How to INSPIRE Your Man! (The CPAs of Love)

How to INSPIRE Your Man! (The CPAs of Love)

by Gladys Diaz

This past weekend Michelle and I had the honor of speaking at the Women’s Prosperity
Network’s UNConference and sharing with the ladies in the audience the secrets to being an Unstoppable Woman in business and a Simply Irresistible Woman in your love life!gladys-michelle_2016-wpn-unconference_cropped

One of the parts of the talk that most resonated with the women was where we give them “The CPA’s of Love.” No, we’re not accountants, but we can tell you about the things that will either make deposits or withdrawals to the levels of love and intimacy you feel in your relationship and will either INSPIRE your man or push him away!

Well, we got so much positive feedback that I decided to shoot a short video so that you can have that information, too!

Just watch the video below and share in the comments what you’re biggest “a-ha” or take-away is and which action step you are going to take!


Having a wonderful relationship doesn’t have to be “hard.” Follow these simple steps and experience the magic of being a Simply Irresistible Woman!

What to Do When You Say the Wrong Thing to Your Partner

by Gladys Diaz

I’ll admit it.  Today’s video took a little bit of courage to make, because I’m sharing something I’m not very proud of that happened between my husband and me.

The moment I said it, I regretted it!

I felt it was important to share it, however, because any relationship, no matter how good it is, has it’s ups and downs.
The key is knowing what to do when you slip!

So, as uncomfortable as this was to share, if it helps you to create more love and intimacy in your relationship – even after an argument – it’s worth it!



Remember: While our relationships aren’t “perfect,” they can still be great!

And, by the way, I’d love to hear from YOU!

If you have a question about love and communication that you’d like answered, send me an email ( or leave me a comment below, and I’ll make sure I personally respond to you!

What to Do When Your Are in Relationship Breakdown

What to Do When Your Are in Relationship Breakdown

by Gladys Diaz

If you live in the U.S., I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day!  If you love or know someone who gave his/her life in service of our country, please know that I am grateful beyond words and have said a prayer of thanks today in memory of your loved one!

Today I was offering support to a fellow coach, and I shared with her an exercise that I use myself and with my clients that you can use whenever you are in “relationship breakdown.”  I wanted to share it with you, too, in case you are or find yourself in some sort of relationship breakdown yourself.

A relationship breakdown is anytime that there is a breakdown, or upset, in your relationship with someone else, whether that’s in dating or in an actual committed relationship.  It usually stems from an unmet expectation and can lead to further problems in the relationship, unless you use this simple process to move from breakdown to feeling empowered in the relationship.

You can also use this 4-step process in other relationships, but, since love is my specialty, I focused this short video on what to do if you’re upset and disempowered because you feel something is missing in your romantic relationship.

This short 4-step process could lead to having a HUGE breakthrough in your love life!

Watch the video and let me know what your response to #4 is!
Send your response to


What to Say or Do When You’re Emotionally Triggered

by Gladys Diaz

Lately, we’ve been answering your questions about what to say or do when your man says or does something that leaves you, well… speechless!

In today’s video, I talk about three ineffective ways to respond to an emotional trigger and what you can do instead.

The goal?  To have a conversation where you can share and express what you want to say, where you are left feeling heard, and where the conversation leads to a win-win solution!


Have questions of your own?  Put them in the comments section and we’ll answer them right away! 

Or… even better… join us for the What to Say to Your Man Masterclass  on Saturday, December 19th, and jump into our Facebook group that is already live!

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the keys to having a great relationship! Watch the video and let us know what questions you’d like answered!

This Almost Cost Me My Marriage

This Almost Cost Me My Marriage

by Gladys Diaz

What to Say to Your Man Banner

I wanted to take a moment to let you know why Michelle and I are so passionate about the “What to Say to Your Man” Bundle that we’re selling for a crazy-low price as part of our Black Friday Sale.

What you need to know is that this is about A LOT MORE than just a Black Friday sale!  

The reason I’m so passionate about the “What to Say to Your Man” Program Bundle is because not knowing what to say or do when I felt emotionally triggered, confronted, or hurt almost cost me my marriage.

When I’d feel triggered, I’d say and do things that I thought were about me “just being honest,” saying how I felt or what I thought, and, in seconds would have us arguing — sometimes for days!

Not knowing what to say or do was having me push my husband further and further away.

This isn’t something that’s easy for me to talk about, but I tell you a little bit more about it in the video below.

Not knowing what to do or say was costing me in terms of peace, happiness, and love in my marriage.

The thing is, it’s costing you, too!

It’s costing you not being in a relationship or ruining the one you’re in now!

So, rather than pay that price, why not pay the crazy-low price of $47 now!

The Black Friday sale ends tonight, Sunday, November 29th at midnight EST. The price will be going up and we won’t offer this program at this price again!

Communication is the KEY to having a happy, peaceful relationship that WORKS.  You simply can’t afford to keep paying the price of not knowing what to say or do when you talk to your man!

Save yourself a lot of bickering, breakups, and heartache by grabbing yours now!

Grab Yours Now Button


We’re Paying YOU $100!!! [Crazy Black Friday Sale]

We’re Paying YOU $100!!! [Crazy Black Friday Sale]

What to Say to Your Man Banner

Hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday and that was overflowing with love and gratitude, no matter where you are in the world! 

Michelle and I are heading out for some Black Friday shopping, and we wanted to let you know about the crazy sale we’re having just for you!

A few weeks ago, we asked you to send us your questions about what to say or do when your man says or does something that leaves you… well… speechless!

We read every single one of your questions and we’ve created a program that is going to give you the answers you’ve been waiting for! 


So, in honor of Black Friday, we’re giving you the opportunity to jump in and grab your “What to Say to Your Man” Black Friday Bundle!

This is an AMAZING deal we’re offering so that you can learn EXACTLY what to say to a man in even the most challenging situations so that you can get the love you want!

The “What to Say to Your Man” Black Friday Bundle includes:

  • What to Say to Your Man: 40 Proven Scripts So You Know Exactly What to Say to Get the Love You Want! Ebook, where you’ll get the EXACT words to say and coaching on what to do so that you can say what you want or need and get it!
  • “What to Say to Your Man: EXACTLY What to Say and Do to Get the Love You Want!” 2-hour Masterclass, where we will teach you what to say and how to write your own scripts for responding in any situation!
  • A private Facebook group where you can get direct access to coaching from Gladys & Michelle, as well as interact with other Masterclass participants.
  • The mp3 audio of the Masterclass, so that you can download it and have it with you whenever you want or need it!
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 Love Breakthrough Coaching Session with one of the Love Twins to answer any questions not covered in the book or masterclass.


Why are we so excited about this? 

Because good communication is KEY in making a relationship work, and if you don’t know what to say (or not say) and how to say it, you’ll experience a lot of stress, arguments, and unnecessary heartache.

But, what if you knew the EXACT words to say, the ones you shouldn’t say, and the steps you should take to get the love your heart desires?

How awesome would that be? 

Just CLICK HERE to get all the details!

The first 10 people who grab the bundle will get a crazy no-brainer bonus:

A $100 Cash Card!  

That’s right!  We’re paying you more than the price you’re paying for the bundle!

(We told you it was crazy! And you’d be crazy to not grab one of the first ten bundles!)

THAT’S how serious we are when we say that we want you to succeed at having the happy, loving relationship your heart desires!

We don’t want you to miss out on the bonus, so make sure to grab yours now!




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