How to Work Through “Deep-Tissue Issues” in Your Love Life

How to Work Through “Deep-Tissue Issues” in Your Love Life

by Gladys Diaz

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids, and I took the opportunity to pamper myself and get a deep-tissue Swedish massage, courtesy of my wonderful hubby!

As I was lying on the table, enjoying the soft meditation music, the candles, and looking forward to a nice, relaxing massage, all of a sudden, all I could feel was PAIN! And lots of it!

I actually found myself holding my breath a few times because of the pain I could feel under the masseuse’s expert hands!

At one point, I thought I would tell her to stop, and then I noticed something…

I began to notice how my muscles were responding to her touch.

I became aware of how, while I wasn’t stressed out or feeling pain when I first laid down on the table, there were parts of my body that were obviously story pain and stress, based on the “knots” she was finding and deeply massaging.

And, I noticed how she would dig really deep into a muscle, work there for a while, go somewhere else, and then come back to it and work on it some more.

That’s when I thought of you! (Yes, even while getting a massage, you are on my mind! Can’t help it!)

Here’s why:

I started thinking about how, sometimes, we have some “deep-tissue” pain stored in our memories, our hearts, and our bodies that are related to the past.

Maybe it has to do with a relationship that ended painfully.

Maybe you’re in a relationship right now, where you’re feeling some pain.

Or perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your life and you keep wondering, “I’ve prayed, meditated, read all these books, watched videos, attended courses, and worked with different coaches! When am I finally going to break through this?”

I get it! I’ve been there myself! And, here’s the deal:

Sometimes, you just need to go back and dig a little deeper to truly release the pain so that you can move forward with joy, peace, and the love you desire and deserve!

It’s during those times of release that you are able to put the past back in the past where it belongs so that you can move toward the present and future that are waiting for you!

Well, I was so inspired by all of the thoughts and insights I had during that massage, that, when I finished, I went to Facebook and shot a live video (Well, two, actually, because I lost connection during the first one, but I just had to share this with you!)


I know it can be tempting to feel like the “deep-tissue” inner work you’ve done isn’t working, but… what if…?

What if you’re just inches away from your next breakthrough?

What if you can dig a little deeper and finally have the happiness and love you want?

What would that make possible for you?

Check out the video and let me know what opens up for you!

Don’t forget to comment below!  We love hearing from you!


You May Not Like This… But You Need to Hear It!

You May Not Like This… But You Need to Hear It!

by Gladys Diaz

I just want to warn yo right off the bat that you might not like what you’re about to hear, but I have to say it anyway because I care entirely way too much about you to not tell you what I see is happening!

I actually had an entirely different message and video ready to send to you today, but I did some heart-and-soul searching, and I decided I needed to send this message instead.

And, like I said, you may not like it. It may upset you. And I’m aware that you may even choose to unsubscribe.

However, I’m practicing what I teach and I’m not going to allow my fear of not being liked or of you getting upset to stop me, because I know that everything I’m saying is coming from a place of pure love!

So, please watch this video and, whatever your reaction is, go ahead and send me an email. I’m a big girl and I’ll be okay! 🙂

Most of all, if it speaks to you and you are highly committed and ready to take action, I want to make sure that you’re at the top of my list!


P.S. If this video upsets you in any way, then know that means we need to talk!  😉






She Discovered the “Magic” to Finding Love! Will You?

She Discovered the “Magic” to Finding Love! Will You?

by Gladys Diaz


If you’re getting to the point in your love life where you are feeling like you want to give up on having the love you want, please take a moment to read this!

I just received the most wonderful email from Cecilia, one of the women in our Ready to Love Again Program and I just had to share it with you!

Like you, there were times that Cecilia  wondered when it would finally be her turn to find true love. After having her marriage of 13 years end, followed by a painful breakup to the man she thought was her “The One,” only to discover that he – like the men she had dated throughout her life – was emotionally unavailable, Cecilia heard that all-to-familiar, nagging voice in her head telling her that there must be something “wrong” with her.

Unwilling to give up on her dream of sharing her life with a loving, supportive, emotionally available man, she reached out to us for a “Ready to Love Again” Session and immediately decided to join our Ready to Love Again Program.

In the program she discovered how she had subconsciously been putting all of her focus on a man providing her with the love, protection, and security she was not creating for herself. In other words, she was looking outside of herself for a man to fill her own feelings of unworthiness. And, inside of the belief that she could not have the kind of love she really wanted, she continued to attract men that proved her right – men who would not love, cherish, and make her a priority in their lives.

Through the transformational work we do in the Ready to Love Again program, Cecila was able to break through and release her Love Barriers – her fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs about love. She was willing to do the inner work so that she could finally have the love that she always desired!

“I was putting all my focus on how that other person was going give me the love, protection and security that I was not giving or creating for myself. It didn’t matter how much I said I wanted True Love. I was keeping myself safe and unconsciously attracting those men that were not available. I was asking someone to bring something to me, that I was not giving myself, due to my own fears.

This program has been life-transforming! The most helpful skill I have learned in this process has been to Love My Self deeply, wholeheartedly and openly.  Both Michele and Gladys supported and encouraged with compassion, care, and lots of guidance and understanding. The reflective exercises all aided in my recognizing, tracking, and truly releasing patterns of Fears and Limiting Beliefs about Love and how they get in the way of having all that I want.”

And the willingness to do her inner work has paid off!

Now, Cecilia is dating an amazing man! 

“Since January, I have been dating a wonderful man who continues to inspire, surprise me, and whom I have laughed with the most in my life! The best part is knowing that I am fully myself with him and I’m having so much fun being Me! It’s been so amazing and a little bit like ‘magic’ to find how much we ‘get each other.’”

I wanted to share Cecilia’s story with you, because, if you are in that same space she was in – where you are beginning to wonder if there is something “wrong with you” that is having you continue repeating the same painful patterns with different men, relationship after relationship, and you’re ready to break those patterns and begin to love and be loved, then you need to know that the doors to the Ready to Love Again program are closing soon.

We only offer this program once a year and it has sold out every year, so we have no reason to think it won’t sell out again!

And we don’t want you to miss  out!

There’s simply no reason for you not to have the love you want.

Let’s figure out what’s standing in your way, get it out of the way, and have you begin attracting the man who is going to love, adore, and make you laugh for the rest of your life!

To learn more about how whether the Ready to Love Again Program is a good fit for you, click here.

You are no different than Cecilia!  You deserve the same kind of love and you can have it if you’re ready to do the inner work to move past your Love Barriers and into the arms of a man who is ready to love you for a lifetime!


We want YOU to be our next success story!
Click here to learn more about whether the Ready to Love Again Program is right for you!
I’m a little confused…

I’m a little confused…

by Gladys Diaz

I was looking at my calendar, and I I’m a little confused…

I’m confused because I didn’t see you on my calendar for your Love Breakthrough Session!

I shot a quick video for you about this that I invite you to watch. In it, I point out another possible Love Barrier that may be standing in your way of having the loving relationship you want!

Watch the video and then take your next steps!


I realize you may not be used to someone really standing for you.
Most people in life will give you agreement as to why you can’t have what you truly want.

I’m just not one of them!

Remember: The only thing standing between you and your dream relationship is the fear that you might not get it.  And the only reason you believe that is because you’ve been gathering evidence for that for so long.  It’s time to begin creating a different result!  Here’s how!

It’s time to take a step in the direction of your dreams!

Click here to schedule your Love Breakthrough Session now!

Two Essential Keys to Success in Life and LOVE!

Two Essential Keys to Success in Life and LOVE!

by Gladys Diaz

Last week, I spent three powerful, inspiring, and totally transformational days with my business coach and business buddies at our mastermind, learning how to take our businesses and our lives to entirely new levels.MM-March-Mastermind-2016

 As I sat there, surrounded by some of the most beautiful, successful, and powerful women I know, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be counted among such a exceptional group of women, because I know two things for sure:


The results we produce in our lives are determined by two things:

1. The thoughts we choose to honor and allow into and out of our minds

2. The people with whom we choose to surround ourselves

That’s it!

Your level of success, happiness, and fulfillment are not determined by your past – including your parents, your ex, or the not-so-great choices you’ve made.

It has nothing to do with where you went to school, what you’ve chosen to do as a career, where you choose to live, or what your bank account says.

Your success is entirely created by you, your thoughts, and the company you choose to keep!

 And when I talk about your life being a success, let there be no doubt that I’m also referring to your LOVE LIFE!

Still doubting whether this is true?

Ask yourself these questions, especially if you are not where you want to be in your love life:

When you think about your love life and having the kind of happy, loving relationship, that gives you the experience of loving and being loved every single day of your life, what are your first thoughts?  Are you thoughts positive and encouraging, or do you come up with reasons why you don’t think you’ll ever have that? 

When you think about men, are your first thoughts that they are strong, generous, and only want to see women happy, or do your defenses and judgments immediately go up when you think about how men see and treat you?

When you are with your friends, are you bashing men, talking about how there aren’t any good men left, and spending most of your time talking about dating and relationship horror stories, or are you talking about the kind of man you want to attract and the relationship you are creating together?

When you look at where you are investing your time, money, energy, and attention, does it include working with someone who can help you create new thoughts, habits, and patterns that will have you produce the kinds of results you want in your love life, or do you keep making excuses about how it’s not the right time, you can’t afford it, or finding other reasons to stay stuck where you are, rather than making a commitment to finally breakthrough and claim the love that is already waiting for you?

Now, that you’ve asked yourself those questions, you should be able to see clearly that the results you are producing in your love life are consistent with the thoughts you choose to think, which influence the words you choose to speak to yourself and others, and the company you keep!

I make it a very intentional point to guard the thoughts that enter my mind, the words that leave my mouth, and the people who I allow to contribute to me and my life as a member of my Circle of Influence.

While I strive to be loving to and respectful of everyone, I am clear that I only want to surround myself with people who are as committed to creating a settle-for-nothing-less-than-extraordinary life where they are living the life of their dreams and creating the loving relationships their hearts desire!

If this isn’t what you are seeing in your life, I encourage you to take inventory of the kinds of books, TV shows, videos and audios and events in which you are engaging.

Are they adding positive, inspiring, and uplifting value to your life?

If not, seriously consider making some changes, as all of these things influence both your conscious and subconscious thoughts!

And, when it comes to your friends and the people with which you are spending the most time,

Are they encouraging, reaffirming, and supporting you in creating a happy, loving, fulfilling romantic relationship with an amazing man who will love and cherish you?

If not, again, it’s time to make some life-changing choices and begin surrounding yourself with women who are as committed as you are to transforming themselves and their lives so that they can have the love they truly want.

The great news for you is that we’ve opened the doors to the Ready to Love Again program, and I can tell you that you won’t find a more inspiring, encouraging, and loving group of women with whom to begin your love journey!  In this program, you will have a safe space in which to learn, share, have breakthroughs, and transform your relationship to yourself, men, and relationships!

It’s our signature program, it’s only offered once a year, and we limit the number of women we allow into the program so that we can be sure to offer the level of support and service we know you want and deserve.

So, if you’re ready to make some real changes and get the kinds of results you want in your love life, schedule some time to speak with me and together we’ll see what your love goals are, what may be standing in the way of you creating the kind of relationship you want, and whether or not the Ready to Love Again program is the right fit for you!

We’d love to be part of your Circle of Influence and have you be part of ours!

Seats for the program are already filling fast, and we sold out last year, so don’t allow your negative, limiting thoughts to talk you into putting off scheduling time to talk.

Click here to schedule a quick call now!

The “Secret Sauce” for True Love!

The “Secret Sauce” for True Love!

by Gladys Diaz

Well, you’d have to be blind not to see the signs, because they’re everywhere!

All you have to do is walk into a store and you’re bombarded by the overwhelming amount of pink, red, and chocolate to know that this means Valentine’s Day is almost here!

For many women – both single and in relationships, alike – this can be difficult holiday right on the heels of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve!

Unlike the other holidays, however, this one is specifically about love and relationships, and it can be heartbreaking if you’re not in a happy, loving relationship of your own.

I get it and I’m not going to try to minimize it, because I know it hurts.

However, I certainly don’t want you feeling sad or like you want to avoid thinking about love and relationships for the next several days!

It’s okay to want to be in a relationship.

It’s okay to feel sad if you’re not in one.

What’s not okay is thinking that it’s impossible for things to change for you!

It’s also not okay to think that there is something wrong you because you’re not in a relationship yet!

There are ways to begin shifting your feelings from hopeless to hope-full and from lonely to loved!

The key to creating this shift is to begin a new love affair!

Not with a man, but with yourself!

That’s because falling in love with YOU is the secret sauce for attracting true love!

Think about it!

What would it be like if for the next 21 days all you did was speak loving words to yourself?

What if for the next 21 days, you sent yourself a love or gratitude note for something you truly admire or are grateful for about YOU?

What if for the next 21 days your top priority was doing at least one thing that you find fun, peaceful, and fulfilling?

How might that change the way you see yourself?

How might that change the way others see you?

And, quite frankly, how FUN would that be?!?

If you’re up for a Self-Love Challenge, then you’re in the right place, because we have prepared a 21-day SELF-LOVE FEST especially for YOU!


Learn the Self-Love Secret!

When you join us for The Self-Love Secret, you will learn:

  • The ways you are stopping yourself from having a happy, fulfilling and loving relationship (and how it has nothing to do with the man you’re with!)
  • The exact steps you can take to stop self-sabotaging your happiness and relationships so that you can start attracting more love into your life
  • Real and practical ways to become simply irresistible and draw in the extraordinary levels of love and happiness you want and deserve

Here’s what you get in the Self-Love Secret Bundle:

  • Our eBook 30 Days and 30 Ways to Fall In Love with YOU!: A 30-Day Journey to Discovering Self-Love
  • Members-only access to the teleclass “The Self-Love Secret: How Falling In Love with YOU is the Key to Attracting the Love You Want!”
  • An MP3 recording of the teleclass so that you can download and have it whenever you want or need to listen to it
  • 21 Daily Self-Love Challenges to inspire you in your self-love affair
  • A Private Facebook Group where you can receive coaching, connect with us, and share posts and pics of yourself completing your daily self-love challenges
  • A 30-minute Private Love Breakthrough Call so that you can continue your self-love journey beyond the 21 days and manifest the love your heart desires

All together this is a $417 value!

But, you can get it today at our Valentine’s Day Special Price of $47!!!

Here’s the deal:

You can’t expect someone else to fall madly and deeply in love with you if you’re not willing to dedicate 21 days to falling in love with you!

BE the love you want to see and join us for 21 days of fun, life-changing breakthroughs, and more LOVE than you ever imagined was possible!

We already have several women signed up and the journey begins this weekend, so make sure click on the link below and join us now!


Click now to start falling madly, deeply in love with YOU!


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