How to Create a TRUE TRANSFORMATION in Your Love Life!

by Gladys Diaz

It’s been over three weeks since The Irresistible Woman LIVE Event took place and there is still not a single day that goes by that Michelle and I do not receive an email, a text message, or a post in our Facebook group of someone sharing a new breakthrough, miracle, or manifestation that has occurred in her life as a result of having attended the event!

Here’s the fascinating thing.  The event was only three days long, yet women are sharing life-altering changes.  For example (and I am using intitials because these breakthroughs were shared in a private group:

  • C has experienced major breakthroughs in the ares of finances, her improv acting experiences, and in the attention she is receiving from a really high-quality man!


  • D is experiencing a whole new level of fulfillment in her relationship with her amazing boyfriend (who she met while participating in our Ready to Love Again Program!), in her career, and in her relationships with others.  In fact, her friends and family are commenting on how happy and full of life and love she is!


  • Z. is finally pain-free after dealing with excruciating and chronic back and shoulder pain that doctors had been unable to diagnose and treat for over 2 years!  And she had a wonderful trip with her family where she felt able to trust her husband and watched as he truly stepped up and made her feel safe, secure, and worry-free, in spite of some very unexpected and sometimes difficult situations they faced during the trip.
  • P. and her husband are completely falling in love with one another again.  There is more love, communication and romance in their marriage (they even had a wonderful date night the other night!)
  • L. had a fantastic first date with a wonderful man is excited about dating again!
  • Y. was able to confidently and respectfully walk away from a dating experience that made her feel uncomfortable and did not match the experience she wants to have in a relationship.

So, what is it that allows this kind of shift to take place after an event that was only a few days long?

It’s the process we take women through in our events and programs that have them move from “receiving information” to “Creating Transformation.”

See, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there.  You know there is.

You’ve read the books.

You’ve listened to the podcasts.

You’ve watched the videos.

You’ve even taken courses.


But, despite all of this information, you still feel stuck and continue repeating old patterns that keep you in a cycle of heartache.

You still can’t let go of your ex and move forward.

You still keep attracting the wrong kind of man into your life.

You still continue arguing with your partner about the same things.

You still feel frustrated and stuck and, at times, hopeless.

If all it took to create a real and permanent shift was information, or even having a powerful insight, you would have already made the changes you know you need to make.

However, it takes more than good information or content, or even a really powerful “a-ha” moment to take what you are learning and seeing about yourself and create a truly permanent change.

In our work, we help you not only distinguish and work through the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are creating dysfunctional patterns in your life and love life. We also teach you how to replace those Love Barriers with new and empowering thoughts, actions, and attitudes that allow you to create permanent, life-altering transformation in your life!

If you’re ready to learn more about this, check out the quick video I shot for you on Friday and then hit “reply” to this email and answer the 2 questions I ask you at the end of the video.  

I will personally be reading and responding to each of the emails and I will be opening up a few spots on my calendar specifically to help you create your own Love Breakthrough Action Plan on a Love Breakthrough Session.




Obviously, there are not enough slots in my calendar to speak personally to all of the thousands of women who will be reading this email.  However, I know that the truly committed women will watch the video, reply to this email, and be open to receiving your next best steps to create a true transformation in your love life.


If that is YOU, and you are READY to create true and permanent change in your life, and you are ready to do what it takes to make the necessary changes to create your own personal transformation, then all you have to do is:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Click reply and answer the 2 questions I ask at the end of the video.
  3. Get ready to create a TRUE TRANSFORMATION in your love life!



Creating a true and permanent transformation does not have to be “hard.” It can be easy and effortless when you know exactly what steps you need to take and you have guidance from someone who can help you create the results you want. Let’s do this together!  

Watch the video know and reply to send me your responses!  

I can’t wait to read them and write back to you! 







Creating a true and permanent transformation does not have to be “hard.” It can be easy and effortless when you know exactly what steps you need to take and you have guidance from someone who can help you create the results you want. Let’s do this together!  


Watch the video know and reply to send me your responses!  

I can’t wait to read them and write back to you! 


Are You Believing These Lies About Love?

by Gladys Diaz

I don’t know if you’re aware of it, because these things are usually going on in the subconscious, as blind spots, but there are things that you are telling yourself that are actually stopping you from having the love you want.

The frustrating part about it is that, because you’re not aware that they are lies, you actually believe them. To you, they are the truth!  And, unfortunately, these are the very thoughts and words that are keeping you stuck in your love life!

I shot a really quick raw-and-real, tough love video, and I hope you’ll give yourself a few minutes to watch it because this could actually transform your life as you know it!

Most people in your life won’t tell you what I’m telling you in this video. In fact, many of them are agreeing with you and helping you to continue believing the lies. So, it’s with an incredible amount of love that I want to share this with you, because I see you bigger than any thought or fear or excuse you may have! To me you are amazing and you deserve everything your heart desires!
Watch the video and tell me what you think!
P.S. You really can get unstuck and it doesn’t have to be hard.  Simply stop believing the lies I talk about in this video and trust me!  We can get to the other side of this together!
Are You Giving Off “Relationship Kryptonite”?

Are You Giving Off “Relationship Kryptonite”?

by Gladys Diaz

There’s a real problem affecting women – especially smart, successful women like you – and it pushes good men away.

See, there’s something that many powerful women don’t realize that they are doing to self-sabotage their relationships.  And the energy being given off by doing this is like “relationship kryptonite”!

What is it?

It’s leaking masculine energy in the form of control!

Now, before you bounce off the page or get triggered, let me explain, because, if you’re not in a happy, intimate relationship right now, and you knew you could learn what you can stop doing to sabotage your love life and happiness, isn’t that worth just a few minutes of your time?

Here’s the deal. 

More than anything, a good man – the kind of man who is interested in loving, supporting, and spending his life with an amazing woman like you – wants one thing more than anything else.  (And, no, it’s not sex!)

See, one of a good man’s greatest superpowers is his need to make the woman that he cares about happy. Honestly, it’s like a drug he can’t get enough of when he sees that you are smiling and he knows that he had something to do with the smile on your face!

Now, perhaps you don’t believe me, especially if this hasn’t been your experience with men – or the man you’re with.

However, consider that there may be somethings you’re doing to either attract the kind of man who isn’t interested in making you happy, or you may subconsciously and unintentionally saying and doing things that stop him from being able to make you happy.

It’s true. Many of the things you are doing to kill a man’s desire to make you happy are happening subconsciously.

This means you’re not even aware of what you’re doing to self-sabotage your relationships!  

And that’s why, unless you learn exactly what is pushing away a man’s desire to be with and please you, it’s virtually impossible for you to stop doing it so that you can turn things around in your love life and have the kind of relationship you really want!

This is why I am doing a special masterclass called The Secret Formula to Attracting and Keeping a Lifelong Relationship!”


In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • The subconscious ways women sabotage their romantic relationships and what to do instead
  • The key steps you can take to remain in your power and still get the love you want 
  • The effortless ways you can draw a man, his attention and affection to you so that you can feel deeply connected to him

As a smart, successful woman, you know that getting what you want means, not only knowing exactly what to do, but how to get it in the easiest, most effective way!  And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you on this online class, so make sure you grab your spot now!

Click here and get the love you want now!

You can’t change something you can’t see. If you’re not in the happy, loving relationship you truly want, and you want to learn the fastest, most effortless way to have that, make sure you join us for this online class!

Yes! Save my seat!

Why it’s Difficult for Successful Women to Have Success in Love

Why it’s Difficult for Successful Women to Have Success in Love

by Gladys Diaz


If you’ve been feeling like it’s harder for you to have love than other women, you may actually be RIGHT!

See, if you’re a powerful, successful woman who wants to have success in love, but you’ve found that it’s difficult for you to attract the right kind of man or to have the loving connection with the man you’re currently with, it’s probably because there are some things you’re unconsciously doing that are sabotaging your chances of having the kind of relationship you truly want.

This is because, as a successful woman, you’ve discovered the kinds of skills and strategies that have propelled you in your career.  You are strong, powerful, and a go-getter.  You know how to manage and direct others, and you’re probably often selected to be the leader in almost every job or project.  These are great characteristics to have in you professional life because they are the kinds of behaviors that can propel your rise to success.

The problem is that these same characteristics (and others) actually repel love, intimacy and success in romantic relationships.  Your man wants to love you, not be managed by you. He wants to provide for and please you, not be directed, corrected, or led by you.

So, what are the skills and ways of being that inspire a man to be with you, rather than push him away?

This is exactly what my friend and mentor, Nancy Matthews, co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, and I spoke about this week on a truly powerful and information-packed interview.  During our conversation, I revealed some of the secrets to BEing the Unstoppable Woman at work and the Irresistible Woman in your love life!

Check out the interview below and let me know what your biggest takeaway or question is by replying to this email.


[Note: You will hear an announcement I made during this interview that was specifically for members of WPN and the special coupon I offered has already expired and you will not be able to access it. If you’d like to access the special, reply to this email and I’ll send you a different coupon code! Why? Because I love you!]

 While you may have been unintentionally doing things to self-sabotage your success in love and relationships, the great news is that you can learn the skills and ways of being that DO work to create love and intimacy in relationships!  Listen to this interview (take good notes) and let me know what your biggest takeaway from the interview is!

P.S. If you want access to the same special offer I announced on the interview, all you have to do is send an email to, and i will send you a special coupon code!



3 Simple Ways to Manifest More Love this Valentine’s Day!

3 Simple Ways to Manifest More Love this Valentine’s Day!

by Gladys Diaz

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I realize that today can be a bitter-sweet days for some people, given that the day is focused on love — primarily romantic love — and it can be painful if you’re not in a relationship, or in a relationship that’s not going well at the moment.  If you’re not focused — truly focused — on the love that’s all around and within you, you can actually find yourself feeling Toxic Emotions, such as jealousy, sadness, or loneliness.

So, what can you do to make today a happy day, and one where you are able to see, receive, and give love, no matter what your relationship status is? 

1. Gather evidence of love all around you. 

Rather than trying to resist or reject all of the signs of love around you today, look for evidence of love and pull it toward you.  One of the suggests I gave the women who are participating in The Self-Love Secret Mission was to put your hands over your heart when you see evidence of love today — whether it is a picture of flowers someone received, or a couple holding hands, or anything having to do with love and romance — and, rather than get hurt, angry, or resentful, with your hand on your heart, say something like, “I’m so happy for her/them, and I can’t wait to feel that way, too!” or “I’m so happy for her/them!  I send them love and receive that love as it comes back to me!”


2. Make a Love Plan for yourself. 

If you haven’t already planned out what you are going to do to fill your day with love, take the time to do it now! Plan to do something nice for yourself, get yourself a token of your own love for yourself, and make plans with friends or family.  Isolating yourself only reinforces the belief “I am alone,” and that only deepens any feelings of sadness or separation you may be feeling today.  So, rather than being reactive and closing yourself off, surround yourself with the people and things you love and enjoy.  You, more than anyone else in the world, deserve your own love, so be generous in giving that love to YOU!  If practicing self-love isn’t something that comes easily to you, and you haven’t done so yet, consider joining us for The Self-Love Secret Mission.  We’re only on Day 2 and you will be in a powerful, loving community of other women who are as committed as you are to creating self-love in order to attract more love into their lives!


3. Bask in Gratitude. 

One of the most powerful and transformative energies we can embody and practice is gratitude.  As you gather evidence of love and fill yourself up with love, remember to truly feel and express thanks for the things, people, and blessings you have in your life.  It’s virtually impossible to be angry and grateful or upset and grateful at the same time.  When you choose to turn your heart and thoughts to the things for which you are grateful, you are making a conscious choice to not allow negative thoughts and feelings to overtake you.  Does this mean you have to “pretend” you don’t feel the sadness or upset?  No. Resistance only has those feelings strengthen and persist.  Instead, feel the feelings, acknowledge that they are there, and then choose to release them. And, as you release them, fill the space left by the negative feelings with thoughts of the things, people, and blessings for which you are grateful.  This practice can leave you feeling empowered, rather than disempowered, as you will come to see just how able you are of navigating through and your emotions with power, grace, and ease!

Putting these simple practices in place today (and every day) can help you manifest and experience love, joy, peace, and gratitude, which are highly magnetic emotions and can truly shift your state as well as your experience of living and loving!

My heart-felt wish for you today is that you are able to see, feel, and create love all around and within you and that you come to the indisputable realization that…



There’s still time!  Join us for The Self-Love Secret Mission!

Discover the Secret to Having Lasting Love

Discover the Secret to Having Lasting Love

by Gladys Diaz

Today we are are celebrating one of my FAVORITE love stories of all time!

Six years ago today, I stood with tears of joy streaming down my face as I watched my twin sister, Michelle, and Arnie promise to love one another for a lifetime.

As I watched her walking down the aisle with her two sons, I just couldn’t stop the tears, remembering the painful road full of heartache and disappointment that Michelle had walked down before finally attracting Arnie into her life.

Michelle had felt the pain of being in a marriage that had been falling apart for many years, followed by a string of micro- and non-relationships to men who were unavailable, addicts, and who did not treat her with the love and tenderness she so longed for and deserved.

She came very close to giving up on love.

Thankfully, Michelle was willing to do her HeartWork, remove the Love Barriers that were stopping her from attracting the kind of love she truly desired, and she began attracting amazing men, including the one who was promising to love, adore, and make her dreams come true for the rest of her life!

See, in doing her HeartWork, Michelle discovered what had been missing in her life that had led her to stay in an happy marriage for so long, attract, date, and hold onto dead-end relationships with men who were unwilling or unable to love her the way she longed to be loved painful time, and it’s what had her wondering whether there was something wrong with her and if she would ever experience happiness in a loving relationship.

One of my favorite passages in our ebook, 30 Days and 30 Ways to Fall In Love with YOU!, is the part where Michelle shares the secret to her discovering true love:

I decided to take a deeper look into my relationship patterns so that I could begin to uncover what was at the source of the results I was producing.

I discovered that in the 5 years I had been dating, there was something fundamental missing in all of my dating and relationship experiences…ME! I had been trying to be the “perfect woman” to hide who I really was, because I was terrified that if a man discovered who I really was, he could never fall in love with me. I had convinced myself that the real me was unlovable.

I began to write down all the things about myself that I felt were unlovable…it was a long list! Then one by one, I began to forgive myself. I realized there was nothing I could do to change the past. All I could do now was learn the lessons and forget the details.

I gave myself permission to let it all go for good. As I let each one go, something beautiful began to happen – I began to fall in love with me! I discovered that the only love that was missing was my own. I was now free to love and to be loved!

See, what Michelle discovered is that what stops you from creating a happy and loving relationship you want is not online dating; it’s not what happened in your past; and it’s not your current partner, your ex, or the guy who didn’t love you back.

The #1 difference between the woman who is not experiencing love and happiness in her relationships and the one who IS comes down to one thing:

The relationship the woman has with herself.

Think about it…

If you do not love, accept, honor, and prioritize yourself, it is impossible for you to attract someone into your life who will love, accept, honor, and make you a priority in his life!

In fact, it’s unfair to expect a man to love you and give to you the soul-level kind of love that you are not giving yourself.

And what happens when you don’t have a deep level of self love is that you continue repeating the same dysfunctional patterns and having the same painful experiences over and over again.  

So, you do things like:

Attracting men who you hope will love and accept you, but don’t.

Turning yourself inside out trying to be the woman you think the man wants you to be, hoping that that’s what will maybe get him to love you.

Losing yourself in the relationship, forgetting about your own needs and desires, and trying to make him the center of your world in the hope that you will finally feel loved.

And the reason this continues to happen again and again is because, on a fundamental level, you do not believe that you are worthy of or able to have the kind of love you truly desire.

So you settle.

You settle for less than what you really want.

You pretend that you’re okay being single and that you don’t want to share your life with a great man.

You convince yourself that what you have is what you want.

And, at the end of yet another heartbreaking dating experience or broken relationship, you’re left feeling lost, empty, lonely, and afraid – wondering if you’ll ever really have the love and happiness your heart desires.

This is why we created The Self-Love Secret Mission.

We know it’s not easy to break through long-lasting limiting beliefs and patterns on your own.

Think about it…

If you knew what to do to change those beliefs and patterns on your own, you would have probably already done it… right?

So we created a fun, transformative and interactive program where we will take you on a 21-day journey to falling in love with YOU!

Click here to join the Self-Love Secret Mission now!

The best thing about The Self-Love Secret Mission is that, not only is it FREE – our Valentine’s Day Gift to you –but we are starting tomorrow,February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day – which means you won’t be alone on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be having fun, AND you’re going to experience what it’s like to feel truly loved by the person with whom you’ll have the longest lasting loving relationship of your life: YOU!

So, hurry up!

Join The Self-Love Secret now, and take the first step toward creating the love affair of a lifetime!


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