to relax with my family. However, this weekend it was all about fueling my family’s dreams, and that’s what made it exciting, instead of exhausting!

It all started on Thursday morning where I rushed to get my older son tickets to go see a mechanical engineer that works with NASA and then rushed him over there in the evening so that he could watch the 2-hour lecture.  

Here’s the thing.  My idea of a fun evening is NOT listening to and watching descriptions of all of the rocks they are finding on Mars! However, my son’s dream is to be a mechanical engineer and one of the astronauts who will actually get to step on Mars, so, every time I looked over and saw the wide-eyed look of wonder on my son’s face, and I just knew he was envisioning himself standing there, I had to smile, and that made it worth it!  (And, I’ll admit, the rovers are pretty cool, too!)

Then, on Saturday morning, we rushed him over to a magnet high school that specializes in Pre-Engineering coursework so that his four years of high school are focused on what he really dreams of and wants to do.  

Here’s the thing: This school is over 30 minutes away from our home and we’ll have to wake up at 5:30am to get him there on time, and there is a perfectly good school  only 10 minutes away from our house!  However, it doesn’t specialize in engineering.  So, while it’s not convenient, we’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) for the next four years to make sure he gets a head start on making his dream come true.

After that, we rushed him to his campout (he also dreams of being an Eagle Scout) and then it was time to fuel our little one’s dream of being a race car driver!

Here’s the thing: I don’t like racing. It’s not my “thing.” But he dreams of driving race cars for NASCAR, and there was an exhibition race in town (the first-ever of it’s kind in the U.S.), so we surprised him as one of his early birthday presents.  

Was it worth it? Well, you tell me.

When your little one looks at you, all wide-eyed and emotional and says, “Best. Birthday. Ever!” and then hugs you as he says, “Thank you, Mommy.” What do you think? 

(I think “Yes! Soooo worth it!”)

And then Sunday was all about fueling my dreams!  

Michelle and I are rebranding Heart’s Desire International, and we wanted pictures that are aligned with our message, our mission, and our vision for women around the world having both the life and the love their hearts truly desire!


We had the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer who is a colleague of mine, and we got to have our hair and makeup done, wear beautiful clothes our stylist helped us pick out, and take amazing photos in Downtown Miami!

(These pics are just selfies taken by us. Professional photos to come soon!)

It was a long day!  Lots of changing, walking, driving, changing again, and smiling until our cheeks hurt, but again, so worth it!

My favorite parts were spending time with my twin (always fun!), especially when we were just being our silly selves, and when our husbands and my sons joined us for photos, since they are such a huge part of our mission!

And the entire time we were taking our pictures, YOU were on our minds!


Because one of the best parts of our business is that our dreams can only come true when we help you make your dreams come true! 

Look, I know that “making dreams come true” can sound a bit “woo-woo” or cliche, but that really is what we are all about: Helping you take the steps you need to take so that you can have both the life and love your heart desires. 

It’s what we’ve dedicated our lives to doing!

So, for just a minute, I want you to think about your relationship dreams.

What is it that you truly want to experience in the relationship of your dreams?

When you look at the thoughts you have about that dream and the actions you are taking every day, are your thoughts and actions fueling your dreams, or your doubts?

Are you spending more time thinking about and really taking the action steps that will lead you to having the kind of relationship you say you want, or are you giving fuel to the fears and doubts that have you thinking that that vision is possible for others, but not you?

And do you have the skills that you need to distinguish, dismantle, and replace those fears and doubts so that you can consistently take inspired action that is directly aligned with making your dreams come true?

If so, then you know you are because you’re already living in a happy, loving relationship that fuels your dreams every day.

If not, then it’s simply time to begin fueling your dreams by getting clear around what it is you truly want and what thoughts and actions you need to stop and start so that you can manifest the kind of relationship you desire or deserve.

Because, here’s the thing: Every thought you have and every action you take is giving you the results you have now.

So, if you’ve been fueling your dreams, congratulations!  We’re so happy for you and love hearing success stories, so please comment below and share them with us!

And, if you’re not (YET), then let’s talk, because there is no better time to begin fueling your dreams then right now, and we’d love nothing more than to help you do just that!

You deserve to have the love of your dreams, Beautiful!  

Don’t doubt that for a single second!




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