Are You Ready to be Irresistible?

Are You Ready to be Irresistible?

by Gladys Diaz 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since the Irresistible Woman LIVE event began, and we’re still feeling the high!

Were you there with us? 

If you were, are you still feeling it?
What were your biggest takeaways? 

If you weren’t, please whitelist our email address so that you’ll know when to join us next time (Yes! There’s something new on the horizon, and you want to make sure you find out about it!!) 

Here’s what ladies are saying about the event:

“So so much, so many nuggets and so much valuable information. I got freed up and my backpack of boulders came off!”

“The energy was so powerful!”

“The mirror exercise was transforming.” 

“I’m still on a high from the fantabulous event!”

“My whole life was hard from everything, and now it doesn’t have to be that way. My whole life can be easy!! These things were huge for me, and will change my life forever.”

We seriously had such a blast with the incredible, successful, powerful women who showed up to be with us live!

We had women there from all over the world! Women from Jamaica and Israel and Australia, just to name a few, showed up to uplevel the experience they’re having in their love life so that it can match the success they have in the rest of their lives.

So many women have fears around being alone, fears about commitment, feel like they’re not able to trust. 

Other women feel like they aren’t able to communicate well with their partners, that all discussions end up as arguments or that they simply want to feel more excited about their long-term relationship. 

Can you relate? 

We dove deep into these topics, and so many more! 

Women really got to see that there’s a gap between the woman they want to be and the experience they want to have in a loving relationship and the woman they’re currently showing up as in relationships.  And that knowledge is power

The ladies who attended the event really got that they can have everything they desire!

We supported women in seeing the power of context and how, as they move their Love Barriers out of the way, they can clearly see the Irresistible Woman that’s already inside of them!

Women said:

“I became aware that I was focusing on what I didn’t want, instead of the experience I do want.”

“…all of your uplifting words – setting boundaries, being worthy and being strong enough to know I’m not going to settle for a toxic relationship and how to be graceful about it. To know I am a gift.” 

“I feel more confident and like I have hope again!”

Oh, how we want that for every single woman, including you, NAME.

This was such an incredible event and such an honor to stand with the women who attended. 

We pulled it off despite the challenges, and that’s what happens when you stay committed to your vision, you have the skills to work through the challenging times, and that gives you the confidence to know that you CAN create everything that you desire. 

We have another invitation for you. 

Whether you were with us at the event or not, we want to open up our Coaching Corner to you. This is your opportunity to ask for what you want, to show up for yourself and take a step towards hope and confidence. Have the courage to schedule an appointment with a coach and then show up powerfully to let them guide you.  

Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

If you don’t take the first step now, then no one can take the next step with you. You are strong and confident and courageous and irresistible!  

Let’s make your dreams come true together!

It’s EASY for You to Have the Love of Your Dreams!

It’s EASY for You to Have the Love of Your Dreams!

by Gladys Diaz

 We’re living in a very uncertain world right now, and because of that dating has changed and may look completely different to you.

Have you felt that?

When we’re faced with a lot of uncertainty, it’s common for fear to come up, for us to pull back, to reevaluate our circumstances, and to try to control everything around us. 

This is a normal human response, and is why dating (and many other things in your life) may have felt (and continue to feel) so strange right now.

If you’re feeling hopeless about dating, or anything else in your life, we want you to know that you don’t have to feel that way. You can rise up and create exactly the life you want to create. 

This week on our LoveChat with the Love Twins, we had a conversation with one of our past clients, Denise, who went from hopeless to “I do.” Her story is so powerful we wanted to share it with you!

Denise came to us a couple of years ago when her life was feeling like a struggle!

She was a single mom, working long hours as a hair stylist, and coming home to a house that she’d been sharing with a man who had broken up with her over a year prior! Not the ideal situation, right?!

A year and a half prior to that, she’d been happily dating this man, thought he was the one, and bought a house with him. After just a few short months of living together, he broke up with her completely out the blue and she was devastated

She felt like she’d lost herself, because she’d given herself and her values away. She was in a really dark place and didn’t know who she was anymore.  

After reading an email from us, she responded and poured her heart out to us. We remember those emails so well! 

After a conversation where we listened to her, supported her, and then stood for her to see past her limiting beliefs, she decided to invest in herself and hire us to coach her. 

But here’s the thing she pointed out and that we want to highlight. 

At first she was mad. She didn’t like that we’d pointed out her limiting belief.

We didn’t make her wrong for it, but we helped her to see what she couldn’t see. As she shared this on Tuesday, we both got emotional because the truth is, and what she came to see later was, that we believed in her more than she did.

We stood for her so that she could have the life she wanted. 

And, here’s what happened… 

The very next day after investing in a program she didn’t think she could afford, the house that had been on the market for over a year SOLD! 

The very next day!

A couple of months later, she found her dream home, in the same neighborhood she’d lived in before, and was able to send her daughter to the school she’d dreamed of.

She asked for a raise at work, started working less hours, and just a couple of months later,  she met Dustin, her now-husband! 

All of this happened within just a few months of joining our program! 

Why did these things happen for her? 

Because Denise dismantled the limiting belief that kept her from truly believing that she could have the love and the life she’d always dreamed of.

She got clear on what she wanted, and had become open to receiving it.

She had come to know deeply that she deserved and could create anything that she wanted. 

And then she did! 

When she was reflecting on this she said, “I didn’t realize it was that easy!” 

The beautiful thing is that it is

She got clear on what she wanted and then took committed action to create it. 

It is that easy. 

Denise said, “It may seem counterintuitive to invest in yourself first, but when you do, the ROI is so much bigger!” 

She is living proof that taking a risk on yourself and seeing that you’re worth it matters.

Not only did she create all of that in just the few short months after she started working with us, but every year since, she has grown, her love has grown, and her bank account has, too! 

So what do you want? 

Are you going to stop wasting time and claim what you deserve?

Are you going to choose you

If you’re ready to get clear about what you want and learn the steps to easily create the life and relationship of your dreams, then join us for The Irresistible Woman Live! This 3-day, immersive, , and transformational live virtual event is perfect for the smart, successful woman who wants to stop wasting her time, struggling in love and relationships, and wants to create the love and happiness she’s always wanted  in the relationship of her dreams! 

And to help make it even easier for you to say “YES!” to yourself and your relationship dreams, we’re doing something special (and a little crazy!)!

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It really can be that easy! 

We want nothing more than for you to have everything you desire, because, when your dreams come true, ours do too! 

So, what do you say? Are you in?

Grab your special Birthday ticket Now!

Are You Holding On To Someone Who’s Long Gone? How to Let Go.

Are You Holding On To Someone Who’s Long Gone? How to Let Go.

 by Michelle Roza 

Are you holding on to the energy of a past relationship? 

Maybe it’s a story of unrequited love.

Maybe you’re angry that it didn’t work out, or confused because you were so sure that it was right. 

Maybe what’s underneath the anger is the unrelenting sadness that you’re alone and you’re afraid that will never change.  

Whatever the reason you’re afraid to let go, it’s the reason why you aren’t calling in the love that you want and desire. 

The fact of the matter is this– 

You can’t cheat energy. 

You can’t say one thing when you’re really feeling something else and expect to attract what you want. 

In other words: You can’t say you desire a loving, connected, committed relationship while at the same time continuing to spend time agonizing over a past lover and expect to call in the man and relationship of your dreams.

Your energy flows where your attention goes, so you’ve got to get your energy clear first. 

You may be thinking, What’s the big deal? We’re just friends.

Well, think about this…

If you’re looking for and meet an honest, respectable, monogamous man who’s interested in a long-term committed relationship, but you’re still tied up emotionally with someone else, he’ll be able to feel it. 

Men are incredibly perceptive to energy, and he will feel that you aren’t 100% available. If he’s a good man, he’ll leave. 

Think about it. You’ve probably had that experience, too. 

You were interested in a guy, but for some reason you couldn’t quite understand, you felt like there was someone or something else vying for his attention. 

It just doesn’t work. (Energy is everything!)

When you’re leaving placeholders in your life, the energy doesn’t lie.

So how do you learn to let go — for real? 

I remember back when I was on a break from dating my husband Arnie. I was so sure that he was the man for me, but he didn’t quite feel the same way. For a while after we broke up, I was still holding on. I was so confused as to how I could feel this sure about someone and he not feel the same way. 

I started dating other men, but when one of them straight up said to me he could feel that I wasn’t over Arnie, I knew something had to shift. 

I became aware of how I was ruminating on why it didn’t work out. I was stuck in what “should have been,” and wasn’t accepting what was. 

I realized that in order for me to create what I really wanted – to not just love someone, but be “in love” with someone that loved me dearly in return – I needed to let go. 

I realized that I could still feel love and send love to one person while being present with someone else.

Just like I love both of my sisters, both of my children, and many, many friends,  I could continue to love Arnie, while at the same time releasing the attachment to him and give my love to someone else. 

So what about you

Are you leaving the door open for someone that keeps coming back but you know it’s never going to last? 

Are you so afraid of the feeling of being alone that you have yourself convinced that you’re in a relationship that doesn’t – and maybe never did – exist? 

Are you well past the mourning period of a relationship (because that part of a relationship ending is necessary) but you’re keeping yourself stuck because you’re not accepting that it’s over?

If any of this sounds familiar, we’ve got you!

These patterns are so deeply tied to your confidence, self-worth and what you think you can have and deserve, which is why it’s such an important thing to address within yourself! 

Plus, this is usually happening on such a subconscious level that it requires learning how to become aware of it so you can learn how to shift it.

And that’s where we come in.

If you’d like to talk about how we can support you to get underneath the pattern of staying stuck and attached to something or someone  that is no longer serving you, please book a call with us.

It wasn’t until my coach at the time pointed out to me how I was staying stuck and what was actually possible for me that things changed and I created the life and love that I have today! 

If we could do everything on our own, we would have done it already, right?

 Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

We know it’s possible for you too!

From Fear to Faith… are you in?

From Fear to Faith… are you in?

by Gladys Diaz 

How are you doing, love?

We are right there with you in saying that this has been a week to remember. What’s going on in the world is definitely a major interruption in our lives. 

In this moment of uncertainty, how do you not get sucked into fear? 

How can you stay on top of this and see the opportunities it’s bringing?

And we don’t mean in a Pollyanna kind of way,These are hard times. So, how can you stay empowered through them? 

As this week has unfolded, we have talked to clients who are separated from their husbands and don’t know when they will see each other again, mom’s who aren’t being able to find the necessary supplies for their babies, and women who are afraid their opportunities to date are out the window right now. 

No matter your situation, it is 100% okay to have moments of sadness and be with your feelings, but it’s not going to help you to pitch a tent and stay there. Shifting from fear into faith and love will leave you feeling empowered and ready to handle whatever these circumstances are bringing you. 

When it seems that many things are outside of our control, it is helpful to think about the things that you do have control over.

You always have control of your thoughts. 

You always have control of your actions.

Knowing that, it does take a high level of awareness to remember that “this too shall pass” and that we can go on. Here are five things you can remember during this time to help you shift out of fear and into faith. 

  1. You are not in this alone. The entire world is going through this together. You can increase your faith by praying for others and thinking of ways you can serve those who may be having it even a little harder than you. 
  2. Have a gratitude practice. What do you still have? What is the blessing in this? 
  3. Decipher what you do have control over and let go of the things you don’t. Know that you can figure this out and that you will get through this! This is when the HeartWork comes in more important than ever! You get to choose what you want to experience in this moment. You have complete control over that. 
  4. Get creative! There are alternative ways to do things that are great even though it may be different than you’re used to. Online dating is exploding right now! What if you’re one and only just joined? There are still so many ways to connect during this time.  And, if you’re in a relationship, how can you create an at-home date night to help you feel even more connected to your honey?
  5. You have no idea what is on the other side of this, so stay focused on your goals. Think about how this is just the current example of whatever always stops you in your life. This will pass. Who do you want to be when it does?

You can find comfort during this time when you shift out of fear and into faith! You will find so much happiness and peace when you let go of control and shift into the one thing you can control: YOU! 

Let’s start a movement of faith and love! 

We are not in this alone. We are doing this together

How incredible is it  that we are living a moment in history when the whole world is experiencing something together? Think of the kind of impact we can make!

If you’re in, reply to this email “I am in the shift!” 

We can’t wait to hear from you~

And if you’re feeling like you’d love to talk about how this time can be an opportunity for you, instead of a block, let’s hop on a call and have a deep conversation about what’s really been standing in the way of you having the love of your dreams so that you can break through and finally have the love you want and deserve! 

 Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

Everything you desire could be on the other side of this. 

Will you be someone who shifts and makes it happen?

If You Believe it, You WILL receive the Love You Want

If You Believe it, You WILL receive the Love You Want

by Gladys Diaz 

What is it that’s running the show in your head?

Are you hearing, listening to and believing the annoying “elevator noise” that plays in the background 95% of the time? That noise that makes you question if you can really have the love you desire? 

OR do you have a deep and knowing belief that you CAN and WILL have that love? 

The first step in creating the relationship of your dreams – that deep, connected, epic friendship, partnership and companionship that you desire and deserve – is to BELIEVE you can have it! 

We have a client and friend who is getting married tomorrow! We’re so excited for her, because we’vebeen along for the journey of her learning to believe she could have the relationship of her dreams. 

When we met her last year in a leadership course we were taking together, she did not believe. She was carrying around so much pain from the past. There were so many limiting beliefs she had about men always leaving her, that men couldn’t be trusted, that she’d never find the relationship she craved. At the core of it all, she believed she wasn’t lovable. 

To look at her, you would not guess that was the case, but she truly believed that.

So what was she creating?

Men leaving her.

Men ghosting her after one date.

Men disappointing her everywhere she turned.

She had these limiting beliefs and she kept creating the situations that would make her right about them. And she was miserable. 

But then things started to shift. She started to do the HeartWork that would allow her to shift those limiting beliefs, to let go of all of that pain from past choices and experiences, and allow herself to experience the love she was longing for. 

She set a goal to be in a committed relationship by a certain date. She needed to be in that relationship by that date in order to graduate from the program we were in. As the date drew closer and closer, there were so many people (not us!) urging her to change her goal – to make it more “realistic” –  so that she could graduate from the program. 

But she didn’t want to.

She wasn’t being stubborn. She was being committed. The inner work she had done had shifted her into the place of REALLY BELIEVING she could have the relationship she desired. Why would she change her goal when she knew she would eventually have it? 

She didn’t graduate from the program at that time. Her desire to have the relationship of her dreams was greater.

But… she’s graduated since! 

As she continued to do the work to shift old belief and behavior patterns, she started experiencing something completely different in dating. She started enjoying it! She started meeting incredible men who were doing great things with their lives. She started trusting herself to make good decisions. And not too long after that, she he found her! 

And he was so ready to be in a relationship with her that moved his entire life to be close to her.

He proposed.

And tomorrow they’re getting married!!! 

All because she did the HeartWork and finally started to believe she could create and have the love she wanted. 

What do you want?

What do you believe?

What are you doing about it? 

You can create vision board, recite affirmations, and think positive all day long, but if you are affirming over a limiting belief that hasn’t been transformed yet, it just won’t work

When you don’t truly believe – down to the subconscious level – that you can have what you want, that’s when you engage in  self-sabotaging behaviors.

Your subconscious kicks in, and those automatic patterns that stem from your beliefs start running the show.

But guess what!?! You don’t have to do keep trying to figure this out on your own anymore. And, if you think you do, what is under the belief that makes you believing that you do? 

Love it a birthright. It’s not something you have to deserve or earn. It’s already waiting for you . 

When you believe it. 

That’s the main thing that surprised  our friend when she finally found the love of her dreams. She didn’t have to try. She didn’t have to prove anything to him. He just loved her. He loved her just for who she was. 

In order to create the relationship you desire (or anything in your life for that matter!), you have to first see it, feel it, believe it, and then you will receive it. 

Can you see it? Can you envision what it is that you want? 

Can you feel it? Are you intimate with what it feels like to be in the relationship of your dreams? 

Do you believe it? Have you transformed whatever doubt or limiting belief it is that’s getting in the way?

And are you ready to receive it? 

If  you’re readyand you know there is something getting in the way but you just can’t figure out what is, Book a Love Breakthrough Session here.

Your breakthrough can happen so fast! Then you can be on your way to creating the loving relationship your heart desires. 

You don’t have to do this alone. You CAN have the love you deserve. 
Let’s make it happen…together!


Are Your Limiting Beliefs Causing You Heartache?

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Causing You Heartache?

by Gladys Diaz 

How you relate to yourself is how you relate to the world. 

Do you feel like you are “too much” of something? Or maybe you feel the opposite and feel that you’re “not enough.” 

Do you feel like you’re too successful or too independent. Maybe you think you’re too skinny or too emotional or too old.

Or, like I said, maybe your limiting beliefs show up as “not enough” statements. Maybe you think you’re not confident enough or not athletic enough or not worthy enough to attract the relationship and the love that you want. 

When I was single, I had a belief that maybe I was going to be successful at everything in life EXCEPT love. I was so confused as to why I was having so much success in other areas of my life, receiving promotion after promotion at work, and still it seemed there wasn’t a man on the planet that wanted to commit to me

I made it mean that there was something wrong with me. I truly believed that I wasn’t enough. How did that show up for me? I over-compensated for it. I showed up as over-competent, uber-confident, and always looked like I was super put together. 

The truth was that then I would go home and cry at night because, even though I was overcompensating for my belief, it was still there, and no amount of covering it up could replace the heartache, discouragement and frustration. 

Until…  I started doing something about it. I dug in to discover where this belief came from. And what did I uncover? 

A memory from the 5th grade where a group of popular girls were talking in a circle and I overheard them talking about me. I remembered hearing them saying that I was too skinny and flat-chested. I also heard them say that they couldn’t believe I didn’t realize I was smelly. Even after I walked up to the circle, they still kept talking about me! As a 10-year old it really hurt my feelings! After that experience, I made up the belief that I wasn’t enough, that I was never going to be a part of the in-crowd, and that people didn’t like me.

And then, 25 years later, there I was still carrying that belief around like it owned me.  I was overcompensating for that belief and not getting the results that I wanted, all because I believed so deeply that something was wrong with me and that a man was never going to love me. 

Are you doing the same thing? 

Are you walking around with a limiting belief that is running you?

How do you compensate for your beliefs?

What would you give to change them so that you can start experiencing the love that you desire? 

If how you relate to yourself is how others relate to you, then, in order to change the way others relate to you, you must first begin with yourself. 

How to Change a Limiting Belief: 

  1. Distinguish What Your Limiting Belief Is. 

What are your limiting beliefs? What do you tell yourself about yourself when you feel fearful or uncertain? Get clear on what is the fundamental belief that the rest of them  stem from. 

  1. Dismantle the Limiting Belief. 

Where did this belief come from? When did you make it up?

Get responsible to the fact that YOU created the belief, and, if you created it, then you can change it. Uncover how the belief is playing out. How is it showing up? How are you compensating? How is it affecting your life, your work, your relationships? 

  1. Replace the Limiting Belief With a Truth that is Authentic to You.

Start training your brain with a new truth. However, if your limiting belief is “I’m not enough” then don’t just make your New Truth the opposite of “I’m enough.” Really get clear on the characteristics that make you enough and claim them.

When I finally started to turn my beliefs around, I began saying that I was beautiful, extraordinary, and amazing. Then I took on BEing those things! I began BEing those characteristics and began to believe that, as I was BEing those things, I had the power to call in someone who was just as beautiful and extraordinary and amazing as me.

I did. 

And, so can you. 

If you’d like to learn even more about how to really change your mindset, the one that is telling you that dating is hard and that love’s not going to happen for you, join us for our 2-day event, “Extraordinary Love NOW!”, which is happening THIS weekend – September 13th and 14th – in Miami, FL. We will be teaching 2 FULL DAYS of deep, HeartWork that WILL transform the way you feel about dating AND the RESULTS that you are experiencing.  And we’re doing it ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Dating doesn’t have to be hard. But your limiting beliefs may be making it hard for you. Let us help you learn the skills to make it fun and easy. 


Not local? Schedule time to speak with our team and get ready to have the love you want!

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