by Gladys Diaz


Today is the first day of school for my kids and I’m really missing them!  The house seems so quiet, and I find myself counting down the hours to when I can go pick them up!

As much as I would have liked summer to have lasted a little longer, I’m also excited for them! They have no idea how many new and exciting lessons they are going to learn, all of the amazing things they are not even aware that they don’t know!  It’s like a whole new world is waiting just to be discovered!

I’m also excited for the ladies who are just getting started our Ready to Love Again program!  They, too, are beginning a new journey filled with thrilling lessons, awesome discoveries, and breakthroughs too big for them to even imagine!

Already, we are hearing wonderful feedback from what is opening up for them after just one call!

Here are some of the comments we’ve received!


“I actually feel different, just from one call…That can’t be?!?

I feel somehow empowered.  Yes, I am still chicken on many things, but today I’m somehow standing taller, like a have a back up team or something… My love twins!”

~ Dalia



“The other day I had an a-ha moment after a meditation that was life changing! Out of nowhere I recognized that the past 15 years was what it took of me to grow, evolve and accept myself without shame or judgments and have the courage to step up to the Love Twins and say, “Help me break my patterns that have kept me prisoner to my own denial.”

I thanked the 17 years, to be exact, as if they were a friend, and, in that moment, I felt like years just lifted off my shoulders. I no longer feel it’s too late for me to find my partner!

Thanks to your advice, Gladys, the other day I was open, friendly and smiled with a man in the grocery store. He said, “I hope to see you then soon now that you maybe shopping here again.”

I felt like it was a dress rehearsal or practice for opening up to love.  I won’t tell myself that I am too old to find a loving relationship anymore!
Thanks, Love Twins and sisters on this journey!”

~ Y.E.


Another participant who was struggling with attracting men into her life that were either (1) unavailable, or (2) she was not interested in has already met a guy who is (1) available and (2) as interested in her as she is in him!


While these results are fast, they are not entirely surprising to us, because we know the difference it makes to work with coaches in a program that is completely centered around YOU attracting the love and happiness your heart desires!

So, if you’re ready to take your heart back to school and learn the skills that lead to you creating the love that you want, take a moment right now to schedule a call to speak with one of us!

We are only keeping registration open for another week or two, or until the  last of the remaining 5 seats are taken – whichever comes first!


Our next call is this week, so make sure you schedule time to talk NOW so that you can join us!

The last thing you want is for another year (or 2, or 17) to go by with you wondering why it is that you haven’t been able to attract the love you desire and deserve. 

No one can do this work for you – it’s entirely up to you – but we are here to do the work with you and give you the support  that you need to break free from your love barriers and break through to the love and happiness that are waiting for you on the other side!

Click here now to schedule time to talk and see if this program is right for you!

No matter what you’ve been through, there is nothing standing in the way of you having the loving relationship you want except the stuff you’re holding onto from your past. Release the past and open your heart to new and extraordinary love!

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