Love Hack: How to Get More Time and Attention From Your Man!

Love Hack: How to Get More Time and Attention From Your Man!

by Gladys Diaz

Quick question:

Do you find yourself thinking about how your man isn’t giving you the time and attention you want – whether it’s someone you’re dating, your boyfriend, or your husband?

Even worse… Do you allow those thoughts to pop out of your mouth in the form of statements like:

“We never spend any quality time together?”

“You have time for everyone and everything else, except me!”

“Why don’t you want to spend time with me anymore?”


While it may seem as if you are simply “being honest” or “sharing your feelings,” the truth is that there are a few words that describe those kinds of statements: nagging, complaining, and criticizing.


Now, before you scroll down to write a comment to tell me off or give me all the reasons why this IS how you feel, hear me out.

I get that you want to spend more time with him. Chances are that, when you see him spending less time with you, it triggers some fears and doubts in you about how he really feels about you.  In fact, you may even have asked him how he feels about you (something I’ll cover in another post!). 

I really do hear you. 

However, consider that those statements, while they may be said with underlying valid feelings and desires, they don’t communicate the real feelings and thoughts underneath the complaints.  Instead, they communicate:

“You’re wrong.”

“I’m needy.”

“It’s your responsibility to make me happy.”


So, how can you say what you feel WITHOUT nagging, complaining, or pushing your guy away?

Say some simple and clear messages such as:

“I miss you.”

“I feel lonely.”

“I love spending time with you.”


I know… Those are pretty vulnerable statements and it’s scary to be vulnerable, especially if you’re questioning how he feels about you.

However, if you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and breathe deep into your heart for just a minute, you’ll see the truth in them: This is how you really feel.

What’s even better, if you share your feelings with him this way, he’ll actually be able to hear you!

And that’s what you really want, right?


See, the truth is that there isn’t a man on this planet who has EVER been inspired by nagging, criticism, or complaining. 

These statements are simply not inspiring or motivating. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that they have the opposite effect, making him pull further away from you, and they don’t really do much to change the situations… Which has you bring it up again, and again, and again, with NO different results.

If this has been your experience, we’d like to invite you to try something different!

The next time you’re feeling as if your guy isn’t spending enough time with you, and you’re tempted to complain about it, I invite you to say something like:

“I miss you.”

“I’d love to spend time together.”

“I can’t wait to have some time alone.” 

These statements are A LOT more inspiring, they let him know how you are feeling, and they will allow him to hear you

Oh! And don’t be surprised if he begins spending more time with you!


If you’re feeling like you’re not getting the time and attention you want from your man and you’d like support and guidance on how to turn things around, we’ve opened up some time in our calendars for you to schedule a Love Breakthrough Session with one of us.

On this call, we’ll help you see what is getting in the way of you having the kind of experience you want to have in dating or your relationship, and we’ll create a step-by-step plan for you to follow so that you being to experience the love and happiness your heart desires!

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Love, dating, and relationships do NOT have to be hard.  They are easy when you know exactly what to do and say to get the results you want without having to force, nag, or “get him” to do what you want!  Let us help you!

Schedule a Love Breakthrough Session and get the love you want!



How to Create a TRUE TRANSFORMATION in Your Love Life!

by Gladys Diaz

It’s been over three weeks since The Irresistible Woman LIVE Event took place and there is still not a single day that goes by that Michelle and I do not receive an email, a text message, or a post in our Facebook group of someone sharing a new breakthrough, miracle, or manifestation that has occurred in her life as a result of having attended the event!

Here’s the fascinating thing.  The event was only three days long, yet women are sharing life-altering changes.  For example (and I am using intitials because these breakthroughs were shared in a private group:

  • C has experienced major breakthroughs in the ares of finances, her improv acting experiences, and in the attention she is receiving from a really high-quality man!


  • D is experiencing a whole new level of fulfillment in her relationship with her amazing boyfriend (who she met while participating in our Ready to Love Again Program!), in her career, and in her relationships with others.  In fact, her friends and family are commenting on how happy and full of life and love she is!


  • Z. is finally pain-free after dealing with excruciating and chronic back and shoulder pain that doctors had been unable to diagnose and treat for over 2 years!  And she had a wonderful trip with her family where she felt able to trust her husband and watched as he truly stepped up and made her feel safe, secure, and worry-free, in spite of some very unexpected and sometimes difficult situations they faced during the trip.
  • P. and her husband are completely falling in love with one another again.  There is more love, communication and romance in their marriage (they even had a wonderful date night the other night!)
  • L. had a fantastic first date with a wonderful man is excited about dating again!
  • Y. was able to confidently and respectfully walk away from a dating experience that made her feel uncomfortable and did not match the experience she wants to have in a relationship.

So, what is it that allows this kind of shift to take place after an event that was only a few days long?

It’s the process we take women through in our events and programs that have them move from “receiving information” to “Creating Transformation.”

See, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there.  You know there is.

You’ve read the books.

You’ve listened to the podcasts.

You’ve watched the videos.

You’ve even taken courses.


But, despite all of this information, you still feel stuck and continue repeating old patterns that keep you in a cycle of heartache.

You still can’t let go of your ex and move forward.

You still keep attracting the wrong kind of man into your life.

You still continue arguing with your partner about the same things.

You still feel frustrated and stuck and, at times, hopeless.

If all it took to create a real and permanent shift was information, or even having a powerful insight, you would have already made the changes you know you need to make.

However, it takes more than good information or content, or even a really powerful “a-ha” moment to take what you are learning and seeing about yourself and create a truly permanent change.

In our work, we help you not only distinguish and work through the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are creating dysfunctional patterns in your life and love life. We also teach you how to replace those Love Barriers with new and empowering thoughts, actions, and attitudes that allow you to create permanent, life-altering transformation in your life!

If you’re ready to learn more about this, check out the quick video I shot for you on Friday and then hit “reply” to this email and answer the 2 questions I ask you at the end of the video.  

I will personally be reading and responding to each of the emails and I will be opening up a few spots on my calendar specifically to help you create your own Love Breakthrough Action Plan on a Love Breakthrough Session.




Obviously, there are not enough slots in my calendar to speak personally to all of the thousands of women who will be reading this email.  However, I know that the truly committed women will watch the video, reply to this email, and be open to receiving your next best steps to create a true transformation in your love life.


If that is YOU, and you are READY to create true and permanent change in your life, and you are ready to do what it takes to make the necessary changes to create your own personal transformation, then all you have to do is:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Click reply and answer the 2 questions I ask at the end of the video.
  3. Get ready to create a TRUE TRANSFORMATION in your love life!



Creating a true and permanent transformation does not have to be “hard.” It can be easy and effortless when you know exactly what steps you need to take and you have guidance from someone who can help you create the results you want. Let’s do this together!  

Watch the video know and reply to send me your responses!  

I can’t wait to read them and write back to you! 







Creating a true and permanent transformation does not have to be “hard.” It can be easy and effortless when you know exactly what steps you need to take and you have guidance from someone who can help you create the results you want. Let’s do this together!  


Watch the video know and reply to send me your responses!  

I can’t wait to read them and write back to you! 


Are You Giving Off “Relationship Kryptonite”?

Are You Giving Off “Relationship Kryptonite”?

by Gladys Diaz

There’s a real problem affecting women – especially smart, successful women like you – and it pushes good men away.

See, there’s something that many powerful women don’t realize that they are doing to self-sabotage their relationships.  And the energy being given off by doing this is like “relationship kryptonite”!

What is it?

It’s leaking masculine energy in the form of control!

Now, before you bounce off the page or get triggered, let me explain, because, if you’re not in a happy, intimate relationship right now, and you knew you could learn what you can stop doing to sabotage your love life and happiness, isn’t that worth just a few minutes of your time?

Here’s the deal. 

More than anything, a good man – the kind of man who is interested in loving, supporting, and spending his life with an amazing woman like you – wants one thing more than anything else.  (And, no, it’s not sex!)

See, one of a good man’s greatest superpowers is his need to make the woman that he cares about happy. Honestly, it’s like a drug he can’t get enough of when he sees that you are smiling and he knows that he had something to do with the smile on your face!

Now, perhaps you don’t believe me, especially if this hasn’t been your experience with men – or the man you’re with.

However, consider that there may be somethings you’re doing to either attract the kind of man who isn’t interested in making you happy, or you may subconsciously and unintentionally saying and doing things that stop him from being able to make you happy.

It’s true. Many of the things you are doing to kill a man’s desire to make you happy are happening subconsciously.

This means you’re not even aware of what you’re doing to self-sabotage your relationships!  

And that’s why, unless you learn exactly what is pushing away a man’s desire to be with and please you, it’s virtually impossible for you to stop doing it so that you can turn things around in your love life and have the kind of relationship you really want!

This is why I am doing a special masterclass called The Secret Formula to Attracting and Keeping a Lifelong Relationship!”


In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • The subconscious ways women sabotage their romantic relationships and what to do instead
  • The key steps you can take to remain in your power and still get the love you want 
  • The effortless ways you can draw a man, his attention and affection to you so that you can feel deeply connected to him

As a smart, successful woman, you know that getting what you want means, not only knowing exactly what to do, but how to get it in the easiest, most effective way!  And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you on this online class, so make sure you grab your spot now!

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You can’t change something you can’t see. If you’re not in the happy, loving relationship you truly want, and you want to learn the fastest, most effortless way to have that, make sure you join us for this online class!

Yes! Save my seat!

Why Successful Women Struggle in Love

Why Successful Women Struggle in Love

by Gladys Diaz


If you are a smart, successful woman who is READY to have success in your love life, then this is the one article you want to read all the way through today, because it is your LUCKY day!

While having a successful relationship has nothing to do with luck, we do believe in Divine Timing and in the power you have to manifest your dreams, and in rewarding bold and courageous actions, so we are about to help you make your dreams come true!

If you are a woman who feels like you have “The Midas Touch” in every area of your life except your love life and you are ready to prove just how committed you are to creating and living in the relationship of your dreams, give us three days and we will show you exactly how to have success in BOTH life and love!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve read books, attended workshops and webinars, bought infoproducts, listened to teleclasses, and even spoken to a few coaches, but you’restill not in the loving, intimate relationship your heart desires, which leaves you feeling frustrated, lonely, and wondering whether or not you’ll ever have the relationship of your dreams.
  • You know there are thought and behavior patterns that keep getting in the way of either attracting the right man or having a relationship work, but you can’t figure out how to stop repeating the same self-sabotaging behaviors, no matter who it is you’re dating or in a relationship with. And this has you wondering if there’s something wrong with you, men, or relationships in general.
  • You know that dating and relationships shouldn’t feel “hard,” but you dread going on yet another unsuccessful date or having another relationship end, and the thought of having your heart broken again has you either holding onto a relationship that isn’t working or avoiding opening your heart to new love.
  • You’re at the point where you are ready and willing to make the changes that will finally give you the successful results you want in your love life and you just want to know how to do it.

If you resonated with any or all of the points above, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Most smart successful women are in a similar place.


Because what most people don’t know is that there is a very unique set of challenges that successful women face when it comes to relationships.

The main reason is because many of the skills that propel us in our careers and businesses actually repel love and intimacy in romantic relationships! But, because they work at work, we mistakenly believe that those same skills and behaviors will work when it comes to love.

Unfortunately, they don’t work, and we are unconsciously self-sabotaging ourselves out of the very happiness we want more than anything else in the world!

Now, I know that you don’t need a man to make you happy. Your happiness is 100% your responsibility.

However, if what your heart truly desires is to be in a loving, intimate, passionate relationship with a man who is absolutely right for you; who’s not threatened, but is inspired, by your success; and who is ready to spend the rest of his life letting you know just how much he loves you, then doesn’t it make sense for you to work toward that goal as diligently – if not even more passionately – as you would any one of your professional or career goals?

As a successful, powerful woman myself, I know what it almost cost me to not know the skills that led to creating a loving, peaceful, passionate relationship. In fact, it almost cost me my marriage!

It wasn’t until I learned what barriers were in the way of me having love and intimacy flow easily and abundantly; how to tap into my Irresistible, Feminine Essence; and how to use effective communication and relationship skills to connect deeply with my man that I was able to turn my relationship around. 

Now, after 18 years together, I can tell you that there is nothing I have accomplished in my career – not any award, achievement, or recognition – that holds a candle to what it feels like when my husband says that the woman I am inspires him to be the best man he can be!

If you want to learn the secrets to creating a successful, happy, loving relationship that stands the test of time with the right man for you, then join us for three days transformational heart-and-life-changing days at The Irresistible Woman LIVE!


The Irresistible Woman LIVE was specifically designed for the successful woman who wants to have success in her love life, too!

The Irresistible Woman LIVE is especially designed for the successful, powerful professional woman like you who wants to experience as much – if not even more – success in her love life and relationships as she does in her career!

If you are tired, frustrated, and feeling hopeless about your ability to have both a successful and fulfilling career and an extraordinary romantic relationship, then you need to be at this event!

As we said , this event is specifically for successful women – women who are used to going above and beyond to get what they want – so it’s going to be a no-holds-barred-tough-love seminar!

In this 3-day event, you will:

  • Take a deep dive into why you are not attracting or experiencing the kind of love that you want in your relationships (and learn how to stop the self-sabotage)
  • Uncover the specific thoughts, actions, and behaviors you are using to block love from coming into your life so that you can begin to experience love, happiness, and abundance in your romantic relationships
  • Identify the skills that propel you in the workplace but completely kill love and intimacy in romantic relationships (and learn the skills that magnify love and romance)
  • Create new thought patterns and behaviors that will allow you to shed the masculine energy you carry around at work so that you can embrace the feminine energy that will make you Simply Irresistible to the right man
  • Design a plan for implementing what you have learned into your life on adaily basis so that you are continuously experiencing more success in your love life!
  • And soooo much more!

If you are seriously committed to having the life and love your heart desires, there is absolutely NO reason for you not to be there!

To make sure you know how committed WE are to helping get the loving relationship you want, we’re making this an irresistible, no-brainer decision for you!

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As a successful woman, you know that a huge part of your success is taking decisive actions that are aligned with the goals you want to accomplish.

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And, for the first 10 women who register today, we will automatically upgrade you to VIP status!  

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  • Preferred seating all 3 days so that you are up front, don’t have to worry about finding a seat, and can get up close and personal with us!
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Seneca said, Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

We’re giving you the opportunity to create your own luck and learn the skills you need to have the success that you want and deserve in the lasting, loving, and fulfilling relationship your heart truly desires!

This event only happens once a year, this is a one-time offer, and you simply don’t want to miss this amazing, transformational event!

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We can’t wait to meet and spend 3 life-and-love-changing days with you!

Are you fueling your dreams or your doubts when it comes to love?

Are you fueling your dreams or your doubts when it comes to love?

by Gladys Diaz


This weekend was one of those non-stop, every-minute-planned, busy-but-”good busy” weekends!

Usually, I hate this kind of weekend, because I love just being able to relax with my family. However, this weekend it was all about fueling my family’s dreams, and that’s what made it exciting, instead of exhausting!

It all started on Thursday morning where I rushed to get my older son tickets to go see a mechanical engineer that works with NASA and then rushed him over there in the evening so that he could watch the 2-hour lecture.  

Here’s the thing.  My idea of a fun evening is NOT listening to and watching descriptions of all of the rocks they are finding on Mars! However, my son’s dream is to be a mechanical engineer and one of the astronauts who will actually get to step on Mars, so, every time I looked over and saw the wide-eyed look of wonder on my son’s face, and I just knew he was envisioning himself standing there, I had to smile, and that made it worth it!  (And, I’ll admit, the rovers are pretty cool, too!)

Then, on Saturday morning, we rushed him over to a magnet high school that specializes in Pre-Engineering coursework so that his four years of high school are focused on what he really dreams of and wants to do.  

Here’s the thing: This school is over 30 minutes away from our home and we’ll have to wake up at 5:30am to get him there on time, and there is a perfectly good school  only 10 minutes away from our house!  However, it doesn’t specialize in engineering.  So, while it’s not convenient, we’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn (literally) for the next four years to make sure he gets a head start on making his dream come true.

After that, we rushed him to his campout (he also dreams of being an Eagle Scout) and then it was time to fuel our little one’s dream of being a race car driver!

Here’s the thing: I don’t like racing. It’s not my “thing.” But he dreams of driving race cars for NASCAR, and there was an exhibition race in town (the first-ever of it’s kind in the U.S.), so we surprised him as one of his early birthday presents.  

Was it worth it? Well, you tell me.

When your little one looks at you, all wide-eyed and emotional and says, “Best. Birthday. Ever!” and then hugs you as he says, “Thank you, Mommy.” What do you think? 

(I think “Yes! Soooo worth it!”)

And then Sunday was all about fueling my dreams!  

Michelle and I are rebranding Heart’s Desire International, and we wanted pictures that are aligned with our message, our mission, and our vision for women around the world having both the life and the love their hearts truly desire!


We had the opportunity to work with an amazing photographer who is a colleague of mine, and we got to have our hair and makeup done, wear beautiful clothes our stylist helped us pick out, and take amazing photos in Downtown Miami!

(These pics are just selfies taken by us. Professional photos to come soon!)

It was a long day!  Lots of changing, walking, driving, changing again, and smiling until our cheeks hurt, but again, so worth it!

My favorite parts were spending time with my twin (always fun!), especially when we were just being our silly selves, and when our husbands and my sons joined us for photos, since they are such a huge part of our mission!

And the entire time we were taking our pictures, YOU were on our minds!


Because one of the best parts of our business is that our dreams can only come true when we help you make your dreams come true! 

Look, I know that “making dreams come true” can sound a bit “woo-woo” or cliche, but that really is what we are all about: Helping you take the steps you need to take so that you can have both the life and love your heart desires. 

It’s what we’ve dedicated our lives to doing!

So, for just a minute, I want you to think about your relationship dreams.

What is it that you truly want to experience in the relationship of your dreams?

When you look at the thoughts you have about that dream and the actions you are taking every day, are your thoughts and actions fueling your dreams, or your doubts?

Are you spending more time thinking about and really taking the action steps that will lead you to having the kind of relationship you say you want, or are you giving fuel to the fears and doubts that have you thinking that that vision is possible for others, but not you?

And do you have the skills that you need to distinguish, dismantle, and replace those fears and doubts so that you can consistently take inspired action that is directly aligned with making your dreams come true?

If so, then you know you are because you’re already living in a happy, loving relationship that fuels your dreams every day.

If not, then it’s simply time to begin fueling your dreams by getting clear around what it is you truly want and what thoughts and actions you need to stop and start so that you can manifest the kind of relationship you desire or deserve.

Because, here’s the thing: Every thought you have and every action you take is giving you the results you have now.

So, if you’ve been fueling your dreams, congratulations!  We’re so happy for you and love hearing success stories, so please comment below and share them with us!

And, if you’re not (YET), then let’s talk, because there is no better time to begin fueling your dreams then right now, and we’d love nothing more than to help you do just that!

You deserve to have the love of your dreams, Beautiful!  

Don’t doubt that for a single second!


The Secrets to Making Love Last for a Lifetime!

The Secrets to Making Love Last for a Lifetime!

by Gladys Diaz

From Hawaii with Love! (Pictures inside)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who live in the U.S. and celebrate this wonderful holiday!

Today, my heart is overflowing with thanks!

For the past two weeks, I have been in Hawaii, enjoying more natural beauty than I even knew existed! From beautiful beaches, to majestic mountains, and breathtaking sunsets, it has been one miraculous moment after the other.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be spending Thanksgiving with my husband and kids on this amazing island, I probably would not have thought it would be possible.

Yet, here we are! And every moment of this trip has been a dream come true!

While some people may say that I should have come alone with my husband for a romantic getaway, I’ll tell you what I know to be true! Love and romance are a creation! We get to create as much love, passion, and romance as our hearts desire. And, while, yes, perhaps it may have been a bit more romantic to be here without the kids, that hasn’t stopped us from creating some truly romantic moments while we’ve been here.

The first one happened at the Pearl Harbor Memorial, I mentioned to my husband that I would love to have a unique souvenir that I would see and use often and that would remind me of our trip. Before we left Pearl Harbor, we saw a small kiosk selling Hawaiian pearls. As soon as I saw the pendant of “The Tree of Life,” I gasped! It was so beautiful and original, and the monument had moved me to tears. Plus, knowing that the tree symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and a reminder that we are all interconnected made it all the more special!

I kept going between wanting the ring or the pendant, because they were both so beautiful! Then, my husband surprised me by telling the saleslady, “She’ll take both of them!” I squealed with delight as my eyes watered up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a sweet, long kiss!

The saleslady’s eyes watered, too, and she said, “How cute! How long have you two been together?”tree-of-life-ring_hawaii_11-20-16

“17 years,” I

“Wow! And he is still like that with you? You are lucky!”

“Yes. I’m blessed,” I said, and gave him another hug!

Then the next day, after driving all over the island to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset, because I mentioned that I wanted to see the sun set the previous day,” there was a Hawaiian man with a dreamy voice who began to sing, “What a Wonderful World.”

That happens to be one of my favorite songs, and with the sun setting, my husband and my kids there with me, the words took on a whole new meaning, and, again, my eyes watered as I looked over at my husband and smiled.

He stood up, came around to my side of the table, and drew me into his arms so that I could dance with him! No one else was dancing, and it didn’t matter. We just stared into each other’s eyes and danced! Another moment I will never forget!hawaii-kiss-silhouette_11-22-16

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because THIS is the kind of love you can have!

I’m not “lucky” and this relationship didn’t “just happen.” I have spent over two decades learning about what makes love last, I practice what I teach in my marriage ever single day, and making sure that you experience the joy of KNOWING that you are loved every single day of your life is why I do the work I do!

No matter where you are in your love life, whether you are single and ready to attract the man of your dreams, or you are in a relationship and you want to continue making the love grow deeper, stronger, and more passionate with time, YOU can have the loving relationship your heart desires!

You can learn the secrets to BEing a Simply Irresistible Woman — the kind of woman a man can’t help but love, and adore, and desire!

That’s why you want to make sure you keep your eyes open for our Black Friday special. We have NEVER offered such a generous sale before, and, honestly, we don’t plan on doing it again.

If you’re ready to start turning your love life around and you want to be the kind of woman who can attract and create a forever kind of love, then make sure you mark your calendar for midnight (12:00am ET) Friday, because this is an once-in-a-lifetime simply irresistible offer that can help you experience and have love for a lifetime!

Aloha, for now!

With all my love,