More Tips on Starting to Date Again!

by Gladys Diaz


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As you know, in “How to Start Dating Again, Part 1,” I gave 2 steps to take before you begin dating again. The first one – honoring your desire to be in a loving relationship – is true for both singles and single moms alike!

In this video, Michelle shares two additional tips! The first one is a “must” for all single women who are on a date, and the second tip is specific to single moms who are wondering how and when to introduce someone to their children!

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You truly do deserve to have the love and happiness your heart desires, and we want to do everything we can to help you make your dreams come true!

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How to Start Dating Again!

by Gladys Diaz


Here’s our response to another great question we received after our amazing Transformational Tuesday interview with Deborah Deras! This one was sent to us by a single mother who wanted to know what she could do to start dating again.

Single, but not a single mother? There are some tips in here that will help you on your journey, as well!

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Being a single mother can be lonely and scary. Those of us who have children know how challenging it can be at times to remember that you’re a woman, aside from being a mother, and that you have the desire to love and be loved beyond the love you give and receive from your children. You want that romantic, passionate love that you’ve always dreamed of.

It can be scary and difficult to open yourself up to the idea of loving again, even without children. However, being a single mother means also managing childcare, having time for yourself, and learning to date again!

In this video, I share the first steps a single mother must take to get ready to date and love again! In Part 2, Michelle will share the steps to take once you actually begin dating again!

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We believe you deserve to have all of the love and happiness your heart desires!
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