How to Get Unstuck and Experience Love Now!

How to Get Unstuck and Experience Love Now!

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you having a hard time getting over a past relationship? 

Have you done everything you know to do, and you still find yourself longing for someone that’s long gone? 

When thinking about  that past relationship, do you find yourself thinking…

“But I still love him.” 

…“I really thought he was the one.”

…“How will I know I’m choosing the right man next time, when I was wrong this time?”

We hear these things from women all the time, and if you’re in this position right now, we’re here to call you forward and say: It’s time to let it go!

If you’re still energetically connected to someone, whether you say you are or not, then it’s really difficult (if not impossible!) for someone new to come into your life. 

And, even if you do meet someone who you’re compatible with, the chemistry’s there, and you have a great time with him, it will still feel like something is off. 

It’s simply not possible to create something new and lasting if there is something in the space that you haven’t let go of. 

If you’ve been “getting over someone” for 9 months, 2 years, 12 years, 40 years, it’s time to get curious about why feel as if you’re not able to move on. 

What’s really keeping you stuck?

Sometimes it’s the person and the past relationship you feel you can’t let go of.

Sometimes it’s the idea of the past relationship that you’ve glorified in your mind that’s keeping you stuck.

But, more often than not, it’s the fear that you won’t be able to feel the same way you felt about that someone again, and you’re afraid to let go and even try. 

Here’s the thing… 

Think about when you were a little girl at recess, swinging on the monkey bars.
You couldn’t just hang on to one bar forever, right?
At some point, you had to have the courage to let go of one hand so that you could move forward.
And then you had to do the same thing with the other hand: Let go… and move forward.

It’s the same thing when it comes to moving forward from a past relationship. 

You have to find the courage to let go of the past in order to move forward and create something new. 

The work there is to do is to accept what actually happened in the past relationship and complete it so that you can be present in current experiences, move forward and be happy NOW!

You don’t have to let go of the love you had/have for that person. You can choose to love him forever, if you want to.

What you do need to let go of is the attachment to being with him and having him be a part of your life… even if that part is only in your head. 

We believe there are people that come into our lives to teach us things or give us experiences that we need to have. 

When you can accept that a past relationship was simply that, and you are able to release it and move forward, that’s when magic starts to occur.  

Letting go and moving on from someone doesn’t have to take a year OR years!

When you make yourself the victim of someone else’s choices, it robs you of your power and you sacrifice: 

  • Having happiness now
  • Experiencing the relationship of your dreams now
  • Attracting the man that will love you fully and completely for the rest of your life
  • And everything else your heart desires

When you stop allowing someone else to determine whether or not you get to have the relationship of your dreams, you take back your power and you begin to attract men who are right for you now

If you’re ready to let go of your past and move forward into the love you dream about then let go of one hand and join us this weekend for the Extraordinary Love Intensive! This 3-day event starts TODAY at 12:00pm ET, and it’s exactly what you need to get unstuck right now

At the event we’re going to take you through a specific exercise that will have you recognize what it is that you need to let go of and give you the exact steps that you’ve felt incapable of taking before. 

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We know you aren’t staying stuck on purpose, but without knowing these steps, you are playing trial and error with your heart, causing yourself unnecessary heartache, and we want you to get unstuck now!

You will leave the event with crystal-clear clarity on what you need to do so that you can start moving forward on the monkey bars of your love life and really start attracting the man and relationship of your dreams!!!

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Vulnerability is the KEY to Connection!

Vulnerability is the KEY to Connection!

by Gladys Diaz 

Did you know that vulnerability is your superpower


Because vulnerability is the key to creating the loving, passionate, connected relationship you want.

So what does vulnerability look like? 

Vulnerability is…

  • Trusting yourself to know who to trust
  • Sharing authentically and honestly, yet appropriately
  • Being vulnerable and honest with yourself
  • Having clarity with yourself and living in an alignment with your values and who you really are.
  • The ability to be yourself without beating yourself up.

So what stops you from being vulnerable? 


If you aren’t being 100% vulnerable with others then there is a fear at play behind the scenes.

Fear of disappointment.

Fear of what others might think. 

Fear that if you do _____ then ______ will (or wont’) happen. 

Fear that if you say ________ then they will think _______.

Fear that if you show up as yourself, people won’t like or approve.

Do any of these fears show up for you? 

If you’re afraid of being vulnerable, there is some pain you’re trying to avoid or something you’re trying to force/make happen.

These fears lead us to either pretend, hide, or resist. 

They lead us to try to control how everyone around us thinks and feels. 

They lead us to think that we must show up one way in order to get a certain reaction from people. 

How exhausting!

What’s worse is that people can usually pick up on the inauthenticity.Most people are be able to feel the insecurity behind everything you’re trying to cover up, and, eventually, it will all come out. 

Imagine going on a date with you and all of the things you’re trying to control…
It’s you, him, and a pile of fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs sitting across from each other.

Doesn’t sound very fun, right? Or very real.

So how do you overcome these fears and show up with vulnerability in order to create genuine connection? 

You do the Heartwork to uncover and heal those fears. 

You learn how to express yourself with intention so that your authentic and honest shares come out in a way where they can be received and respected. 

You practice. The more you practice vulnerability, the more confident  you will feel in simply being yourself.

Now, we know that it’s usually easier said than done.  (If you knew how to do all of this, you’d probably already be doing it, right?)

Doing the HeartWork to tear down the walls of pretense and stepping into your authentic and Irresistible Essence takes knowing what to do, what not to do, and what to do differently.

That’s where we come in, and that’s why we’re inviting you to join  us at the Extraordinary Love Intensive on March 12-14th! This 3-day event intensive is designed to have you break through your Love Barriers, transform your love life, and attract and create the extraordinary, loving relationship of your dreams!

You will come out of this incredible weekend having more clarity about who you are and the patterns that are holding you back.  You’ll do some of the deep and transformational Heartwork that’s necessary to break these patterns and you’ll be so much closer to creating the relationship of your dreams.  This is the work we usually only do with our clients, but we want to share it with YOU so that you can stop pretending and start BEing the authentic, vulnerable irresistible version of yourself that is going to have you attract an amazing man with whom you get to create Extraordinary Love!

Life doesn’t stop. Time is going to keep going by, no matter what choices you make.
Why not make a choice that’s going to lead to more joy, love, happiness and freedom in your life…And the kind of love you’ve always wanted?!

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Vulnerability is the only way to create true love.

Let us guide you toward the life and love your heart desires!

The BEST Way to Easily Attract the Love You Want

The BEST Way to Easily Attract the Love You Want

 by Gladys Diaz 

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed at night thinking these types of thoughts? 

“Why didn’t I say the thing that I wanted to say on the date tonight?” 

“I wonder if he hasn’t called because I told him I wanted to wait to have sex. Will anyone ever want to wait for me?”

Am I going to lose myself again if I get into another relationship?”

 “Do I need to compromise my values so that I can find a man?”

 “Should I just settle for the guy who comes close to what I’m looking for?

 Because of the years of work we’ve done with the thousands of women we’ve supported over the years, we know that these thoughts come up often when dating (and even when you’re in a relationship or  when you’re married!).

 If you’ve spent years learning how to “strategically” date, trying a bunch of different tactics to see if they , turning yourself into who you think you need to be in order for a man to be the right match, and not honoring your values or boundaries – after a while, you end up wondering who this version of you  is and where the real you went. 

 That’s what makes dating and relationships so scary – not trusting that you won’t  lose yourself in a relationship. 

 You worry about this because… 

  • you’ve done it before. 
  • you’ve convinced yourself that you have to be a certain way in order for a man to like you.
  • you’ve tried being yourself, and you feel like it doesn’t work. 

 What if you didn’t have to worry about this anymore? 

 What if you knew, not only exactly who you are, but what you desire so that you could start being 100% true to yourself in your relationships. 

 What if you were transforming and becoming the most authentic version of yourself, and that the men you associated with could see and be attracted to that?

 Well, guess what? It can be true for you. 

 One of our clients recently said, “Now that I’ve been coaching with these amazing women, I’m finally getting that the work I get to do is about me and I’m falling in love with all the parts of myself.” 

 And that is having her attract a completely different type of man!

 That’s what’s  so powerful about the work we do with women. 

 When you can be true to yourself yourself and show up as 100% authentically, beautifully YOU, then you will attract the man that you want. 

 When you do the Heartwork, you get that you don’t need to focus on the man — not the man you’re attracting or the one you’re with. 

 You get that the one and only thing in this life that you have 100% control over is you, and you get that when you focus on you, the man you want will show up. 

 That’s why we’re hosting something incredible next week and we hope you’ll join us! 

 Join us for the BE-YOU-tifully You Challenge which starts on Monday, February 8th! 

 The BE-YOU-tifully YOU Challenge is for you if you’re ready to: 

 💜 Remove the mask you hide behind that’s blocking you from the love you want

 💜 Find your voice and say what you want and feel without being afraid

 💜 Stop pretending and not honoring your boundaries

 💜 Stop settling for less than you want and deserve in relationships

 💜 Stop doubting your ability to attract the man and relationship of your dreams

 💜 Let go of the anxiety you feel around dating and relationships and have fun BEing YOU!

 💜 And more!

 It’s FREE to join and it’s going to be a gamechanger for you and your love life! 

 It’s time for you to know that you CAN be authentically YOU and attract a man who will love & cherish you for being the Irresistible Woman you are!.

 Join us for the BE-YOU-tifully YOU challenge!

 What if on Valentine’s Day this year, instead of feeling sad that you don’t have your husband or partner, and wondering if that will ever change,  KNEW that you are on your way to changing that and having the Extraordinary Love you want? 

 What if you broke through the thing that’s been holding you back from having that? 

 What if your doubts were gone and you see yourself showing up as the Irresistible YOU? 

 You have no idea what can happen between now and Valentine’s Day if you’ll join us for the challenge. It’s going to support you in taking  yourself and your love life to a whole new level!

 The thing is – 

 When you don’t trust yourself, you can’t trust others.

 When you don’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else or openly receive someone else’s love.

 And when you’re not connected to who you are and what you desire, you can’t create a genuine connection with a man that leads to lasting love.  

 Join us for the BE-YOU-tifully YOUchallenge so you can start showing up as 100% you. 

And KNOW that when you’re BEing that – then you know that when the right man finds you and is  100% attracted to the real YOU, will fall  and stay in love with the real you! 

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How to Attract the Man You’re Looking For

How to Attract the Man You’re Looking For

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you attracting the type of men you’re looking for?

Do you find yourself saying “I want a man who has this and who has that,” like you’ve got some type of quality assurance checklist?  

Do you feel excited and hopeful after the majority of your dates, or do you feel disappointed most of the time?

If you’re not attracting the kind of men you want and the quality of your dates aren’t meeting your expectations, you’ll eventually feel disappointed, discouraged and no longer excited about dating. 

You may wonder what’s wrong with you and why it’s not working.

Even if you are going on lots of dates, if the type of men you’re looking for aren’t the ones showing up, it’s frustrating. 

Sound familiar? 

If your answer is yes, do you know why you’re not attracting the type of men you want?  

Do you want to know how? 

  1. Be willing to acknowledge and admit that you don’t have all the answers. If you’re stuck in the “I already know that” and “I already did that work,” then you’re never going to get anywhere. Open up to the possibility that there’s something you don’t know yet and that there’s something that’s stopping you.
    Remember too, there are often many layers when it comes to beliefs and fears. Just because you’ve done some personal development work, doesn’t mean there’s not something else there.  Be willing and courageous enough to get your blocks out of the way so you can have the kind of love you want.


  2. Gain awareness about what’s stopping you. Even if you have all the dating skills and are attracting the right men, if you don’t have awareness about your own blind spots, dating leaves you feeling empty and like nothing  works.

    If you feel like you keep attracting the same type of man – and he’s not what you’re looking for – get curious about why. Look into your personal beliefs, patterns and fears, and see what’s connected.

    When I was frustrated because I kept attracting the same type of men with all the same issues I didn’t want, I got curious.

    Through my Heartwork, I realized that the issues the men were presenting were directly related to beliefs I had about myself that I’d formed as a child and throughout my life. When I did the work to shift those beliefs, the men I started attracting and the relationships I began creating changed.


  3. Commit to doing whatever you need to do to have a breakthrough. Let go of hoping, wishing and waiting for things to change and for him to magically appear. We have worked with women that have been alone and waiting for 15, 20, even 35 years before they’ve committed to doing whatever it takes to create a shift.  You don’t have to wait that long.

    Yes, we believe in having faith. And you must have faith coupled with action.


  4. Move forward with committed action! Clarify your online profile. Say yes to lots of dates! Be okay with things looking and feeling differently than you’re used to.

    Your gut responds to your comfort zone, so it’s natural to feel a bit of fear when things start working differently than the patterns you’ve always had. Allow your brain time to reorient and keep moving forward, even if it feels kind of strange.


  5. Allow yourself time to get to know men and see them through the lens of the relationship of your dreams. If you say you want a relationship with a kind, loving, passionate man who doesn’t have kids, and then you meet a man that is kind, loving and passionate who does have kids, that doesn’t mean you’re not attracting the right type of men! It simply means you prefer to date a man who doesn’t have children.Be open to the idea that you may find something great in someone who’s circumstances aren’t exactly what you thought you’d prefer. And if you are clear that it’s not what you want, choose to let it go and know that the right men are out there and the next one is coming.

Here’s the thing, so much is possible when you open yourself up and do the inner work to discover why you’re not attracting the men you want. 

This is why we do the work we do. We help women to see their blind spots and breakthrough them so they can create the relationship of their dreams. 

We know that all the dating skills, tricks, and how-to’s don’t mean anything unless there is clarity on the inside. 

If you’d like someone who knows how to ask the right questions and can help you recognize your personal blind spots so you can start attracting the type of men you want, then we are the coaches for you!

Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

Helping women to see the thing that holds the key to their freedom is why we do what we do, because when you see it, then you can do something about it. 

Let us support you in connecting the dots so that you can create the relationship of your dreams now

How to Stop Rushing Relationships

How to Stop Rushing Relationships

by Gladys Diaz 

Question for you…

Do you tend to rush into relationships?

In our work with women all over the world, there is something that comes up frequently. 

No matter where they’re from, how old they are, and what they’re life experience in love has been – they all say the same thing: 

They have a tendency to rush into relationships. 

Do you have this  pattern, too? 

Do you find yourself wondering, after just a date or two, when he’s going to make it official? 

Do you rush to meet his close friends and family?

Do you stop dating other men the minute you start to like someone?

Do you rush to move in together? 

Do you feel like you want to marry him before you’re even officially in a relationship?

We know that when you meet someone you’re attracted to and enjoy spending time with, that there’s a natural tendency to want to be with them… a lot, to dream about what could happen, and that this triggers the desire to want to move fast.

The thing is that  there’s this beautiful phase in the beginning of a relationship, and when you rush, you cheat yourself out of those special feelings and experiences that only happen then.

The other, even more important thing, is that when you go too fast, you miss the opportunity to really get to know someone and can end up missing red flags. 

While dating, you want to be aware and awake. You want to notice the things that he does, learn about him and who he is, and be curious about what being with him is like. 

You want to take the time to really get to know someone before you jump into a relationship, because the physical chemistry can be there, but if the character of the man isn’t aligned with the kind of relationship you want to have,  then it won’t  work. 

The fact is that after just one or two dates, you don’t know if this is the relationship of your dreams. Knowing that takes time. 

So, what has women rush into relationships? 


You may be afraid that if it doesn’t work with him, it’s never going to happen. 

You may be worried that if you wait too long, you won’t be able to have kids. 

Or maybe you think that he’ll get bored and move on if you don’t “catch him” fast. 

How do you shift out of this fear? 

  1. Turn the attention and focus back to you. Stop wondering so much about whether or not  he likes you, and think about the experience you’re having with him and if it truly aligns with the kind of experience you want to have for the next 20, 40, 60 years.. 
  2. Don’t get attached too quickly. Continue to date other people until you’re in a committed relationship. It’s heartbreaking when women invest too much of themselves too soon, only  to find out that it’s not the right match. Give yourself the gift of getting to know multiple people at the same time so you don’t start feeling desperate or get too emotionally attached to someone too soon.. 
  3. Think about what you’re learning about the men you’re dating. What is the quality of the conversations you have? Do you laugh and have fun together? Do you have common interests and enjoy being together? The more curious you get, the more motivated you are to let things play out and get to know him gradually.


Remember that feelings are fleeting. You need to give yourself (and him as well) time to really get clear and be sure that what you’re experiencing together is aligned with the relationship of your dreams. 

If you tend to rush into relationships or get attached to a man too quickly and you’d like support with uncovering  the fears driving these  patterns, we’d love to talk to you! Click the link below to schedule a Love Breakthrough Session.

Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now

You get to keep standing for the love you want and not let fear or desperation have you slip into rushing into a relationship  that isn’t what you really want. 

Don’t let fear get in the way. 

Take your time and know that the time you put into getting to truly know someone at the beginning will pay out in dividends later in the form of years of happiness in a relationship, as well as stop  you from experiencing unnecessary heartbreak and disappointment. 

Trust the process and know that the love you want is already looking for and coming to you!

How to Make Your Love Life a Priority

How to Make Your Love Life a Priority

by Gladys Diaz 

Are you making your love life a priority? 

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and, we’re willing to bet that you’ve listed your love life as one of your top priorities for 2021.

That’s great! 

Now, what are you actually doing about it? 

What actions are you taking to make sure that you start creating the love you want now? 

The truth is that if you aren’t seeing the results you want to see in your love life, then your commitment is actually somewhere else. 

Even if you’ve got a vision board created, you’ve set some goals, and your vision statement is written out; if you’re not taking committed action on this goal, it’s not going to happen.

And we get it. When you’re a highly driven woman, you have goals and you’re used to hitting them, it can be frustrating and tiring when you’re not seeing success in your love life. 

So what do you usually do? 

You focus on something else. Something you think you have more control over and feel more confident in. 

Or you pretend that you don’t want to be in a relationship, that it’s not important to you, or that you’re 100% okay being single.

But here’s the thing…

There’s never going to be a better time to get committed to your love life. 

If you’re waiting until that big project is complete, until you finish school, until your kids grow up, until you lose the weight,until you’re 100% healthy and have everything figured out… 

it’s never going to happen. 

One of the saddest things for us to hear from women who say they’ve been waiting 15, 20, 48 years to create the love they want. They never thought they’d be waiting that long, and can’t believe how much time has passed. 

We want you to have the relationship of your dreams NOW! 

We know that creating an extraordinary love and life requires making it a priority! 

So how do you do that? 

How do you make creating the love you want a priority in your already full, busy, and beautiful life?

  • Distinguish what’s most important to you. 

What are the top five priorities in your life? Community? Friends? Family? Work? Home? Yoga? Health? Is your love life one of those top 5? 

  •  Ask yourself why those things matter to you.

Getting clear on why something is important to you, helps motivate you to put the time and energy into creating what you want to see. 

Ask yourself why creating an incredible relationship is important to – and why is that important to you – and why is that important?
Keep going deep with yourself and getting to the heart of what you really want and why you really want it is critical to making sure you realize your goals!

  • Decide what actions you will commit to taking to move the needle forward. 

What actions will you take daily, weekly and monthly to create progress in your love life? Aligning your actions with your priorities is the key to creating what you desire. 

Once you have these things laid out – you should start feeling more aligned with yourself and your goals. You’ll start to see shifts in what you’re creating and what you’re attracting into your life. 

If you’re still having a hard time – get curious about what’s getting in the way?
What’s in the gap between being clear with yourself about what you want?

If you’d like support with getting clear on what you really want, what’s stopping you from having that, and you want guidance in determining the actions that will help you most in creating the relationship of your dreams, then we want to talk to you! 

Book a Love Breakthrough session with one of our coaches. They can’t wait to talk to you and help you start to put your priorities in order and begin creating the life and love your heart desires!.

 Book a Love Breakthrough Session Now