by Gladys Diaz & Michelle Roza

If you’ve ever had a great glass of wine – you know… the kind that you just have to close your eyes and savor as you sip it – then you know what an amazing experience it can be!

And, if you know anything about wine, you know that great wine doesn’t “just happen.” An amazing glass of wine begins with selecting premium grapes and a very intricate process of aging the wine that results in a succulent, savory experience that you hope won’t end with just one glass!

In today’s video, Michelle comes to you from a vineyard in wine country as she celebrates 10 years of LOVE with her honey, Arnie, and she shares the top 3 ingredients for extraordinary love!

So… Grab a glass of your favorite wine or beverage, sip away, and let’s raise our glasses to creating the kind of love that lasts forever!



Please join me in congratulating Michelle and Arnie on celebrating their 10 years of extraordinary love by going to our Facebook page, so that we can surprise her with the happy wishes! 🙂

Cheers! Enjoy the video!


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