by Gladys Diaz 

Are you ready to end your dysfunctional dating patterns?  

You know… those patterns that keep repeating themselves, causing heartache relationship after relationship?

Are you ready to stop tolerating less than the results you want from the relationships you keep attracting? 

Are you ready to feel free, have fun in dating, and create real love?

Are you ready to be in a relationship with someone you feel completely connected to and who’s 100% in love and committed to you? 

If you aren’t experiencing the results you want in your dating life, chances are you have some dysfunctional patterns that you NEED to shift before you can create the relationship of your dreams. 

Not sure if you have a dysfunctional dating pattern?

Here’s a hint: If something happens 3 or more times, it’s a pattern!

Here’s another hint: Dysfunctional patterns always have a fear and a commitment behind them. They always show up because of a need that’s not being met.

Can you relate to continually attracting…

  • relationships that start strong and then the man ends it for another woman?
  • men who aren’t available?
  • men who say they’ll do something, then don’t?
  • attracting long-distance relationships that don’t go anywhere or end up being scams?
  • attracting men who aren’t trustworthy? 

These are just a few. 

What are your patterns?

So, how do you end the dysfunctional cycle these patterns create? 

  1. Identify the fear feeding the pattern. 

What is the fear that’s beneath your pattern? 

What’s the limiting belief underneath the fear?

The fear you have fuels the limiting belief, which then creates the pattern. 

The result you get confirms the fear and belief and continues the pattern.  

It’s a vicious cycle!!

2. Get to the source of where the fear started for you. 

What experience or situation  first created this experience? 

What are you getting out of continuing this pattern? 

How does it strengthen your fears and limiting beliefs?

Once you have uncovered the fear and the source of the fear, then you can break through the pattern so that you no longer carry the energy that keeps attracting it to you. 

When you’ve transformed these fears and limiting beliefs, then you get that you can be 100% in love with YOU, and you come into your irresistible essence! 

You have a deep feeling of worthiness, you know that you are loveable, you’re alluring, authentic, and so much more!

The fact is, low-quality men will not be attracted to you when you’re in your high-vibe Irresistible Essence. 

They simply won’t. 

When you master the process of healing and disappearing the fears and limiting beliefs you have, then, and only then, can you actually transform your experience and create the results you want. 

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Imagine how amazing THAT will be!

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